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3 years of college had almost come to an end.Exams were over. They had almost a week at college before their upcoming summer vacations.

Meghna: I have lots of work to do..Not this time girls…please..(she gave a puppy face)
Vanessa: oh, come on , Meghna! Don’t be a spoil sport..
Nidhi: No girls, don’t force her,I’m sure she’ll join in next time..
Meghna and Nidhi smiled and side-hugged each other. Nidhi and Meghna were best friends.
Diya: U always take Meghu’s side..Not fair!
Nidhi: If I take ur side then who will take my Meghu’s side?huh?
Kriya: Meghu ,we will leave u this time but after vacation u will definitely go out with us…and that is for sure
Vanessa: yup! After vacation you’ll go with us otherwise we won’t let u live peacefully….ha ha …
(she laughed,mimicking witch’s laughter)
Kriya and Diya joined her and then hi-fied each other.
Meghna and Nidhi laughed at the the three of them.

Diya: So, come on, let’s go, what are we waiting for ? Chalo… let’s go!!!
Nidhi(turning towards Meghna): Jokes apart… Meghu are you sure you don’t want to come? You’ll stay alone? Or should I stay back?..
Meghna smiled at her innocence: Yeah I’m sure,you should go and enjoy.Bye……
She turned Nidhi around and pushed her forward.
Vanessa and Kriya pulled Nidhi and Diya followed them.They waved their hands at Meghna as they left. Meghna smiled and waved bye..

She then left the college to go to her hostel.
As she went upstairs..cool breeze hit her hair, causing it to fly. She felt as though someone was watching her..
Soon she reached her room to find something in front of her room door..
It was a box, a gift with a slip attached to it. Which read:
Hey Meghna,
I’m your secret admirer. I love ur smile. It
makes my day perfect. I would just die to get a
look from you. Please open this box,beautiful!

Meghna looked up from the slip,thought for a while and took out her key,opened the door and got into her room with the box. She shut the door behind her and hung the key on the key stand and sat down with the box,on her bed.
She carefully opened the box to find a lamp, a hemispherical lampshade with tiny holes on it. She found another slip hanging from it.
The slip read:
Meghna, switch on the lamp first then continue reading…..

She connected the lamp and switched it on. The room was brightened up with stars. The light in the lamp passed through the tiny holes to form stars…. She was mesmerised. “IT IS BEAUTIFUL ” she murmured to herself in awe..
She picked up the slip again and read it:
Hope u liked the gift… Oh Meghna!! You are like
these stars that brighten up my darkness!!!

Her heart was beating faster. She just wanted to know who this was. Her secret admirer, she felt really special, she was happy and curious at the same time.
After her friends returned she informed them about this secret admirer. They had fun teasing her too….

Soon a week was over. Vacations had started, at last. Meghna was all set to leave for Boondi.
As she stepped out of her room,cool breeze hit her once again, her hair flew in response. She remembered the secret admirer and smiled at herself. She saw a box laying down right in front of her. She picked it up. Her heart was beating fast again.
This time she got an adorable teddy holding a heart in front of it with “FOR YOU” written on it It had a note hanging from it. She read it:
This is my heart! I thought of giving it to you! Please handle with care.. it’s quite fragile.. My soul can wait for you for years but doesn’t look like my heart can.. so here it is in your hand!!!
Well, I don’t think you’d know me.. It will be quite tough to find out who I am..let’s see if you can..
With lots of love
Your secret admirer

Her smile widened. She wanted to know who this was…..
Before leaving she met her gang they had few discussions and then wished each other for a safe journey and left..

She then left the hostel and walked out struggling with the three bags she was carrying.. suddenly she bumped into a young handsome fellow and her bag fell down.They apologised to each other. Then they had an eye lock as he picked up the bag.
The guy: Meghna! I’m so sorry!!
Meghna: That’s ok! But how do u…I’m sorry but I don’t recognise u..
The guy smiled: That’s ok! I’m Kunal. You may not have noticed but I’m from the same college as yours..

