Love means only love (Part-6) shivika ff


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Anika,” What!?? That means, I have to bear you almost four years as we are in same college and I think we are in same course. What will I do now?”

Shivaay,” Hey,Why you always snatch my words? I am going to tell same thing. I don’t know how I will bear you. I don’t know how a chashmish like you get the scholarship.

Anika,” Hey,listen. Don’t underestimate me ha.. and don’t you dare to call me chashmish….”

Shivaay,”I will call you Chashmish,chashmish and chashmish….

Anika angrily,” Listen….

And they started their so called argument…

Their argument was disturbing the other passengers so badly that everyone said in unison,” Shut up….both of you??”

Listening this,loud sound of the passengers both of them literally funked and also become very much embarrassed because all the passengers were looking at them with angry glare….

One man in his mid 50’s at last told them,” I understand that both of you are married in this age but that doesn’t mean that you will argue with each other like a small children.”

Listening this,both of them said in a loud tone,” We are not a married couple”

Shivaay,” Even,we met each other today itself.”

Anika also said,” Yeah,he is right.we know each other from Mumbai airport.”

Same passenger,” Then,Why are you arguing with each other like this?”

Shivaay,” Uncle,I didn’t start the argument. This Chashmish started first…”

Anika,” Ha..mana kaha shuru kia.. Apine to pahale shuru kia tha” (Ha…when did I start first. You started first)

Shivaay,” I didn’t start. You started first.”

Anika in a angry tone,” No,you started first.”

Shivaay,” No,you.”

Anika,” You started first.”

Shivaay,” You.”

Anika,” You.”

Shivaay,” You.”

And both of them started their “You” session…

Passengers were looking at them with a O face??. They were trying to stop them but no one was listening to them.

At last the same passenger again told with a loud tone,” Okay, I started first…”

Shivaay,” Uncle,how can you did that? For you, we started our argument again.”

Anika,” Yeah,uncle.. It’s not right.. You shouldn’t do that… See,this bagar billa started to argue like a ten years old boy..”

The passenger give a shocked face like,” khud e kua ma par gaya”??

But,our to be shivika didn’t stop…

Shivaay,” Hey,you again called me
ba… it is yaar?”

” Stop, calling like a sheep..Ha..ha..ha. What are you saying…Ha..ha…ha..Now, I will call you Bhedia Singh Obroie,” Anika said and was laughing hysterically…

Shivaay in a angry tone,” Fhat the wuck…How dare you? Akto khud itna ajeeb ajeeb language use karta hai..upar sa mujhe bhed bolate ho( You yourself use this strange languages and also called me sheep)
I will kill you…You don’t know who I am?

” Yeah,I know you are the same Shivaay who used to come running to me when he scared by a small spider…barra aye I am Shivaay Singh Obroie,”.Anika blurted out.

” One second,how do you know that I am scared of spider? My brothers also don’t know about it…” Shivaay asked.

Anika bit her toung and thought,” Oh no….Anika control yaar. Abhi to sab ty ty fis ho jata.”… But she somehow composed herself and told,”I just guessed it. But,I didn’t know that you are really scared of spider. Oh..ho..Billu ak piddi si spider sa darta hai,really?(Billu is scared of a little spider,really?)

Shivaay,” Hey….”

Shivaay was going to say something but the pilot announced,” The passenger of seat number-100 and 101 please don’t shout anymore… It is distributing other passengers. It’s our request please keep quite..”(Guys,when the passengers saw that they are not in a mood to stop their argument so they informed the crew and the crew tried also but they were not stopping so they informed the pilot and he done the announcement??)(Guys,it is just for a fun. I was also laughing like a mad when I was imagining it…???)

After listening the announcement of the pilot both of them become hell embarrassed and at last they stopped and started eating their snack which was also given to them two hours ago and the snack was already become cold..??. But,they didn’t get any strength to face the hostess and ate the snack quitely…

It became night and Anika was looking at outside.

She started,” Wow!
it’s so beautiful. I didn’t know that the sky looks this much beautiful from plane in night. It’s lovely….”

Shivaay was watching a movie but after listening her scream he looked at her and found that she was adoring the sky…

Shivaay was just looking at Anika without blinking his eyes. Suddenly, Anika grabbed his hand  for which he came so close to Anika that he could smell his beautiful fragrant….

Anika,” See,Shivaay the sky. It’s so beautiful na. I have never seen this much beautiful sky…”

And Anika was just blabbering but Shivaay was unable to listen anything. He was enjoying her fragrant which was coming from her body…

Shivaay’s pov

Anika really smelt good and her lips are so pink.. her face now looking so beautiful…What Shivaay! What are you thinking? Just shut up. How can you comment about some girl like this? Have you gone really mad?

