Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Samarth asking Shobha to sign on divorce papers, and Ajay will marry Garima. Shobha cries and asks Sharda Mummy ji to tell something to Samarth. Sharda says she won’t tell anything, this divorce should have happened before. Samarth says yes, she is right. Sharda scolds him and says Shobha should have left you, I was blind to support you, you are selfish man, and you are here because of this family, kids, and Shobha, you will not get a wife if you take seven births, she has taken care of us, and stayed with you, supported you.

She asks Shobha to sign and end this marriage, Samarth is in your happiness way, sign it and leave him. Shobha says my kids. Sharda says she is with her, sign it and end it. Samarth asks is she mad. Sharda says beat me, Shobha has bear everything, your cheat, my taunt, she saved us, got home for us, she saved Garima’s respect from Ajay, we should be thankful to her. She cries and asks Shobha to sign it, she was blind in Samarth’s love, it took 10 years for her to understand this.

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Samarth says end this saas bahu drama, what do you want, you all stay here in AC and I get in jail. Sharda says you went jail by your mistakes, you were enjoying in AC. Shobha hugs Sharda. Samarth asks Shobha to sign fast. Sharda asks Shobha to sign, she is her mum, and she is saying this. Samarth shouts on Shobha. Shobha cries and thinks about Samarth admitting his affairs and recalls her happy marriage. She signs on the papers. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh………..plays……………..She signs Shobha Sachdev. Sharda throws the papers on Samarth. Samarth takes Shobha and says get out of my home. Sharda comes in between and asks him to leave her. She says you will leave form here. He says he is her son. She says you are not my son, where were you when we needed you, get out from this hhouse, don’t touch Shobha.

Samarth says I will remember this, you are kicking me for this woman. Samarth says you can cheat anyone, wife, mum, sister, country, get out. Samarth says I will not leave Shobha, my mum is kicking me out, Shobha is with her lover and making me leave. Sharda beats him. Samarth says he will not leave her. He asks Garima is she happy, this happened because of her. Ajay stops Samarth. Samarth leaves. Ajay goes after him. Sharda pacifies Shobha. Shobha says everything was a lie, my marriage was a lie, what mistake did I do. Sharda says it was a burden, not a relation, you did not lose, Samarth has lost, stop crying. They cry. Sharda says he lost his family, his mum, kids, wife, sister. He does not know he took your sign on the papers which will shake his life.

Shobha says I felt you always take Samarth’s side, you care for him, but today you have supported me, you have made me proud, you love Samarth so much, still you supported me. Sharda says you also love him, but he does not deserve love. She says we are a family, we can fight, but when we are in trouble, we will stand together. Shobha hugs her. Ajay asks Samarth how can he do this, if he breaks his promise, he will break his promise. Samarth says I took divorce from Shobha, and mum and Garima is not listening to me. Ajay says he will not free him, he will just free Tarun. Samarth slaps him and says he will ruin him. Samarth says he will see him after getting free. The police takes Samarth back.

Garima talk to Shobha and Sharda. Sharda says that marriage was meaningless, its good she has ended the relation. She asks Garima to get married. Garima says how can I marry seeing Shobha’s divorce, how can I get happy seeing Shobha’s tears. Shobha says it was one sided marriage, don’t cry for me, get married to Sanjay. Sharda says Shobha has ended her marriage. Garima says I m sorry, I behaved so bad with mum. Sharda says I will inform Sanjay’s family. She talks to Saurabh and Vikram and says she will support Sanjay and Garima’s marriage.

Vikram says he is worried because of Shobha’s divorce. Sharda says she was wrong before and asks Sanjay to keep Garima happy. She apologizes to Vinita. Vinita says you are elder, its fine. Vikram asks them to come to his office hall and he will get the pandit ji there. He says he will call Nani. Sharda says she wants to invite his Nani personally. Samarth talks to the lawyer and is angry. Sanjay and Garima get married in everyone’s presence. Nani hugs Vikram., Sharda asks Shobha to do the ghatbandhan. Shobha says its your right mum. Sharda says you made this marriage possible. Garima says eve I want Shobha to do it, as she and Vikram made it possible. Vikram smiles seeing Shobha, and thinks she is very determined, strong, and good, he feels like respecting a woman seeing her. Garima and Sanjay greet the elders. Vikram tells Shobha that it’s a happy ending.

Shobha says my story had sad ending, when I see Sanjay and Garima, their love and hope, I also get a hope that love exists in this world. Vikram says he guarantees their marriage will work, as she is with them. He says its not your mistake, don’t blame yourself. He says maybe love will come back in your life. Shobha wipes her tears. She says don’t know. Sharda blesses Sanjay and Garima. Sanjay thanks Vikram and Shobha for keeping their promise. Shobha asks Garima to fulfill her duties well. She asks Sanjay to take care of Garima. Sanjay says yes, and bend to take their blessings. Vikram and Shobha keep their hands together. Music plays……………..

Shobha meets Samarth in jail and cries. Samarth asks is she afraid thinking what will people think fo her after her divorce.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Y she’s still meeting Samarth. ..? Jus leave him and concentrate in your life shobha. ..He don’t deserve u….

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