Meghna: Oh! Hi! Kunal…. I’ve heard ur name but never got a chance to meet you.
They smile at each other.
Kunal: So, where are you up to?
Meghna: Going home..to boondi.. right now I’m going to to the bus stand..
Kunal: oh! So, come I’ll drop you till the bus stand.
Asking this he took the bag he was holding and kept it in his car
Meghna: no Kunal it’s ok! I think I can go walkin…..
She was interrupted by Kunal as he took another bag from her hand. She just stood there
Meghna: Kunal…..

Kunal: Meghna…. come on get in… fast..
She gave up and got into the car while Kunal was still fidgeting with the bags ,he fixed an envelope into one of her bag. After doing so he came and sat in the driver seat. While Meghna was sitting on his left.
Kunal: So, Meghna, the topper, how is college life?
Meghna: Nothing much.. as usual studies and all.. By the way I might need your help… I don’t know yaar… someone is sending me gifts..I don’t know what to do.. I want to find out who that person is..
Kunal: Oh god relax.. yaar… topper.
Meghna: huh?
Kunal: I hope u don’t mind.

Meghna:: No..its ok..
she gave a gentle smile…she started liking him.. but she found something fishy as it was too soon , he had already decided what he would call her…
Kunal took out his phone asked her for her phone number.
Meghna smiled at his smartness and snatched the phone from his hand.
Meghna: You drive ..I’ll type my number
Saying this she typed her number… something strange.. the number was already saved as Topper..and she got a glance of the wallpaper as Kunal snatched it back from her hand.. The wallpaper had her picture..
Meghna: I think I’ll find it out myself…I don’t think he can hide for long..
Kunal: Maybe.. what were you doing with my phone checking my chats and messages or what? Topper…
Meghna: No… I didn’t… sacchi!!!

Kunal laughed : Topper..relax yaar.. I trust you.. I was just kidding..
Meghna wanted to hide what she saw.. This time she needed more proof..
Soon they reached Bus stand. They waved bye and left.
Next morning Meghna reached Boondi.She hugged
everyone And went up to her room .And she told her sister, Naina all about this secret admirer and Kunal..

Then Naina left the room letting Meghna to freshen up…
Meghna called her friend Nidhi and told her all about this..

Nidhi: Actually Meghu I wanted to tell you that I had seen Kunal with a gift box in his hand and that too in the hostel..Meghu What exactly was the colour of the gift pack?
Nidhi: Bingo! I’m sure it’s him..
Meghna: Naina also said the same!!
Nidhi: Then what are you waiting for go confront him..
Meghna : hmm.. ok bye
Nidhi: bye

Meghna didn’t know what to do.. she opened her bag to find an envelope in it.. she opened it and read it:
Dear Meghna,
I don’t think I can hide myself for long ….
Looks like you’ll find out soon.. I think even the heavens want us to meet.. god gave me another opportunity to talk to you..I just want to be with you forever.. I just want to be..I think I can bring down stars just for you..I don’t know why but I just love you..Meghu…
With love

Meghna informed Naina and Nidhi about the letter..
Suddenly something clicked her as she spoke to them..

Meghna: guys.. I packed my bag ,obviously…and ran out immediately with the bag and then I met Kunal.. he picked up my luggage and kept it in his car so it must be him but there are chances that it wouldn’t be him as he could even be helping this admirer in placing these gift and envelopes in front of my room and also in my bag..
Naina and Nidhi: true… that’s possible..
Soon these vacations were over.. Meghna had stopped getting gifts and envelopes but instead she got messages so this Mr. Admirer had gradually changed into her Mr. Wrong no.
The 4th year was over.

She was thinking about the connection between Kunal ,Mr admirer and wrong no.
She knew that the Mr. Admirer and wrong no. was the same person. She was totally confused…
She called up her sister, Naina.
Meghna: hello, Naina
Naina: ha, Di? Kya hua?
Meghna: Naina, I’ll go mad.. I want to find out who this person is.. half of me says it’s Kunal while the other half says it’s not him
Naina:hmmm… di, give me 2 minutes.. I’ll call u back..ok?
Meghna: fine!
Meghna was frustrated..she wanted to know
And exactly 2 minutes later Naina called Meghna. Meghna was holding the phone in her hand, waiting for Naina’s call.
As soon as the phone rang.. Meghna picked it up.