“I think so,” am not mad…I am not mad for her atleast..
Shivaay was scolding himself but came out of his thoughts when Anika literally shouted in his ear…

Anika,” Shivaay,come to this world… Please,don’t go out of the world before we reach at Australia..”

Shivaay whispering,” Are you mad? Why are you shouting? It’s night. Already we are ashamed because of our argument. Now,don’t start again.”

Anika,” Okay,but why are you whispering?”

” Because it’s night and most of the passengers are sleeping so if I started shouting like you then it will disturb the passengers,” Shivaay again whispered.

Anika,” Okay. But,Why are you not listening to me? I was telling you about the sky and here you had gone to another world. So, I shouted.”

Shivaay,” So,what do you think? What should I do? You suddenly grabbed my hand and brought me this much close to you. I become shocked.”

Then, they realized their proximity which they were sharing. Both of them composed themselves and gave a awkward smile to each other…

” Sorry. I become so excited. That’s why,I didn’t understand..I mean I was…I…just..”Anika was trying to tell him but Shivaay put his finger on her lips and started to say,” It’s okay. I understand.”

Anika was trying to say something but she can’t because Shivaay’s finger was on her lips.

Then,Shivaay started again,” It’s not your fault actually. I should not become like dumb all on a sudden… Now,what happened to you? Why you have become dumb?”

Anika then signaled by her eyes and Shivaay understood and take back his fingers.

Shivaay,” O…o…o.I am sorry.”

Anika,” It’s okay.”

Shivaay,” I think you love sky very much. Actually, I saw in Dubai flight also so asked you..”

Anika(looking at the sky),” Yeah,I love sky very much. It gives me pleasure. In childhood, I used to look at the sky and do you know whenever I see the sky I feel like that I…..I am not alone. Do you know Shivaay you…err..I mean my best friend told me to do this. I remember that day today now……


A fourteen years old girl was seen crying and a same age of her boy was trying to precify her.(guys,it is Anika’s flashback)

” Ani,don’t cry na. Please,don’t think much. I know you have no one but I am always here for you,” the boy also spoke in a creaky voice but he didn’t want to cry before her.

” But, you are going from here then I will become alone again…Please,don’t go na,”the girl or we say Anika spoke but she was sobbing badly.

“Okay,Have you ever looked at the sky?”the boy or we say Shivaay asked her but the pearls of his eyes were still visible.

“No,I hadn’t. Mana to aji janam layi ha na is dunia ma( I have taken birth in the world today itself),” Anika spoke angrily.

“No,I didn’t mean that. Have you ever closely looked at them? I know you didn’t. Okay,now I will teach you a a small trick. Whenever,you will be alone or you become sad you will just close your eyes(he closed her eyes) and turn up your face to the direction of the sky(he did the same to her) and then remember someone who is very close to her and slowly open your eyes(she did the same thing) and looked at the sky and you will find the person at the sky,” Shivaay spoke.

Anika (screaming),” Shivaay, I just saw you…it’s really awesome.”

Shivaay,” Now,whenever you will feel bad just look at the sky and try to remember me. Then,I will come front of you.”

Anika hugged Shivaay and he also reprociated..

Anika,” Thank you very much,Shivaay. You are the best. Now,go and come back soon to me.”

Shivaay,” Okay,baba.”

(Guys,here Anika was like our serial’s Anika I mean the one who was in the photo with Gauri and she had no spectacles in her eyes and I will soon tell about our little Shivaay..)

Anika’s flashback ended for a jerk. She looked at Shivaay surprisingly.

Shivaay,” Hey,now you should come to the world. I had just asked you about that do you like sky but you lost in the sky. What are you thinking,ha?”

Anika,” Oh..nothing. Actually,I remembered something.”

Shivaay,” It’s okay. Now,sleep. It became night. I think you should sleep soon. Because,I will make your see something which you will love.”

Anika,” What is it? I want to see now.”

Shivaay,” No. You can see it only in morning.”

Anika,” But…”

Shivaay placed his fingers on her lips,” No,ifs and buts. Just sleep.”

Saying this,he lifts Anika’s head and slides the pillow underneath her head and pulled the duvet on her.

Shivaay,” Now,just sleep.”

Soon, Anika drifts into deep slumber. Shivaay was looking at her. After she slept, Shivaay removed her spectacles from her eyes but then he lost into her face…

Shivaay’s pov

She is really very beautiful without it.. But,one thing. Now,her face quite resembles like that can’t happen. I think I am thinking much…….Now,I should sleep.

Then,Shivaay kept the spectacle at the table and soon drifts into sleep looking at Anika.

Precap: At last,Shivaay and Anika reached Australia.


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