Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 29th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji comes out to Aru. She mocks him of his farting. He heads to help her collect spices, she forbids him as its not his job. Mukhi says no work is ever labelled as a man or a woman’s, they must share their work equally. In the kitchen, Aru vows to keep the bottle with her own hands. Mukhi pushes her up. She resists as she might fall, he asks if he would let her fell down? She was moved by his words, then places the bottle and keeps her arms around his neck. Her bangles were stuck on his shoulder. Both look at each other, Aru takes a leave for factory. Rami curtly watches them. Mukhi notices Aru had again forgotten the lunch box.
On the way, the jeep got a puncture on tyre. Aru thinks about going on foot as factory is nearby. She spots the same truck in which the pregnant ladies left, it begins to move on while Aru runs behind the truck. She thinks the truck is going somewhere else and not factory.
In the factory, Mukhi was shocked to hear Aru didn’t reach for work. Rami and Arjun were also here. Mukhi asks if Aru didn’t reach the factory, she said she was leaving for factory. Rami suspects Aru’s character, Mukhi interrupts strictly saying she is hard worker.
Aru finds the truck had stopped beside the old factory and thinks about knowing the truth of this place. A black cat fell over Aru leaving her fearful. The door opened and Aru screams as she was dragged inside.
The driver tells Mukhi ji where Aru was dropped. He finds the old factory door and wonders if Aru went towards it.
Aru was lying unconscious around the bottles of liquor and a bunch of bags. She wakes up and notices scratches over her arm, similar to the ones on the factory worker’s hands. She was sweating badly, surrounded by rats and bats. The ghost appears from a side. Dancing anklets in feet, clown mask on face, steel nails and long hair. Aru turns around and screams out of fear as the figure attacks her. she crawls inside and runs out of fear and was bound by a rope in her foot. The ghost had shut the doors of the room.
In the factory, Mukhi ji asks the driver why he let Aru leave. The driver apologizes. Rami says Aru must have gone to help some lady, they can’t do anything but wait for her. Mukhi says she is his responsibility, should he wait for her hands on hands. Arjun says she is all of their’s responsibility, they must scatter and look for her around. Mukhi was thankful to everyone as they all leave to look for her.
In the old factory, Aru cries over the ghost’s shoulder who had thrown her over the bottles of liquor. She throws bottles of liquor over his head. The ghost flitch, throwing his clown nose, iron hands all down and cry out of pain. Aru attacks the back of ghost pulling the mask off his face. The ghost attacks Aru, she was shocked to see it was Lal ji who had pinned her down on floor.
Everyone including Arjun return and tells Mukhi they couldn’t find Aru. He suspects what if Aru left the village. Mukhi thinks his heart says Aru is in village and is in trouble.
Aru recalls Lal ji’s green eyes as he smirked at her. She also recognizes him to be the one who die in the blast. Lal ji says it wasn’t him. He recollects tying the bomb to a servant and promised the responsibility of his family. He had thrown the servant towards the yard. Aru asks Lal ji why he wants to kill Mukhi ji. Lal ji says he has an old enemty with Mukhi, but has a lot to do with Aru as well. Aru resists his grip off her hand.

PRECAP: Lal ji drags Aru and tears her clothes as she resisted.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. OMG Lal alive, he is so cruel, how mukhi finds aru, so scared episode.

  2. kill lal ji really… he is so disgusting

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