Laut Aao Trisha 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita speaks to her bank manager and requests him to arrange 20 crores personal loan for her. He says he will arrange but needs 2-3 days. She says she needs by afternoon. He says she is asking a huge sum and he cannot arrange so early. She says she understands and cuts call.

Sonali calls Gaurav and asks Gaurav not to give money to Amrita. Gaurav says how can he deny when it is a question of Trisha. She says once she comes, Pratik will come back and kick him out of company and asks him to not help Amrita. Vivan hears her conversation and asks how can be so mean to talk like this and asks if she is not shameful to think like this. She asks him to remember how they humiliated you. He says Pratik humiliated him and Triha and Amrita are innocent. He says hope he could help Amrita and get Trisha back.

Amrita calls Pratik, but Neha picks call and cuts it. Pratik asks whose call it is. She says some client. She picks call and says Pratik does not want to talk to you. Amrita gets disheartened.

Meghan draws Bobby’s painting. He sees painting and sees a cartoon instead. They both share a lighter moment. Bobby says they are laughing again because of Amrita. He gets Vivan’s call who asks him to forward money lender’s number for Amrita and informs about Trisha’s call. Bobby says he will forward number and says Meghan that we have to help Amrita. Meghan says she will sell Lavanya’s gifted jewelry.

Sonali gives Amrita a money packet and says she could arrange only that much. Amrita asks howmuch it is. She says 4 lakhs. Amrita asks her to lend her jewelry. Sonali says she mortgated her jewelry to buy a property and starts showing fake concern. Amrita reaches Gaurav’s office and asks if Pratik came back to office. He says no. She says she knows he cannot help personally but if he can get some cash from office. He says he cannot. Lavanya reaches there and asks why did she come to office. Amrita says in Pratik’s absence you take decisions and requests her to get money for Trisha’s sake. Lavanya says if she could, she would have told in phone itself, says without board of director’s permission, she cannot do anything and it will take a lot of time to arrange meeting. She asks her to take Pratik’s help and says she should forget thinking of taking help from office, says she can lend her some lakhs only. Amrita says she needs 20 crores.

Vivan requests money lender to help him, but he shoos him up. Amrita sells her jewelry while Meghan gives her jewelry to Bobby. Pratik on the other side enjoys his intimacy with Neha. Amrita shows papers to Sonali. Sonali gets tensed seeing them and asks what papers are those. Amrita says these are shares her parents invested in Pratik’s company and her parent’s house’s papers, she will sell them all. Sonali says these are precious for you. Amrita says yes and she is very emotionally attached to hem, but as a parent she has to do it for Trisha. Sonali thinks things are getting right here and changes or Trisha’s return also.

Amrita shows shares papers to her broker who says these are 30 crores worth and if she sells them in a hurry, she will gt very less price. She says she needs only 15-16 crores and needs money today. He says stocks transaction dont happen in cash, but he will try. She thinks she needs at least 15 crores even after selling her jewelry and house. Broker tries to call all his contacts and says she will get money in 1 hour. Amrita gets call from Bobby who tells that Vivan informed them about ransom call and says they are felling bad that she did not inform them. She says she they are kids and says she is taking Lavanya’s help. Meghan says mom will not help you. Bobby says he arranged 5.5 lakhs. Lavanya hears their conversation and thinks Amrita is trying to separate her children and making them hate her, but she will take revenge.

Goons stop Amrita’s car and loot money by beating driver. They neven beat Amrita who tries to stop them.

Precap: Kabeer gets worried hearing about Amrita’s injuries and calls her. She asks him to call only if he has to inform about Trisha.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think the kidnapper is within the family.

    1. i also think so

  2. what kind of father is Pratik.. I hate him… Ammu 🙁

  3. I know it sounds funny but I think pratik is somehow involved. But when trisha talks to boss she doesnt use words like uncle etc so its not a relative also its someone who convonced her to leave home initially she was not being forced and its someone who is not hurting her getting chocolates etc

  4. Cant be her chacha he is a daboo cant be kushan he is a gud guy who likes amrita can b lavanya she is mean and vengeful also prem was involved or he wouldnt hav been murdered

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