Maharana Pratap 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap dons his armour, takes his shield and spear and goes outside to fight with the Afghans. Badshah Khan is disturbed to see Bijolia soldiers and people fighting with his soldiers. He shouts for Pratap. Everyone stops fighting as Badshah Khan yells for Pratap. Pratap is shown to be heading somewhere on Chetak.

US and Rawat ji are quite near to Bijolia when they are attacked by Afghans. US initially feels that Bijolia is attacking them but Rawat ji figures out from the material of the arrows that they belong to Afghans.

Badshah Khan thinks to make use of the opportunity as Pratap is not here. He orders his men to catch hold of the people of Bijolia and goes to bring Pratap. I will kill them all in front of Pratap only. That will be my revenge.

US wants to enter inside Bijoia somehow but has no option but to face his attackers. There is no other way to enter Bijolia. He sends Rawat ji with a few of his troops to corner Afghans from the other side while he decides to face them from the front. Rawat ji obliges.

Badshah Khan is in the streets of Bijolia with some of his soldiers. On the other hand, Afghan soldiers catch all the people except Ajabde. They are worried as Badshah Khan wont spare them if he gets to know about it. One of the soldiers go to look for Ajabde.

Badshah Khan comes face to face with Pratap. He thinks that Pratap is playing some game as he is scared of him. this is why you ran away from there. Pratap says you can think whatever you want to. I just dint want so many innocent people to die there because of you which is why I have brought you here. You had to die there as well and you will die here too. Badshah Khan still thinks highly of himself. You couldn’t do anything to me with all your soldiers and you are alone here. Ajabde speaks up which surprises Pratap and Badshah Khan. Bijolia’s motherland is with him. Bijolia’s people, Bijolia’s Bai ji Lal, Mewar and his Ajabde is with him! Pratap and Ajabde look at each other. He asks her to do his victory tilak. Badshah Khan starts laughing at Ajabde. Bai ji Lal thinks that Pratap will win after this vijay tilak. I allow you to fulfil his last wish. Do his death tilak. Ajabde walks towards Pratap who descends from his horse. Ajabde does his tilak with Bijolia’s dirt. Badshah Khan tries to attack Ajabde but Pratap holds the dagger in time. Badshah Khan orders his soldiers to attack on Pratap. Pratap bravely fights with them. On the other hand, Rawat ji and US fight with the Afghan troops efficiently. The soldiers are scared to see Pratap fight thus. They stand stunned at his actions. Even Badshah Khan watches him with apprehension now. The attacks continue between US and Afghan’s army. Badshah Khan’s remaining soldiers run away in fear. Pratap confronts Badshah Khan. I had killed your father Shams Khan with these very hands only. I will do the same with you.

At the palace, everyone is amazed to see the scared soldiers returning there in fear. Badshah Khan and Pratap start fighting with each other while Ajabde looks on from a distance proudly. Pratap beats Badshah Khan. He recalls how Badshah Khan had treated Ajabde and Hansa Massi and beats him angrily.

Rawat ji and US are successful in their mission. They move forward towards Bijolia palace. Pratap drags Badshah Khan to the palace while chanting Har Har Mahadev. Entire Bijolia joins him in this. all the Afghan soldiers run away in fear. Pratap throws Badshah Khan in front of Hansa who looks at Ajabde with pride. Pratap tells Badshah Khan that he will be punished for all his sins that he has committed on his motherland. You are the culprit of every single person of Bijolia. Badshah Khan is happy that he hurt him somehow. Pratap recalls all the instances angrily and finally kills him. his head lands in Ajabde’s feet. Pratap tells her that her culprit’s head is at its rightful place. From today onwards these Afghans wont even dare to look at Bijolia. Everyone starts chanting praises of Pratap. He folds his hands in front of them all with gratitude.

Precap: Akbar gets to know about Badshah Khan’s death. US is proud of Pratap for killing Badshah Khan. Pratap knows that Badshah Khan was just a pawn in that Mughal’s hand. I wont sit peacefully till I finish him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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