Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode – 61

I’m sorry I know I’m late yet again! I had been traveling and I know none of you are interested to know about my excuses.. so go ahead and read the pretty long chappy written for you all as compensation..☺?❤ Love you all for your great support! And immense love! 


Recap: Karan’s breakdown.. he stays back for Naina.. Sakshi lies about the clue to the criminal.
Epi 61

As soon as the call ended all of them looked at each other, sadly.
“we will go and find out the cctv footage of that site, if available.”, Ravi said to bring in some hope before he walked away.
There was an awkward silence. Until Karan lifted his head up and stated in a raised voice.
Karan: No I don’t trust that guy!
He stood up to walk away. But he couldn’t as Naina’s hand held onto his hand tightly.
Kunal and Meghna looked at Karan and Naina and then back at each other.
Before Meghna or Kunal could actually say anything, Naina spoke up.
Naina: Karan! Like I said before.. Mr. Ravi might have some explanation of his own. Don’t you think so? He is an officer. He will be managing more than one case at a time. It will be difficult. He would have missed out a point or clue… or..

Karan cut short the whole speech her mind had set for clearing Karan’s doubt.
Karan: Oh Naina please! I don’t think so.. if he had any explanation he would have cleared it when I told him.
Naina raised her voice now.
Naina: Karan.. Don’t argue.. let me tell you that I woke up to your shouts. It was pretty loud and clear. Turn around and look at me!
Karan did so it was the first time she had raised her voice.

Naina: Now tell me.. did you give him a chance to explain? Did you? I’m sure you just shouted at him and walked into the room without even letting him explain his situation.
Karan looked down at the floor. He knew he didn’t let him speak.
Naina softened her tone a little.
Naina: I know.. Nidhi is your unforgettable past… you get frustrated just because your past was brought in front of you..learn to take over your past! You should control it.. don’t let your past control you.. don’t let it weaken you down and your present!
Karan shut his eyes..

He knew he was wrong.
A tear dropped through his shut eyelids.
Naina squeezed his arm. She didn’t mean to hurt him. But he had to overcome his past.
Karan sat down on his chair. Before he would breakdown into tears Kunal decided to speak up.
Kunal: Karan, Naina is right. Ravi had his justification. He was blackmailed by an unknown person. A woman.
Meghna: And he says that, that lady is related to Nidhi’s case. He couldn’t get the chance to get hold of her. I have decided to reopen the case. We will get justice even for our Nidhi.
Karan felt supported. He looked up and wiped his tears. Though Naina was happy with her sister’s decision of reopening the case, she felt hurt and stabbed when she noticed the love Karan still had for Nidhi. She released Karan’s hand from her hold and she brought her hand to her right hand.
She felt the pain in her heart.
He still loves her..

Her mind repeated. Her eyes fighting back the tears, ready to pour down; her brain fighting with her thoughts and her heart broken, yet throbbing for peace.
Karan: I’m not sure… if that is the truth..
He said wiping his tears.
Karan: Thank you Bhabhi! It means a lot! Even I wouldn’t have thought of reopening the case at that situation… Thank you.. thank you so much..
Meghna looked at Naina. She understood what her sister felt like. She felt itched too.
Meghna: Karan! You don’t have to thank me! I did it for my sister!
She gritted her teeth. And looked at her sister.

Naina looked up at her sister for she noticed the sudden change of emotion.
Meghna looked back and glared at Karan and then stormed out of the room.
Kunal excused himself and walked out after Meghna.
Karan looked confused. He looked at Naina for an answer but instead she smiled at him, assuring him that everything will be fine and there are no problems.

Meghna walked outside.
Kunal came after her and stopped her.
Kunal: Meghna…?
Meghna: What is it Kunal?
she asked sounding annoyed.
Kunal stood right in front of her to look at her eyes.
Her eyes were filled with tears.

Kunal held her shoulders to comfort her.
She gently pushed his hands away and spoke as her tears flowed down it’s wall.
Meghna:I do care about my Devar it’s not that I don’t. But I love my sister more than him. He is happy that I reopened the case, so is my sister. But the way he reacted to it… we all thought that he had forgotten his past… I know it is difficult… but my sister… she… you saw her? She was smiling… acting as though she was happy… she is happy but she is covering up the pain she felt when Karan…
she sat down on the bench. Kunal sat down next to Meghna and held her shoulders and embraced her.

Soon she stopped crying and looked up away from Kunal’s eyes.
Meghna: I feel like I did a mistake.. I shouldn’t have reopened the case at all nothing of this sort would have happened.

Kunal cupped her cheeks and forced her to look into his eyes.
Kunal: Meghna… It wasn’t the wrong decision. Everything happens for good. Even this. We wouldn’t have known what he has in his heart and mind. And I know the truth is a little bitter for Naina. But she will grow stronger.

Meghna, you hadn’t seen my brother when Nidhi had died. He had lost his mind. The real Karan was lost for years. When Naina stepped into his life he had changed completely. She has changed into his strength. He has become stronger, now.
I trust in God. I know that soon things will change completely. He will realise his feelings for Naina. He will. Just give him some time.
And Meghna.. I guess.. you would no the other reason why I wouldn’t suggest you to shut the case.

Meghna nodded and wiped her tears.
Meghna: I know Kunal…I know… I won’t shut the case.
She stood up and smiled at him and walked in.
She knew that somewhere.. deep inside, Kunal blames himself for Nidhi’s death.
She wanted to take out the guilt he had inside him. The only past that made him feel weak and insecure inside him.

