TUM HI HO – Abhigya ff (Part 2)

“so, lets start our new bond with a promising kiss, kiss me fuggi ? just kiss me ?” Her eyes got wide by his reply, kissing him . she placed her arms on chest just to control her heart beat.
“why are you looking so fuggi? Did I make a bomb to blast ? no, right. You loves me and iam ready to accept it, so I thought to open our bond with a kiss, afterall kissing our loved one is not a crime right “ He look at pragya who is playing with dupatta to control her nervousness.

“okay, its difficult for you to start right, you feeling shy na fuggi? Okay, then I will kiss you” he take a step forward while she moves backward
“why are you moving fuggi ?” he hold her by waist and pulls her closer “its just kiss right, we have lot to do more right” He winks. As he moves forward to kiss her as their lips are few inches apart
“stop it” she pulls her hands from his hold and stay back “what are you trying you to do ? you just want me spill out truth right for that only doing all this ?” she said in surrendered voice

“you knew right, I cant hold with my lie infront of you. Even I can fool my di, but you. You are not only my jiju, my best friend, you are the one who is my role model, my inspiration to do things, then why cant you just understand jiju if I say yes to this, there will be a valid reason “ she said in trembling voice.
“I knew it, what I want is to knew the reason behind it “ he said in same tone
“I cant tell you now, because I have given a promise”

“is that promise is important than me ?” she nods in guilit.
“so, now you too change right, you have someone who is important than me ?”
“jiju, its not like that “
“then what does that mean fuggi,I knew who ever hurt me you cant do it. But, now you are giving me the most unbearable pain fuggi, I didn’t expect your yes for marriage, not even that, when iam asking you about truth, you cant just open na, telling lie one by one, not even able to look into my eyes, then what should I ?”
“jiju,its all because of me. Iam the reason which made you both to stand like this.”

“I don’t understand pragya”
“jiju,…I …”
“pragya, you don’t have to explain him. He gave me a promise,if he truly loves me , then he will marry you” said tanu.ahh, again she came as a block.why are you doing this tanu?
‘but, di…”
“I told you to keep quiet right” now, There is something which they are hiding and I nee t knew I first, the only way for it is saying yes to this marriage.
“okay, for my love, iam ready to get married , but before marriage we need to get divorce “ he just leave them alone
“di, you must stop him, why are doing this? He loves you a lot di,don’t trouble. I cant cheat him”

“you are not cheating him pragya,the reason why are you like this is me,so, its my duty to set everything properly in your life”
“giving away your husband is the way you find di”
“I am not worth for him and for his love pragya”tears brim down through her eyes. Pragya hug tanu and cries. This whole scenario is watched by Abhi who is more confused now.
Something is hidden in their heart. Tanu is reason for pragyas state, what that means? She is not worth for me and my love,what it implies? I knew opening up tanu’s heart is not easy, but fuggi’s its simple. She cant fight with me more.

After a week
Today is their divorce as both of them gave a mutual agreement and don’t need to pt for counselling , court is viewing their case. In this week, abhi keep silent as he didn’t question both of them. He behave normally with pragya, but keep quiet with tanu. Its really heart breaking for him, but he need to do it.
“pragya…pragya” he calles her loudly “haa jiju “ came a voice.

“you don’t need to call me jiju anymore as this ristha is going to break in hours”
“jiju, I”
“call tanu, its time for court”
“but, jiju I need to..”but she cant process more as her di enter the scene
“pragya…we are leaving now. Be ready as today is your engagement”
“feel like someone cant wait to tag her husband with her sister” her face doesn’t seems affected by his words.
“pragya, get ready well you must look pretty “ he winks at her, while there is no reaction on him at all. She watch her di and jiju leaving for court with tears.
After sometime
“So, here our husband and wife bond ends” he said while climbing down the steps.

“yes you are right, iam no more bonded with you.” She remove her mangalsutra and ring which Abhi gave her “take this and don’t make pragya wear the same”
“why you feel bad?”
“no, its dirty Abhi” she leave him in puzzle.

sorry for short one, but will do longer one next

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