Meghna: Hello?
Naina: hello, Di ! Relax what’s the hurry? By the way di, does any of your friends have Kunal’s no.?
Meghna: I think kriya will know..just a minute, Naina stay on hold
A minute later Meghna replied
Meghna: Hello, Naina?
Naina:ha, bolo di?
Meghna: I got a no.
Naina: di let us compare the numbers!
Meghna: ok so Kunal’s no. Is : ********** and the wrong no. : **********
Naina and Meghna: both are different
Meghna: ab kya kare
Naina: I don’t know,di.

Meghna: it’s ok.. I’ll think of something..bye Chiku!
Naina :bye ,di!
She sat for sometime …suddenly she had a big smile on her face..
She had a plan in her mind..she thought of executing it the next day in the College..
Meghna had slept peacefully..
Morning had arrived soon.
Meghna was all set for the day. She shared her plan with Nidhi.
She attended her classes..After lunch she left her gang to leave to the college library.. She told Nidhi to keep updating on what Kunal was doing..Kunal’s gang was there too..in the canteen..
Meghna went towards the left end of the large library

As she reached there she called Mr. Wrong no.
Meghna : hello? I really don’t know who you are but I know you are in the same college so please help me! I’m in the left corner of the college library!
She made her voice sound as though she was shivering with fear…
The next moment she got a message from Nidhi telling that he walked out to talk to her and suddenly he kept the phone and ran immediately….. after she read this she saw Kunal entering the library… he walked in fast making sure he wasn’t distubing anyone.. as he reached out of people’s sight.. he ran..
Surprisingly when he took a left he saw Meghna standing there,perfectly fine.. He was breathing heavily..Meghna had confirmed that it was him..
Before Meghna could say anything..
Kunal: kya hua, Meghna?Are you ok?

Meghna:woh…Kunal actually I’m fine..
Kunal sighed with relief and walked forward and hugged her: Thank god
Meghna:Actually I’m really sorry Kunal..I wanted to know if it was you so I faked it..
Kunal broke the hug and held her hands and smiled at her…
She was really confused..she thought “why is he smiling ? Wasn’t he supposed to be angry?”
Kunal: you didn’t have to do this though…I would..would have come right in front of you if you had asked me to.. I’m happy that your fine.. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you..
Meghna was clueless..she didn’t know how to react..
Meghna stood still..his words were echoing in her ears.. Kunal shook her.. she came back to her senses..
Meghna: huh?
Kunal: Are you ok?
Meghna: ha, yeah

She avoided eye contact and slightly pushed him aside and walked out of the library..Kunal stood there smiling as she walked away..
She walked into the canteen and joined her gang. He walked in a few minutes later..He couldn’t resist himself from looking at her. Her face was still blank.Nidhi tried asking her..but Meghna was really lost. She had left her heart..right there in the library..
After she reached her hostel room she sat on her bed going through all the incidents and connecting them with Kunal. She had fallen in love.. She told Nidhi and Naina about her feelings for him.
The next day.. she got a message from Mr. Wrong no.
Hey Meghna,
Can we please meet today?
Venue:******** Time:9:00 pm…please do come

Since it was a Saturday she agreed to go there…
She told Naina about this..As per Kunal’s request Meghna wore a beautiful red gown , simple necklace and earrings,she left her hair open.. at 9:05 she managed to reach the venue.
A waiter moved forward and gave her few direction…
She followed those directions…she stood front of a door with a printed push written on it..
She pushed the door open. The spotlight was on her and immediately few glittering papers fell on her from above.. simultaneously music was being played.. the song Pehla Nasha was playing as she stepped forward.. The floor was covered with white and red balloons.. her favourite colours…she kept moving forward ..slowly the lyrics started…and the screen right in front of her switched on..and the spotlight were off and there star lightings..
A slideshow played all were her pictures.. the pictures taken without her notice…her reaction towards the gifts she received..were also clicked..
She was really shocked

At the end…The screen displayed: “I feel ,I can even bring those stars down for you”
After this spotlight focused on her and also on another point few steps away from her..
Soon she saw Kunal step into that light.. He looked like her Prince Charming.. the only one for her..
She stood there looking into his eyes they both were lost in each others eyes..
Kunal then returned back to the world and broke the magical eyelock..
He stepped closer to Meghna and went down on his knees
Kunal: Hey Topper,
I was waiting for years for my miss
perfect..And god gifted me a topper who even
topped my heart..I love you Topper.. You have
become a great part of my life.. please don’t leave!
He forwarded a bouquet of flowers..
To Kunal’s surprise Meghna spoke up..
Meghna: Kunal… I’ll never ask you to bring the stars for me,but I would love to sit and watch them with you…I love you too..Kunal…
Kunal drop his jaws slightly then got up from the floor and hugged her.. He was overjoyed.. And this time she wrapped her arms around him and returned the hug.. They had a candlelight Dinner..
After a beautiful evening she was dropped back to her hostel and he went back..

