Tum Saath Ho Jab 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Srivastava increases the amount and waits for Mariam’s reply. Nasima wants Younis to wait to hear Mariam’s reply. Mariam stays put. She tells Srivastava that his money cannot change her decision. For me, relations are way more important. You don’t have to worry about me. Younis bhai takes very good care of me and my daughter. I have already told you that I am doing it all for the betterment of my house instead of breaking it. please don’t try to talk to me next time. Talk to Younis bhai directly or I wont make your designs from now onwards. Srivastava tries to explain that he was just valuing her talent but she tells him off. I am very happy with my life. She leaves with Najma. Younis meets Srivastava but he doesn’t even greet him or say anything to him.

At night, Imran and Altaf are putting curtains on the windows. Imran gets tired. Altaf is surprised that he got tired so easily. You used to run 5-6 kms with me 5 years ago. imran points out that that was way back. Altaf points out that it isn’t because of age but alcohol. You cough the entire night. You should visit a doc. Imran tells against it. my stamina has decreased which I will regain by starting jogging from tomorrow morning. You will join me too. Altaf realises that he got caught in his own logics but is more than happy to do it for Imran.

Najma hugs her Ammi. I am proud of you. You refused such a big offer for Bade Abbu. Mariam smiles. All money of the world is nothing in front of the family’s respect. We should never back out from doing anything for our family’s sake. they hear Imran’s voice. He is singing Yeh Sama. Both of them are confused and look at Imran’s house from their window. Imran and Altaf are playing antakshri. Altaf is not able to sing a song from letter R so Mariam and Najma help him. Imran refuses to accept it as it is Najma who has helped him. he starts coughing in the process so Altaf gets him water. Mariam suggests Imran to see a doc. Imran declines but she insists. He wonders as to why she is giving him suggestions. I am not going to live my life based on her suggestions. Najma tells her Ammi to let it be as it is useless to say anything to Imran. Altaf tells him to continue their game but Imran declines. Mariam realises that he has forgotten the songs but he disagrees. Najma too challenges Imran. Altaf and Imran make a team while Mariam and Najma team up on the other side. Mariam sings Kuch Na Kaho on their turn and Altaf and Imran are mesmerized by her voice. Imran is not able to think of a song from letter H. Najma starts the countdown and he loses the game. Najma cheers about their win. Nasima shouts at Mariam asking her as to why is Najma shouting at night. Najma and Mariam run inside.

Srivastava’s words echo in Younis’s head and he is highly upset at it. He is angry with Srivastava for making such an offer to the women of his house. Nasima tells him not to be angry over it. you should think of a way out calmly. Younis had wanted to slap Srivastava but Nasima had stopped him back then. Nasima couldn’t have let him ruin things for their family. you might not want that order but I want it for myself and my kids. You don’t worry about their future at all? Younis asks her if he should ignore what all Srivastava did. She supports Srivastava instead. He is ready to break relations with you for his own profit but you are not learning anything from him. Mariam said no to him and he got his answer. You should use this opportunity in your favour. Srivastava needs Mariam more than us but she is with us so Srivastava will have to agree with whatever we say. Thank Allah that Mariam said no to Srivastava or he would have won today. Fiza and Waqar tell them how Srivastava uncle had called at home too but Mariam Ammi refused to talk to him. Younis is proud of Mariam. Nasima points out that she has no other option actually. She cannot go against us and do anything. We have done many favours on her which is why she is indebted to us. She has nowhere to go to if she leaves us. You should give her some money after the completion of your order. It will make her happy. He nods.

Naima calls Saba requesting her to accompany her. I am at the same place where we were waiting yesterday. Saba cannot believe it that her Khala has gone so far in her madness. Naima wants to talk to Imran face to face. I will ask him directly about our alliance. I have even hired an auto rickshaw today. please come. Saba refuses to be a part of her mad plans. Spare me. Ayaan comes to talk to Saba. She declines to talk to him but he insists so she ends up slapping him instead. Stay away from me. Ayaan clears that he had only come to give her her ID card which she had forgotten in the canteen. She takes it from him and he leaves from there sadly. She looks around but cannot see him anywhere. Naima calls her again to ask about some random song which might suit her and Imran. Saba ends the call irked. She looks around and finds Ayaan sitting on the stairs. He tries to walk away as she comes to talk to him. She apologizes for her mistake but he promises not to help her or anyone from today onwards. She accepts her mistake yet again for misunderstanding him. he offers to get out of her way or even leave this college if she wants him to. Am I not worthy to be your friend even? She apologizes to him again and offers her hand to him for friendship. He is more than happy to oblige.

Mariam and Najma find Waqar and Fiza sitting idly. Najma agrees to play with them today. I will practise tomorrow. But Fiza and Waqar tell her not to miss her practise as the competition for under 14 will be tough. Mariam suggests them to join them as well. The kids get excited but they stop as they hear their Ammi’s voice. Ammi will ask so many questions. We will accompany you tomorrow. Mariam and Najma leave hurriedly. Nasima asks for Mariam. Fiza and Waqar lie that Mariam has gone to the mosque to thank Allah for the Abbu’s order. Nasima gets happy to hear it. May Allah fulfil her wishes then. The kids say Amen in unison and look at each other with a secret smile.

Naima is muttering to herself while she waits for Imran. she spots his bike and imagines herself with him on the bike. She tells the auto driver to act as if there is some problem with the auto. Auto driver obliges. A random guy stops his bike and offers lift to Naima who scolds him for doing so. Imran drives by and Naima sits in the auto and tells the driver to follow Imran’s bike.

Najma, Altaf and Mariam are waiting for Imran at the garage as he is late. Altaf has even brought lemon ginger pickle for Mariam. He has brought it here for her to taste it. I couldn’t throw it from the window actually. They all smile. Mariam appreciates it after tasting it. Najma too loves it. She praises her Ammi as it was her recipe after all. Altaf requests her not to tell this to Imran that she had helped him in making this pickle. She asks him if both the Mamu and nephew have a habit of taking credit on someone else’s behalf. Altaf proudly says that Imran never takes helps from anyone. he actually helps everyone. Najma spills the truth that Imran had made that green chicken as per the recipe told by her Ammi. Altaf is surprised while Mariam goes quiet.

Naima follows Imran till the garage. She wonders why he stopped here of all the places.

Precap: Naima goes inside the garage and greets Imran. everyone is shocked to see her there. Naima has her eyes set on Imran only.

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