Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to tell something. Pragya is tensed. Abhi tries to put brakes and tells that it is failed. Pragya asks him to stop the car. He says nothing will happen. Pragya says I am telling this for you and not for me. He gets flashes of his accident. He asks her to open the door and jump. Pragya says I will not leave you. Abhi says he is imagining things and asks her to just jump. Pragya asks him not to think all that. Abhi says I am seeing as if I met with an accident. Pragya thinks it seems he recollected his accident and asks him to stop the car and not to think all that. She thinks I will not let him remember anything as Doctor said that he shall not force on his mind. Sarla tells that she will call Purab. Dadi asks her to have patience. Sarla says her heart is shaken up and says Purab must have called by now. Beeji asks Janki to call Purab.

Janki calls Purab and asks about him and Abhi and Pragya. Purab says he is fine and is about to tell about Abhi and Pragya. Sarla takes the call and asks about Abhi and Pragya. They see goon’s jeep and gets down their jeep. He asks where is Abhi and Pragya? Goon says they might be dead by now and tells Purab that their car brakes failed. Sarla hears and is shocked. She tells Dadi that Abhi and Pragya escaped from there, but their car brakes failed. She cries. Everyone is shocked. Mitali hears them. Abhi tells Pragya that it is too late now and says I have done mistake and married you near my death. Pragya says you haven’t done mistake and says we will die together. She asks him not to think anything. Abhi looks at her. Truck comes from the opposite direction and the car slips in the sliding path.

Abhi gets flashes of his accident. Pragya says we shall make this thing memorable and says we will be together in every births. She says we will live together for 7 births as we love each other a lot. Main Phir Bhi song plays……Abhi and Pragya looks at each other while recalling their moments. Pragya falls down from the car while Abhi is stuck in the car. Commando and his goons come there. They see many people gathering there and asks them to go. Commando asks them to go there and bring their dead bodies here.

Dadi says nothing will happen to my kids. Abhi promised me that he will bring Pragya safely back home and calls Purab. Purab thinks why this thing happens with them again and again and hopes they reach home safely. Dadi calls Purab and asks if he is bringing them. Purab apologizes to Dadi and says I asked them to run, oblivious to the fact that their car brakes will fail. Dadi is shocked.

Aaliya asks Tanu why did she ask Nikhil to kill Abhi when she told him not to do anything to him. Mitali comes there and tells Aaliya that Abhi and Pragya’s car fall down from the cliff and they are not found and are assumed dead. Tanu excitedly calls Nikhil and asks if this is true. Aaliya snatches phone from her hand and threatens Nikhil. Tanu asks her to give phone. Aaliya slaps her hard angrily.

Pragya pulls the cart on which unconscious and injured Abhi is lying. The cart gets stuck.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. y again???????????? dont tel me he is going to loose his memory aagain >:( .. dont they have anything to show new…???

  2. Here we go again i think this time aaliya will help them n bring them home

  3. Hope abhi regains his memory pleaseeee pleaseeee
    Don’t hurt us directors we had enough of them please show some pity on audience

  4. People started hating this serial, seriously including me…. Plz don’t update anything regarding to this serial… We r really fed up seeing accidents, kidnaps , uffffff….

  5. The person who has written this story is a BIG blo*dy BASTARD.

    he is world’s most stupid person on this earth.
    What an absurd serial is this

  6. hahahahaha.. you have got to be kidding me..lol

  7. Back to square one when abhi got in the first accident . I fedup yes now if he get memory lost again i stop watch this show writters are being to repetitive

  8. ccrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapp pile of butt crap

  9. Are these idiots for real. What stupidity. Why would Pragya not want him to remember on his own. No doctor told them that if he gets his memory back due to a similar incidents occurrence that it’s dangerous for him. What is he a delicate flower that will dwindled if he recalls on his own…what BS. You people as so annoying, it’s ridiculous. Why don’t the end this show already….for the last year or so, it has been the most frustrating show and I haven’t even been watching it. Just reading up makes me want to throw up sheesh!!!!!

