Hum Hain Na 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty teaching bike riding to Sagarika. She rams bike on him and also falls down. Bunty encourages her and teaches her bike riding again by sitting behind her as a pillion rider.

Rani brings Pappu to her dhongi baba. Baba solves people’s problems and asks them to donate money. When Pappu’s turn comes, Baba says he knows about his problem and asks when did he have gol gappa/pani poori last time alone. He says some days ago. Baba says he should have gol gappa from Rani’s hand and also feeds it to everyone. Just like, aloo and masala filling in gol gappa, his locker will also fill with wealth. He asks Pappu to donate all the money he has. Rani also forces Pappu to donate. He says he only has month’s grocery money, which dad gave him. She says once wealth comes, they can buy grocery from it.

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Sagarika rams bike to police constables while learning driving. Constable asks them to come to police station and asks them to show proof about their marriage. Bunty says he has their marriage pics and Sagarika says she has mangalsutra. Constable asks if they have marriage certificate. They both say they don’t have.

Rani forces Pappu to eat gol gappas. Pappu says he cannot eat more. A lady says she won lottery with baba’s blessings. Rani says baba wanted to say same and says they should also buy lottery ticket. Pappu says he does not have money now. She says they will buy it tomorrow.

Amma reaches police station with dad and starts scolding inspector. Inspector asks who is she. She says she is famous Laxmi mishra and Bunty’s mother. He asks what proof she has. She asks him to check in her locality. He says why will he. She starts her political speech. Inspector asks them to show their marriage certificate. Dad says during their times, they had only temple marriage in front of elders. Amma says they eloped and married. Inspector laughs and asks constable to put them both behind bars for not having proof of marriage. Amma says he does not know who is she. He says she told she is Lamxi Mishra.

Dad apologizes inspector for his mistake and asks to guide him. Inspector says he should register his marriage first. Dad requests to get children out. Constables brings Bunty and Sagarika out. Amma asks where is bahu. Inspector says she is in front of him. Sagarik hides her t-shirt. Amma takes her from there. Inspector gives dad agent’s card to get their marriage registered. He then calls his brother-in-law and says he is sending 2 bakras for him.

Amma brings Bunty and Sagarika home and scolds Sagarika for going out wearing jeans and T-shirt. They both start laughing. Dad asks them to stop laughing. Bunty says in India’s history, for the first time dad and son will marry in same mantap and will take each other’s blessings. Dad also laughs and says if he knew before that his marriage is illegal, he would have done a lot of things. Amma asks him to stop acting like kids and walks out angrily. Bunty asks dad to console mom. He says he has to use Pappu’s idea and goes behind Amma calling her darling…, etc., like Pappu.

Daadi comes home and says Dad that she went out for 2 days and Amma starts dreaming about becoming politician. Dad says daadi that he is in love. Daadi calls Amma and says her son has gone mad and is telling he is in love. Amma gets panicked and says that is the reason, he brought divorce papers and says she will not leave the girl easily, asks who is she. Dad says Laxmi Devi Mishra. Everyone bursts out in laughing.

Sagarika calls Bunty and gets worried as he does not pick her call.

Precap: Dad tells Amma that 500 rs is missing from his wallet. Sagarika calls Bunty and tells that police may arrest them. She gets tensed seeing handcuffs in front of her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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