The 5th year final exams were on its way..Meghna had changed Mr. Wrong no. to Kunal, in her phone
Hey Topper,
All the best for the upcoming exams….
I don’t have to say I know you’ll do great..Please
do wish me cause I definitely need it..

As usual Meghna had a big smile on her face..
Meghna: All the best , Kunal!! Don’t worry Kunal I know you can do it too..

Soon exams where over.. Results were out and as usual Meghna had topped…Kunal had also topped in his stream.
Meghna returned back to Boondi with an offer letter in her hand.
There were a lot of discussion in the house..
Badi mami: Shardha, will you keep teaching your daughter or will you even get her married.. If she she keeps studying like this then no one in Boondi will be willing to marry her…
Shardha: Meghna will marry soon but not to anyone in Boondi .. but she will be married to a better family..where she will be loved and would also let her work
Saying this she walked away..

At Meghna’s room:
Meghna and Naina were busy talking to each other when suddenly….
TINK TINK…. Meghna picked up her phone to find a message from…
Kunal : hey Topper! Can we meet ?
Meghna: how can we meet?
Kunal: shall I come home?
Kunal: Yup ,Madly in love…
Meghna: Kunal..

Kunal: yup, shall I come home with my family?
Meghna was confused she didn’t know what to reply to this..
Kunal: ok , fine.. I assume it’s a yes..so I’ll be there with my family..mostly by tomorrow,ok?
Meghna: Aren’t you joking ?
Kunal: definitely…………….NO!
Meghna didn’t know how her family would react to this..
Meghna told Naina about this.. after which Shardha entered her room..
Shardha :Gudiya? Cheeku?.. mujhe tum dono se baat karni hai
Gudiya was Meghna’s pet name and Cheeku was Naina..
Naina and Meghna: ha ,ma, tell us..
Shardha: I wanted to know if you are ready for a marriage?
Naina: Me? Marriage? Now?

Shardha: Arey Cheeku! Not for you! For Gudiya !i wanted to know if you(cheeku) are ready to leave your sister.. but firstly I want to know if Meghna is ready to get married..
Meghna: ma, woh.. actually I don’t mind..I wanted to tell you something..
Naina immediately held Meghna’s hand and signaled her to not inform her know..
Shardha: what is it,beta?
Meghna: I will tell you when time comes,ma?

The next Morning there were three cars in front of Meghna’s house…
Chauhan’s car had arrived..
Kunal Singh chauhan..son of Nand kishore chauhan..a big big business man, CEO of Paras and sons…. Kunal was also the grandson of the great Sujan Singh Chauhan, a man filled with great values, he is the Founder of Paras and sons… Nirmala,Kunal’s mother, sweet housewife.. Sandhya,Kunal’s masima, manager of Paras and sons..Karan was Kunal’s younger brother,very quiet and rude and Khyati was Kunal’s youngest sibling, his loving sister..
They all had discussed his love for Meghna and agreed to meet her..
A families had discussions and approved for their marriage…

After they they left Meghna told her mother, Shardha ma , her side of the love story..
Shardha was really happy for her daughter..She was going to get married to a person filled with love, all for Meghna.. He was from a great family, filled with values and love..They were happy to here that they would let her work and the offer letter she had brought home, she signed in as the Vice President of Paras and Sons..while Kunal was now the President of Paras and sons..
They got married in the next month…
They got back to their room,hand in hand…

Meghna: Kunal…
Kunal: Yes , my dear Topper?
Meghna : I love you
Kunal: I love you too..,
They looked at each other and smiled..
From then on they slept in each other’s embrace..

The End!!

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