Maharana Pratap 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

US and Rawat ji enter Bijolia palace and hear praises of Pratap. US deduces that Pratap has finished the task already. He tells his soldiers to wait here only while he goes inside with Rawat ji. People start praising US as they see him. He praises them back as well. He guesses the scenario by looking at the situation and thanks as well as apologizes to them. I have been away from Bijolia for so many years which is why so many problems, miscommunications happened between us. Unintentionally we have hurt you a lot but I apologize to you all for the same. This wont happen in the future, neither with Bijolia nor with any other state which is related with Mewar. They praise him yet again.

Pratap greets his father with folded hands. US walks up to him and blesses him. they share a hug. Hansa wipes her tears. US looks at Hansa and recalls their last meeting. He greets her still. He notices Patta and remembers their meeting in Mewar. Pratap says I have fulfilled my promise to you. Bijolia’s problems have been taken care of now. the responsibility of its future is now Patta’s job. Patta is overwhelmed. He touches US’s feet. US tells him that he is proud of him for the way he has protected Bijolia. Patta says I had never imagined even in my dreams that I will get so much respect from you. Today I promise you (on behalf of himself and Bijolia) that I will protect Mewar and Rajputana’s honour till I am alive. Ajabde is about to move forward but stops in her tracks. She goes inside. Pratap observes it all.

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In Akbar’s court, the rulers of nearby states are offering him things. Mau King surrenders in front of Akbar by offering him his sword. Bairam Khan tells him that it has been accepted. He will be called here whenever he will be needed. The King of Mau greets Akbar in Mughal style and nods.

Rawat ji talks to Hansa. I had played the role of Ajabde’s Mama in the past but couldn’t fulfil my responsibility in the meantime owing to circumstances. But I am trying to live it today. the past is past. Let us forget the painful past and move towards a new future. Bijolia was and will always remain an inseparable part of Mewar. Hansa smiles at him gratefully. Hansa greets US. She requests him to stay here for a while to rest. Pratap recalls his promise to his parents before leaving Mewar. He tells his father that they should leave now. US agrees. He turns to go along with Pratap and Rawat ji when they all stop as they hear the sound of anklets. Ajabde comes there in her royal attire along with Saubhagyawati. US stares in her direction as she touches his feet. He finally blesses her which makes her and Hansa happy. US tells Pratap that he will wait for him near the lake and leaves with Rawat ji. Pratap nods. Everyone leaves except Pratap and Ajabde.

Bairam Khan invites Beer Mohammad to present plans of expansion of Mughal empire in the surrounding states. Beer Mohammad explains it all. Bairam Khan notices the angry expression on Akbar’s face. He reasons that they are doing their best and have lots of states under their rule already while many other Rajputana states are fighting amongst themselves only. Another guy supports Bairam Khan but Akbar is not interested in hearing his praises. He wants Pratap to surrender his sword in front of him. I will be ShehanShah-e-Hind on that day in the literal sense only.

Pratap turns to go. Ajabde asks him to stay a little longer but he replies that he has fulfilled his promise (that he had done to himself). I had sworn that I will make Bijolia my own. She asks him if he has accomplished his mission. He nods. Bijolia is our own again. its people are no longer angry towards Mewar anymore. Ajabde says you have removed the hatred from people’s hearts but have you been able to do that with yourself? You gave me your answer by staying quiet. I don’t know if I should say this to you or not. I have understood that you still love me, you still have love for me in some corner of your heart. I was wrong. You have seriously become a heartless warrior. With passing years you have become all the more hard hearted and have forgotten all your wedding vows. I haven’t forgotten anything. He stops her. you are blaming me for being hard hearted and of forgetting you when honestly, I couldn’t stop thinking about you every single day. You think I couldn’t understand / feel who you are while acting to be a stranger? You thought I couldn’t understand that this stranger is no one but my Ajabde? You think my heart never made me realise that the one I am meeting every day and night is none other than my better half, my wife. People who are bound by principles have a heart too, they can feel too, just like you have. The only difference is that some people can speak it out loud while some cannot. It doesn’t mean that the ones who keep quiet are heartless. You think I can share my feelings with any random girl who is not my wife? Do you really think so? Ajabde recalls their recent meetings. You knew everything? He replies that one part of his heart knew it all just like you or your heart knew which is why whenever I spoke about leaving or want to go, you became restless. Did you ever ask yourself why you were feeling that way? You were in a fix as you couldn’t recognize your own Pratap. She denies. I had recognized you. My heart knew it was you which is why I dint want you to go without me. It is the same situation today as well. I don’t want you to go. He gets serious. I will have to go. take care of yourself. He starts walking but then turns to look at her.

Precap: Akbar gets to know about Badshah Khan’s death. Pratap knows that Badshah Khan was just a pawn in that Mughal’s hand. I wont sit peacefully till I finish him. he has grown stronger with time. Akbar’s informer tells him that Pratap has sworn that he wont let him (Akbar) rule over Mewar ever.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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