Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji saying Jai Ho. Sadhna gives the aarti to everyone. Suhasini says the mandir is good. Dada ji says you would have like the aarti too if you would have come at 4:30 am. Dadi Bua says you shall take care. Radha says sorry and promises to not to come late again. She apologizes again. Jayshree tells Dada ji to forgive them. Suhasini thinks of Jayshree’s threat. Dada ji says no one can force religious things on anyone and says I can only tell you. It is upto you to do it or not. Radha promises that she will not get late from tomorrow. Jayshree tells Radha that you apologized like this. Radha says she is ready to apologize if she did any mistake, and not if she is not at fault. LD thanks Jhanvi. A flashback is shown where Jhanvi blackmails Jayshree and says she will tell her truth to Dada ji. Jayshree gets angry. She says you already knew about the letter, but then gave him on Dadi Bua’s birthday.

Jayshree scolds her and says she knows who is making her do it. LD asks Jhanvi what did you say to her? Jayshree asks her to go to college. She leaves. Jayshree asks Radha to come as her test will start from today. Sadhna asks Radha to come with her to serve tea. Radha tells LD that she needs his help. She says her phone battery is dead and asks her to get a plug for her. LD asks for a small tax. Radha says that’s why I don’t trust you. LD says you have to give. He asks her to accept his friend request. Radha agrees and asks him to get the socket. LD thanks her and smiles.

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Sadhna brings Radha to the kitchen and asks her to make tea. Radha gets tensed seeing the big kitchen. Suhasini asks where is the mixer- grinder and toaster. Sadhna tells her that they don’t use modern appliances as Dada ji don’t like it. Suhasini gets shocked. Radha says we got black and white kitchen. Suhasini tells it used to be like this in previous time. Radha sends messages to Sudhakar.

Sadhna gives tea cups to Radha and asks her to different tea for all of them. She tells about everyone’s preference. Sadhna gets worried. Radha thinks to make tea for Dada ji and Dadi Bua first. Jayshree comes and says Dadi Bua is calling you. Sadhna says she will go. Jayshree looks at tea made by Radha. Sadhna asks Shyamali to help Radha. She then tells Radha to serve to tea herself. Shyamali asks Radha to serve the tea to elders’ first. She serves the tea to Suhasini. Jayshree asks her to give it to her first. Suhasini teases Jayshree.

Radha tells LD that they have to meet today. LD says ok and asks her to serve the tea first. He shows her Dada ji’s room. Radha goes and serves the tea to Dada ji. She says good morning and keeps the tea. She then serves the tea to Dadi Bua. Dadi Bua wonders about the taste of tea. She takes a sip and smiles as the taste is good. Radha thinks next station is Govind uncle. She comes to kitchen and makes tea for Govind. She comes to his room and gives him tea. He turns and the tea falls on his clothes. She says sorry. Murari calls asking for tea. Radha gives him tea. Murari thinks he will get a heart attack today. LD salutes to his mum and wonders how she manages. Sadhna laughs.

Radha gives tea to Murli. Murli says he don’t want as it is cold. She says she will bring him another tea. She gets tired. Suhasini kisses her. Radha thanks her and says she didn’t realize before. She thanks her mum for taking care of her and Rupa. Suhasini says you realized my worth at last. Radha hugs her and says she is missing her bed tea. LD brings tea for her. Suhasini excuses them. LD asks her to drink tea. Radha drinks it and thinks she have to serve tea to Murli. LD thinks she already served the tea. Radha makes tea again for Murli and it falls on her hand by mistake. She shouts for her mum. LD comes running and cares for her burn. He pours water on her hand and asks her if she is feeling better. Radha stares and then hugs him. Mere Sawalon Ka……………plays…………LD smiles and gets emotional reciprocating her hug. LD says I knew it that this moment will come. He smiles.

LD comes to Radha’s room and sees her changing dress. She doesn’t see him and asks to button her dress. LD closes his eyes and buttons her dress. Radha turns and is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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