She swung open the door. Kunal walked in after her. Both of them looked at each other and smiled.
Naina broke the silence.
Naina: Di I’m feeling really hungry. And I’m sure even Karan is.. I can hear Karan’s stomach growl..
She giggled. All of them laughed lightly.

She said as her head ached with pain.
The nurse walked in.
Karan stood up and touched her cheek in worry.

Karan: Are you okay, Naina?
Naina: yeah my head is aching.
Nurse: obviously it will.. if you strain it.
Listen to me mister.
She said to Karan.
Nurse: I need to tell you that you may have to stay back in the hospital even for tomorrow. She has enough of injuries. She can be discharged tomorrow. She has a hurt on her forehead. And just below that.. almost next to her hair.. there.. she’s got a stitch.
Her right hand is fractured. Her skin is scrapped of on her shoulders and back.
And finally… she has also sprained her left foot.

Karan looked completely shocked.
Naina looked amazed too.
Naina: Wooahh! That’s like… too many!
She giggled while Karan placed his hands on his hip and glared at her.
Karan: it’s not funny Naina..
Naina covered her mouth with her left hand and giggled.

A small smile appeared on Meghna’s face as she felt the air around them lighten.
Nurse: Sorry to disturb you all.. but let me tell you that she must have bland food for few days.
She shrugged in an “I feel sorry” way and spoke sternly.

Naina looked at the nurse and straightened herself, feeling uncomfortable.
The nurse then walked out of the room.
Karan sat down on the bed next to Naina.
He sighed.
Karan: Such an akdu.. Isn’t she Naina?
He said looking at Naina with a mischievous smile, raising his eyebrows at her. As they remembered their first meet.
Naina: I know right!

She giggled and tilted her head towards him. And he tilted his head towards her, resting his head on hers as though he was tired of giggling.
Then he suddenly took his head off her head and stood up. And kept his hand over her head.
Karan: I’m sorry.. your head.. I forgot..
Naina: I’m fine.

Karan: Hungry?
Naina: Yess…
Meghna replied..
Meghna: Oh yes.. I brought lunch for you both. And I managed to pack some clothes for Naina. Karan are you staying back.. or any plans of coming back home?
Karan smiled at her question but before he could reply Naina answered.
Naina: No! Nobody will stay back for me. I’m fine! Karan you will go back home. And come back with dinner for me.. that’s it.. and then you can go back and come on the next day. I’ll be discharged by probably tomorrow morning.. and I’ll be fine.

Karan: Bhabhi.. If Naina can be stubborn always, then I can try being stubborn at least once,right?
Meghna smiled.
Meghna: of course yes!
Karan: So bhabhi.. I AM staying back tonight, here with Naina. And you guys need not be troubled. I’ll buy food from outside. And by the way she will be discharged only by the afternoon if I’m not wrong. So I will bring her back home.
Kunal smiled and gave him a sharp nod.
Meghna brought a packet and handed it to Karan.
Meghna: Thank you Karan..
Karan looked at her questioningly.
Meghna replied: Thank you for taking care of my dear sister.
She smiled.
Karan: Bhabhi, she must be your sister but she is my best friend and also my wife. So why would you thank a husband or a friend ?
She smiled as she noticed Naina’s eyes that looked moist.

Meghna’s phone buzzed out loudly. The buzzing didn’t stop until she had opened the chat from where she had been getting messages from.
The attention of the entire room went onto Meghna’s phone.
Kunal: Who is it? Everything okay?
He said, trying to read Meghna’s expressions.
Meghna decided to read it out loud.
Meghna: It is Sakshi!
She has sent me a picture of the car. She is saying that she didn’t want to state it in front of everyone. Cause she can’t risk the proof! She is telling me to send the proof to the policeman. It will be a great help. And she also says that she is going to delete it from her phone so that no one would doubt her.

All of them in the room had the same questions to ask her.
Whom was she scared off? Is someone blackmailing her?
Meghna typed back the question.
Sakshi sent a smiley with a “nope.. everything is fine! I didn’t want to risk anybody’s life. You too should delete it Bhabhi.

Karan spoke up as a sudden tincture of intelligence creeped upon him.
Karan: Bhabhi! She is right. To stay on the safer side you should delete it. But not immediately. After sending the pic to the police, send it to all our email ids. Or any selected one. And delete it from your phone!

Naina: Yess! That’s a good idea. Di you should send it to jeeju!

Meghna: Hmm… okay!
She immediately started her work through the phone. While Kunal stood next to her assisting her. Karan went towards the table kept on the side an pick up the cover placed on it and also the small table placed next to it.
He then walked towards Naina and fixed it on her bed and arranged the boxes.
Naina looked at it cluelessly then at her broken hand. She looked at Karan who looked busy setting up the table. She got herself mentally ready. She had to use her left hand! She straightened and sat looking at the food seriously.

Karan didn’t understand her weird expressions. He continued to set it and then sat down casually on the bed, facing her. He pulled his sleeves off his right hand back and pushed his watch back. He took some tissues and wiped his wet hand. He then took a piece of roti and took some bhindi along. Naina patiently waited for him to take his piece, assuming that he wanted eat from the same plate. As soon as he lifted his hand from the plate, she lifted left hand to feed herself. Karan slowly brought his hand towards her. And she looked confused.
Karan: open your mouth madam!
Naina opened her mouth as he placed it in her mouth.
Suddenly she felt a small pain on the wound on her head. Karan noticed it and moved forward. He used his left hand to massage her head a little and then kissed her forehead.
Naina felt numb.

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