Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shobha talking to Samarth.. He asks is she fine. She nods yes. He says I m sorry, and complains about the baad state in the jail. He asks her to manage the home for few days and he will be back soon. He says he misses kids a lot. He says I don’t want them to see me in this state, mum told me about house notice, you handle. Mummy ji says Tarun will manage. Samarth says yes, he is pillar of strength. Samarth says I can see you are uncomfortable, you can do anything, but can’t change things in two days, shift to Tarun’s place. Even Garima and kids are there.

Samarth hugs her mum for understanding her. She says fine, you guys will need time to spend alone. She leaves. Samarth says he does not know what problem she has with Tarun suddenly, he is the only one who is supporting me like a rock. She says I know you want to know many things, tell me anything I did not do for you and kids, every person has some weakness, it happens, grow up now. He says I did a mistake, I m in problem and you want to discuss this, how can you be selfish? She says am I selfish, was she true or me? He says she was no one, his family is everything to him.

She says where was family when you thought about her and bring with us, you sit infront of me and messaging her, I may have given her phone to you right, tell me. She cries and says I m have been stupid. She says you are right I m a fool to trust you always. Shobha says who am I, a baby producing machine, I hate myself, I was mad to fight the world for you. Samarth says I m sorry, no one on this earth had affair right, hang me to death, I m saying I did a mistake, no one else would have accepted it, I m being honest, I m saying sorry. She says I want my Samarth, who did not have any affair.

She says can you give me such Samarth. He says is this the time to discuss all this, you are my wife. She says leave it, no use to discuss this. He says you have two days, everyone will shift to Tarun’s house, that’s final. She comes out and thinks she can’t stay at Tarun’s house and can’t send Garima there, she has to do something for her family. Mahesh calls Shobha and asks her to come fast, as Vikram is calling her. He says the café matter is solved. She says she is coming.

Shobha comes and Vikram hides his hair treatment. Sandeep too joins them. Vikram asks about the evening matter. She says she dealt with them. He scolds her. She says the guys were teasing the girls, you should appreciate me. He says I don’t want to sit in your moral science class, our café has youngsters, if they stop coming, what will we do. Sandeep says I think Shobha did right thing. Vikram says I m not supporting criminals, but my café name will be spoiled. He taunts her for being in headlines. He says don’t think we are like you. She says you are getting personal. He says Sandeep and Mahes is every fight not personal.

He says you are hurting my business. She says sorry. He says the channels will have headlines on our café. She leaves. He says oh God and holds his head. She comes out of his cabin and cries. Vikram says don’t know what revenge is she taking and my hair is falling so much because of my secretary. She gets a call from Garima. Garima asks where are you, did you meet Samarth. Shobha says its was long day, I m coming home, we will talk. She leaves for home and tries taking taxi. It starts raining.

She thinks of her past and how she likes rains, to spend time with Samarth. She looks at the sky. Vikram too walks there and is worried as hair fall can increase. He gets in the car and sees Shobha standing. Mahesh shows his tomorrow’s schedule. Vikram gets worried for Shobha and says he will just come. He goes to Shobha and asks does she want to get ill by rain, and take leave from office, he knows her very well. She says you are indirectly offering me lift. He says women and misunderstandings, I came to give you this umbrella as I have my car. He sits in the car.

Mahesh says you should give her lift. Vikram says why. Mahesh says she is not getting any taxi, you are very a nice man, I know this, why do you forget. Vikram gets out of car and sees Sandeep offering lift to Shobha. She says thanks, I knew this office had men, not gentlemen. Vikram says its good she went, my seat would have got wet. Mummy ji is worried and sees a car coming. Sandeep drops Shobha. She thanks him and they have a talk. Sandeep laughs and says you and Vikram are exactly the same, you know what our company needs you, you are smart, loyal and good. One day Vikram will see all this. She says I don’t think so, lets see. He says I will manage media, don’t worry. Mummy ji sees Shobha getting down the car and waving to a man.

Shobha walks in and Mummy ji asks did anyone give you lift. Shobha says I forgot umbrella and did not get taxi. Mummy ji says do packing, we have to go to Tarun. Shobha says no, we won’t go there, I found a home. Mummy ji says its your ego, as Tarun took Samarth’s side. Shobha says its about my self respect. Tarun has hidden my husband’s affair from me. Garima hears them. Shobha goes to her room. Garima comes to support her and makes her smile.

She says you are super woman. Shobha asks for a towel. Garima says yes and dries her hair. She asks where are we going to stay. Shobha says actually, I did not do any arrangement. Garima says you mean you lied to mum. Shobha says no, it will be true tomorrow. She sneezes and Garima says liar, where will we go and sing like beggars. Shobha laughs. Garima says I won’t stay at Tarun’s home, and his brother Ajay is mad, he sends me 70 messages daily. I will be mad staying there. Shobha teases her and runs.

Shobha asks her friends for help and does not get any help. She says she did not get any home. Garima asks her to talk to Usha, commissioner AK’s wife. Shobha says she did not talk to her. She goes to talk to Usha and Usha acts sweet and says I have habit to tell the truth, and asks her to stay in her guest house, its good, shift today, I know uou can’t give rent, don’t worry, just live. Shobha thanks her. Usha says I m your friend, I told bitter words but it was true, you can ask me help anytime. Shobha smiles.

Vikram tells Nani that someone came in the flat on lower floor. Shobha tells Garima about her rude boss. She comes to Nani to get some help and sees Vikram. They react you……….

Update Credit to: Amena

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