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Hey guys again aliya is here. Thanks for the comments in previous humour session. Today i am here with two famous actress & they are sanaya irani & drashti dhami.

So today we will see how these two will act if in case they are attending a marriage. I have selected these two because they are married & also seen the closeness between them.

So now lets start. Fun act in marriage by sanaya & drashti.

Sanaya & drashti are seen sitting in chair by wearing heavy sarees, make-over & jewellery.

Drashti: it was so hot sanaya.

Sanaya: Ya babe i think until groom family not arrived they will not on ac.

Drashti on side feeling suffocated but on other side she is smiling fake & saying hi to everyone. Same with sanaya too.

Drashti: Hell with this heavy saree i want to sit in ac room.

Suddenly sanaya will smile broad as if she got an idea & says “i am sure there will be ac in bride’s room. Lets go there.”

Drashti : ya you are right. Lets go.

They will go to bride’s room & settle on bed .

Sanaya: Now i am feeling better.

Drashti: Ya me too we can take air.

Sanaya: So the beautiful bride what’s up? By the way your mehendi is so nice & makeup too. Where have you done your makeup?

Bride: Its a complete package yar. Mom had seen that completely.

Drashti: oh that was nice. Actually i have a makeup artist friend but its ok i will do next time. And what about this lehenga are you not feeling heavy?

Bride: No yar its fine.

Sanaya : Arre don’t you know now a days we are getting designer wear in light weight right. During my marriage also dad even i rejected he didn’t listened & brought a designer one of worth 4 lakhs. It was so heavy & god knows how i wear it. Anyways whats up?

Bride thinks ” in my room on the bed which is brought for me you are sleeping like a queen & giving free advices to me. Huhh.”

Again they shift to hall in that house.

Drashti : I heard that guy is from America is it right sanaya?

Sanaya: Ya babe (by smiling fake seeing others) now a days every one is trying for america. After going dnt know what is the actual work they do. It might be washroom work & driver work anything.

Drashti : No sany they told that had a house & also a rich car in America .

Sanaya : Babe in america the person who will see laddu packet also will have house & car.

They both again smile fake seeing others.

Sanaya: dadi how are you? You told that you are suffering from leg pains na? Is it reduced?

Again they starts there conversation

Drashti: So what’s up? Are there any new news?

Sanaya: Wow new bangles ha. What’s the matter? Ha tell na.

Drashti: Ya its a gift from him due to success in business. By the way your ear rings are beautiful too.

Sanaya : Oh ha these are also gift for me during our anniversary.

Drashti: Very nice. I think groom is little less in color compared to bride.

Sanaya: Ya babe. Some days back i brought my cousin proposal to her & they said no easily. What is less in him? Educated & also had a full of property. Still they said no.

Drashti: Oh. I also tried once with my cousin brother who is a software but they rejected by saying we don’t want indian relation we want only foreign proposal.

Sanaya: That is why they got such a proposal. See they two are just not matching.

Again they fake smile by seeing others.

Drashti: Nice pair ha.

Sanaya: ha aunty they are so adorable just like made for each other.

Drashti : ya you are right. I think they are serving food. Shall we go?

Sanaya: See these people after these have eaten we will not get anything. We can go out & had biryani ok.

Drashti : (by fake smile ) ya perfect idea.

Sanaya : just wait for sometime after that we can leave ok.

Drashti: Oh shit i forgot sany lets take a selfie.

Sanaya : Oh ha come & wait first adjust your jewellery properly. Yes now lets take a selfie.

Thats it guys. I have seen such type of people in marriages. If you also experienced such type please comment. And ha if anyone hurts by this please don’t take it serious its just for fun. Have fun guys.

  1. Ananyagour

    ???sooo funny

  2. Mona146

    these two were once friends and then broke up for unknown reason.

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