Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shobha asking Samarth not to leave the home. She says I m giving you na chance just for the sake of kids, I begged you not to give divorce to me for kids, and today this is just for them, as they can’t live without you. Sarika smiles. Samarth gets glad by this decision. Shobha cries in her room. Reyaan comes and hugs her, asking her not to cry and not go anywhere, as he can’t live without her. He says he feels scared. She says you won’t live without me ever and hugs him. Sharda comes and sends Reyaan. She says I m happy as you take the decision for family, I know its very tough for you, but I know you will overcome this problem, I m proud of you, the decision is best for kids. Shobha says family comes first. Sarika gives sweets to Samarth and talks to him. He says I m seeing happiness in your eyes, what is your benefit in this.

Sarika thinks you knew it, manipulation is in our blood, you are my elder brother, no one can understand my game. Sarika tells her sad story of losing Abhay, and she does not tell her feelings and pain to anyone, now she is back here and life is back on track, I m happy you are back here. Shobha took care of us, she deserves happiness. He asks does she think Shobha will accept him, why did she say Shobha will be at Vikram’s place. She says just like that, as she works there and he is her friend. She asks how did he get bail. He says I m Samarth Sachdev and its enough. She says come on tell me. He asks what will you do knowing it. She says fine, some mystery is needed, go and spend quality time with wife and kids, you came back for them.

He says their love has got me back here, its late, go to sleep. He leaves. She smiles and thinks there is something big that he is hiding about his bail, I have to find out. Samarth comes to the room and sees Shobha seeing their pic. He says we are same, and same pic, so much happened and its all same. She says its same and nothing same. He says he will help her and says its habit. She asks how will he make their relation fine and recalls his affair. She recalls his words about his affairs. She says Jia and Reyaan are outside, I will sleep with them. She leaves. He says Shobha accepted me by mind, not heart, whats the reason, just kids or something else?

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She comes to the kids and sleeps. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh………………plays……………Sarika sees this and hopes their relation gets fine, as Vikram’s chapter ends. Its morning, Shobha makes the kids ready. Reyaan asks about Vikram. She says stop it now. Samarath comes and stops Reyaan. Reyaan says Jia is also there, I m going to Vikram. Samarth asks Sarika whats going on. Sarika says Vikram became their default father, he reaches everywhere with kids, its weird, he has special bond with them, I hope you are back now and everything will be fine. Sarika asks Shobha about her sleeping in kids room. Shobha asks her to cook and leaves.

Sarika says she refused my question with love, don’t worry, me and my questions will not leave her. Reyaan comes to Vikram and says its sports day. Vikram says Jia went to school. Nani asks him to say his dad to make him ready. Reyaan says but my dad is not like Vikram. She says yes, he is not great as Vikram, we know it, but who will explain it to Vikram. Vikram says we should leave now and ties the laces. Reyaan hugs and kisses him. Reyaan says its for making things fine, you are our superman and only you can do this.

Vikram says I can do anything to get smile on your face. He asks Nani to relax and leaves with Reyaan. Shobha sees Vikram with Reyaan. She greets him. She asks why did he come. He says you did not tell this before, can’t I come to see off kids. Reyaan leaves for school. Sarika comes and sees them together. She hears Shobha signing in security form of school. The lady asks Vikram to sign as father’s sign is also needed. Vikram says I m sorry I can’t. Shobha says he is not their father. The lady says you come to leave them, so I felt you both are husband and wife. Sarika gets angry and says Vikram is strange, he was mad for me and now her, before Shobha turns him old, I have to do something. Yeh khaali khaali zindagi…………………plays……………… Shobha looks at Vikram and leaves.

Sarika comes to the room and says their love is increasing, he gets after the girl who dislikes her, he can’t come now and meet kids, but they will meet in office, Vikram has thrill to meet hiding and romantic, I have to make them away. She gets an idea and says Samarth can help, I don’t have to do anything. She goes to Samarth and asks him to see whats happening at his home. She says what she has seen, Shobha was signing alone. He says fine, she did this when I was not here. She asks her to give a chance to the marriage. He says so I m sitting here. She asks him to handle everything, she works all day and there is no one to help. He says I will help her fine.

She says whats the need for her to work, you can work and society is talking about you. She asks him to find solution, and make Shobha rest, show your concern that you love her, she will feel glad. He says thanks for advice. She smiles and thinks Shobha won’t have any way to meet Vikram, out of sight and out of mind. Vikram thinks about Shobha and how he convinced her to give another chance to Samarth. He cries.

Shobha asks Sarika what is she saying. Sarika says society people are talking bad about Vikram and you, that he loves you.

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