  10. silly things happen again………………this is stupid suspense from the writer

  11. If u want to move this serial 1000 episodes, no problem. But, make Abhi and Pragya both unite with fight to enemy’s. OK ur team is topper of the TRP, but u are not go to think viewers view, then the respected viewers will bane ur team heartly.

  12. Nipra

    I also hope abhi memory come back, don’t extend track so much as it becomes boring.

  13. Pranav

    The story needs to move on

  14. Pranav

    How bout until abhi regains his memory we stop commenting

  15. wharis this????

  16. Again Abhi is unconscious and again Pragya is carrying him in a cart.. Wow..wonder..everytime they escape..
    I thought maybe this time both will die and there will again be a punar janam and everything starting from the beginning.. 🙂 🙂 funny stuffs happen in KB..


  18. Btana jaroori nhi h

    Why this serial shouldn’t end. Kill everyone but Plzz stop this rubbish drama.i hate all of them.god will never forgive director to do dimag ka dahi of people.duniya k sare bebkoof ek hi jgh aa kr mil gye h. Bhagwan koi utha lo muje.PR sabse phle is serial ki star cast ko uda lo bhagwan.i want to punch on every face of this serial.???????????????

  19. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ekta try putting yourself in der rolss…see if you last evdn a day ok a week oc tjus clownish bullshit!!!! I wish der is a DUMBEST AWARD FOR YOU N UR TEAM! WILL BE WELL DERSERVED..SICKENING…MOVE ON OR SHIT THe THe f**k up…..

  20. This written update is a week ahead of the telecast. This serial has become pathetically stupid. It should be investigated how this is still getting high TRP. Also this serial is made for mentally deranged people. This should have shut down long back!

  21. always is pragya who save abhi dis writer nd kkb team need divine restoration idiots

  22. H O R R I BLE digusting dumb no talent writers.. how dare they create a spin off when this show turned into such crap!!!
    shame shame on them wasting good talent and our time!

  23. emmanuella okpongete

    Please Director of kumkum bhagya,can you let Pragya and Abhi enjoy this marriage. In India, are you telling us that families only have woes,no joy? Please think of people’s view about your culture and values.

  24. Carol from Trini

    Hahaha…. omG, again? How them bad lucky so? Lol. How many times within a two year period can someone find themselves driving a car with no brakes? AND going over a cliff AGAIN? I guess it was Pragya’s first time in that kind of car tho? So, what’s going to happen next? Memory loss AGAIN? Will he die for sure this time, which will defeat the purpose of the theme of fighting for the one you love? Sheesh, did I really waste almost 3 years of my time watching this show?

  25. I used to enjoy the serial but for d last few weeks r real stupidness. Very bad director, he should go out n learn from who noz better.

  26. Wahh wt a serial yar…chiii….I think ekta won’t get peace until she separate wife and husband in every serial……kyaa kare yar uski khud ki zindagi mein shaadi ki bhagya nahi hai…so,she won’t let any couple happy in her shows…….KKB,kasam,YHM and etc in every serial every time problems…..fed up yar…..hating these craps….

  27. Sagewan samlal

    In this modern age he knows nothing about hand brakes. How stupid are these people who make these serials. They should go jump in the middle of the Indian Ocean

  28. I don’t know what is going to happen in this serial, however it’s a ultimate example for all who ever watching the show ” how to be patient with others when the time is wrong. Leave the story, direction and action Ekta is expressing how a friend can be, a wife and husband could be, and a sister or any blood relation couldn’t be. Bondage is there and that message is very much important to now a days generation. OK agreed, she is dragging, but good side it’s going to end pretty soon. Hope for best.

    1. Leela,nice comment?

  29. rubbish, drugging of the story line is unnecessary, this is beyond boring, wasted their time and money to shoot such a ridiculous drama

  30. Pragya sometimes angered me with all her crying but in this episode she made my blood boil with her eye movements. I love her acting skills but this episode was just BS!
    And yeah, I was also thinking about the handbrake!
    And those goons!! Fed up now with them. Please can’t they be killed! Not even want to mention that blo#dy killer! Too much screen time!
    Aaaaand the police!!!! D#mn! But they are soooo stupid! They’re better kill instead the evil ones, but the again the writers love everything evil. They don’t want love and peace.

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