Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinita doing Sanjay and Garima’s tilak and aarti to welcome them home. Sanjay holds Garima’s hands. Saurabh says Sanjay was going to do suicide for Garima, and even this marriage is suicide. He jokes and they smile. They do the Grah pravesh. Vinita says honestly I did not wish them to get married, and Sanjay deserves better girl for her, but she said yes seeing Sanjay’s suicide attempt, slowly his love will get less. She smiles. Shobha sits thinking. She thinks Samarth can try to take away the kids, I can’t live without them and asks Lord to help her. She says she has a fear to lose her kids. She says she should be positive but how, her kids are her world, how will I live without them. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………plays…………….. She recalls about Samarth and her divorce. She sees the divorce papers and cry.

Sharda sees her crying and asks where is she going. Shobha leaves. Sharda says where did she go in such bad mood, I hope everything is fine. She sees the divorce papers. Shobha comes to meet Samarth in jail. The constable says Samarth does not want you. She says I have imp work. He says this is jail and have rules. She says its about my life, please let me go. He says fine, I will ask him again, if he says this time, you have to go back home. She says ask him once and waits. Samarth comes to her and asks her to join drama company to do acting, why is she after her, he does have anything with her. He asks her to give her one chance, lets start again, I will forget what you did, and you forgot what you think I did.

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He asks is she afraid, that her life will end after divorce, and my life will start after I get out, I will get someone and you won’t get anyone, every man will think you are private property. She says I want to save my marriage for my kids, think about them. He says you say the same thing again and again, I don’t need to learn from you about kids. I m here because of you and don’t want to see your face. She says please….. and cries. He asks her to leave. She gets upset and leaves. Sharda waits for Shobha and is tensed. Vikram comes and says he wants to give this file to Shobha, where is she. Sharda says she left without saying anything, she was worried. Shobha comes home. Sharda asks where did she go, is she fine.

Shobha says I want to be alone, I went to meet Samarth. Sharda asks don’t you have self respect, dignity. Shobha says I was thinking about my kids and their future, I will live without Samarth, but what will I explain my kids, how will they understand that we got separated. Vikram looks on and taunts her, as Samarth would have hugged you and said sorry. He asks why is she going after that cheap man, is she not happy when he rejected her. He scolds her and asks him to see a better life waiting for her. She asks what can she do, I m stuck here, I got divorce papers today, am I living in past, and what does he do, is he not living in his past, how long was your relation, was she his wife and did he have kids, its 9 years, she has kids and home with him, this is not my past, this is my present, try to understand this. She says you have your past with you, and saying me to move on.

Vikram says thank you Shobha angrily and leaves. Shobha holds her head and cries. Vikram comes home and thinks about Shobha’s words. He sees his GF’s pic and says he hates her a lot, and he has ruined his life, why. He throws the pic. Ajeeb dastaan hai ye…………..plays…………. Shobha sees Samarth’s pic and cries thinking about his words. The kids come and hug her. She wipes her tears. Jia and Reyaan say we will not ask any question about Papa and won’t make you sad, we will regard you mum and Papa, and we will not miss Papa, God can’t be everywhere so he made mum. She kisses their hands and hugs them. The kids leave.

She gets a call from Garima. Garima says she is feeling very nervous. Shobha says Sanjay loves you a lot, he will keep you happy, and don’t talk like village girl, its important chapter of your life. Garima says Sanjay is coming and ends the call. Its morning, Shobha says Sharda that she is leaving for office. Sharda asks her to have breakfast, as she is starting a new life. Shobha thanks her. Sharda says you work for us, can’t I do this for you. She asks her to have milk. Shobha laughs and asks am I 5 year old girl. Sharda smiles and gives her tiffin. She asks her to be careful on the way and call her beta. Shobha is touched and thanks her.

Riddhima calls Shobha and asks her to come to meet their mum, as she is very unwell. She says she will leave and gets tensed. Sharda says don’t worry, you go, I will see kids. Shobha says Riddhima will book ticket, we will go together. She says she will inform Vikram, and he does not take the call. He talks to Mahesh asking about the work files. He gets angry. He asks about meetings. He scolds Mahesh. He gets Shobha’s call. Shobha calls on landline. Vikram asks Mahesh to talk. Shobha says my mum;s health is unwell, I have to go Mumbai for emergency, please tell this to Vikram. Mahesh gives the message to Vikram. Vikram says oh God, we should name her family emergency. Mahesh asks why did he not talk. Vikram asks him to mind his work and gets angry.

He throws the files and says Shobha…… Nani talks to Shobha and says she will see kids, you just serve your mum. Vikram comes home. Nani asks Vikram to talk to Shobha. He ends the call and asks her not to trouble her, as she is on leave. Nani says she did not go on holiday, she went to her mum, who is hospitalized, what will she do, she left her kids here. He says fine. She asks is he missing Sbobha. Vikram is stunned.

Sharda tells Vikram that Garima is married and he is Shobha’s only friend, please help her in coming out of this phase, as he said she should accept this and move on.

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