IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 3 – Questions

Hey guys im back with chapter 3…hope u ll like it…enjoy and pls do share ur views about it in the comments…thanks for reading 🙂

Chapter 3 – Questions:

When my kiddnaper said my name i was literally shocked….how on earth does this man know my name???? I mentally asked myself.

Back at the graduation party:

Parth: Not so fast baby doll….said parth grabbing Vids by her waist coz she was trying to run after me.

Vids: Let me go u animal!!! she screamed at Parth…..and the next moment she was pinned by the wall and Parth whispered in her ear…

“” Hey doll u better shut up and dont u dare tell about this to any1 including cops coz ur friend might end up dead”” Parth said

“” Pls dont do anything to her…u want money….let me call Kishore uncle and he will give u all the money u want…just dont hurt Sanyu ok””” Vids begged Parth

Seeing her teary eyes Parth melt a little and letting her go said to her
“”” One thing at a time…we dont want money beautiful, we want something else…we will inform u soon of our demands….till then u and all Aggarwal family should stay quite and dont u dare of going to cops coz i might kiddnaped u as well doll but just for me to have u not for money or anything else””” he said leaning over Vids and pulling her in his arms thust making her crush on his well-shaped chest.

Parth let Vids go and started his car driving fast in the night. Vids broke down crying on the steps of the hall thinking of her sis and fearing about her well-being.

In Rd’s car:

Sanyu: Who r u?? How do u know my name?? Why u kiddnaped me?? What do u want from me??? she asked him with tears rolling down her cheeks

Rd: Wow u talk so much….be quite…u ll know everything soon…be patient princess….said Rd with a smirk

When i saw his smirk and his little dimples forming on his cheeks i was so drolling over him big time…if i wouldnt have felt my eyes burning due to crying i would have stared this man all the way…he was so strong but yet so caring, when he lifted me up and put me on the passanger seat he handled me with such a delicate attitude as if i ll break anytime….it was something about him that attracted me thourds him…his dark brown eyes, his ruffled hair, his musculos and perfect body, his trade smirk…..Sanyukta stop it, i yeld at myself, stop drolling over him he just kiddneaped u for heaven’s sake….

After some moments of silence the lawyer inside me started the questions again..

” U do know that its illegal to kiddnape a person”” i screamed at him

” Baby for me nothing is illegal” he said smiling and winking at me

I was left perplex…he is such an arogant person…i thought to myself

After about half hour of driving we reached at an abandon place somewhere in the woods…now i was hell scared…all was dark and i am terrified of darkness and that bunglow that was in front of us, where most likelly they ll keep me is giving me cold shivers down my spine….your so dead right now Sanyu, i said to myself when my handsome kiddnaper stopped the car….

Hey guys i know is kind of short and a little boring but im really busy so thats the best i could do…sorry again 🙂
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  1. Its not at all boring dear.Infact its amazing…
    Randhir is so arrogant..
    Eagerly Waiting for next episode..

  2. Good Going Anda…keep it up…its phenomenal..

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  4. It’s boring u r so mad

  5. Fantastic Anda loved it and to be frank, it reminded me of twilight days . Keep writing.

    1. I meant all 3 chapters are nice.

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  7. Hey Anda,
    plz answer my doubt !
    Is vid sanyu’s siter ! and if so …. why does she say “I’ll call Kishore UNCLE” ??

    1. Vuds is actually sanyus friend she considers her like her sister

    2. Yes Nikki Vids is Sanyu friend…but she considers her like her sister 🙂

    3. THNK and ya its going fantastic !!

  8. Thanks a lot guys…all of u for reading the ff…it means a lot to me.

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  16. MyrcellaStark

    It’s so refreshing to read a well written fic where Vidushi is not evil b*t*h. I love you for writing this!
    Also, I’m sorta dead because you made Randhir so arrogant and kinda sorta irresistible. Like man, as if I did not already love him, now you made him more a magnetic and dark!
    But I have to admit, the Vidarth shipper in me was madly blushing. I hope you and more Vidarth too. I have butterflies because of how dangerous and hot Parth seemed!

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