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[This Os is written in both of them perspectives…!!! I’ll introduce the narrative’s perspective as needed.]

The weather was calm but there was a war inside me. My heart and mind fighting with each other. I just don’t care about anything. I don’t care what they are fighting about. Its again the same thing which I don’t want to face. I know its not reality but still I hate this. I hate being told that I m in LOVE. Love and me, its not have any connection, no way. My heart keeps on telling me that I m again falling in love and that too again with him. There is not a single place for this so called feeling in my life. Yes, I hate this feeling. I hate being in love. It gives you nothing, only pain, hatred, sadness. I don’t know about others but for me love is just a waste of time. Its not real. I know no one would ever believe me and I don’t care about that. Because I know I m right. I m not saying like that, I have experienced that. Yes, its just a waste of time. I must say there is not a single one who is happy being in love. Everyone knows love is pain. Then why all of them keeps on loving. ‘Avni, come fast. See who is here.’ My Maa shouted as I was on terrace. Who the hell is here now? I quickly wore my slippers and went down. While I was running down the stairs, I got freezed on my position as I saw the scenario in front of me. He was there, yes he was there standing right in front of me smiling at me. My eyes welled up with tears and a lone tear escaped my eye though I tried to be strong. No matter what happens, he is my weakness. Whenever I saw him I can’t control my emotions and tears. Unfortunately , he saw my tear and my red swollen eyes. Maa was there. ‘Avni, who came? Yes, Neil? Isn’t it surprising? The one who never visited us is here for a month.’ Whatttt????? For a month? No please don’t tell me he is going to stay here. I closed my eyes tightly. ‘Actually na Aunty, I have an important work that’s why.’ He said looking at me. Neil please go away. Don’t make me weak. ‘You love him.’ My heart spoke and at that time I cursed it to involve in the matter as I was trying to be normal that I forget him but this heart. I stood near Maa. ‘Hey, Avni. Long time haan? Where were you busy?’ He said addressing me. Maa left from there. No please I can’t be alone with him. ‘I was busy forgetting a mistake of my life.’ I replied and he knew I was talking of him. I left from there not forgetting to see his reaction. He is same, never shows his feeling but I can read his eyes. They showed love, pain. Huhh Avni you are going on wrong track. I scolded myself and left the hall.

‘I was busy forgetting a mistake of my life.’ Her sentence pierced my heart. It pricked me badly. I was her mistake? No, how can it be possible. She loves me, and I know that. ‘No, Neil you are expecting her to love you after what you did to her.’ A voice came from inside me. Yes, why am I expecting her to love me. She must be hating me. Neil you are a blo*dy jerk. You did very bad. Her one sentence is enough to break me into pieces. She was forgetting me. She was telling another story but her eyes were telling other story. Whom to believe? Her words or her eyes? Of course her eyes. After all they are the one who never lies in front of me. Don’t worry Neil, you are here to win her heart. She’ll surely forgive you after all she is your girl. I smiled as I imagined Avni in front of me proposing me. Pagal hun mein. I laughed at my imaginations. I went to the garden where there were many flowers and I love them. ‘Neil, come here beta, the dinner is ready. Come fast.’ I heard Aunty calling me and went inside. Avni was setting the dinner table. I sat down with Aunty. Soon, Avni also sat and we started our dinner. ‘So Neil, what’s that important work that you came here?’ Aunty asked. ‘Kisi ko manana ha…..’ I realized what I just said. Avni was drinking water and spilt it out when she heard it. Silly me. Neil kya kiya tu ne! ‘Araam se avni.’ Aunty said to her. ‘Yes Maa I m ok.’ ‘I mean mana.. matlab office work yeah..!’ Neil bach gaya..! ‘Abhi tum ne bola kisi ko manana hai!’ aunty said. Meri jaan legi ye to. Avni looked at me. ‘yes wo actually, ek deal sign kerni thi to wo unhe manana hai sign kerne ke liye.’ I cooked up a story. I know Avni was laughing in her heart at my foolishness. Aunty looked satisfied. After the dinner, aunty went to her room and Avni too. What should I do? Avni came out of her room and went to kitchen, I go behind her. She took out the water bottle.
I went to the kitchen to drink water. I took out the bottle and drink it when Neil came there. ‘Isn’t it very long that we r meeting?’ he spoke. ‘Itna long ki shayad me bhul chuki hun tum meri life me ho kon.’ I replied, I know I was hurting him but I have to be strong. I can’t love him again. ‘you really forgot Avni.. me kon hun?’ He asked. Of course no, how can I forget the one I loved. ‘Log aksar galtiyan karke bhul jaate hain Neil, aur jin logon ne gunah kiya hota hai unhe yad raakhne ka koi fayda nhi hai.’ I spoke keeping a stone on my heart. ‘Maana galti ki thi me ne but gunah nhi kiya tha.’ He said. ‘Jo husa usy bhul jaao Neil, mujhe bs itna yad hai me ek aisy larke se ek tarfa pyar kerti thi jo sirf dard dena janta hai.. me ne ek aisy larke ko apna rab bana liya tha jo kabhi mera nhi hoskata..!’ I said as tears started flowing from my eyes. He cupped my face. ‘Avni, me ne hamesha tumse pyar kiya hai.’ I jerked his hands. ‘You never loved me Neil.’ ‘I always loved you nd will always love you.’ I started to go out of the kitchen but he held my wrist and pulled me. I crashed on his chest. ‘Avni, meri bat suno.’ ‘Mujhe kuch nhi sunna..!!’ ‘You have to listen to me?’ I tried to get out of his clutches but he tightened his grip. ‘Avni, please come back in my life.’ He spoke making me loose my senses. ‘mere kch swal hai Neil…. agar unka jawab de doge toh main aa jaugi tmhare paas…. Q aisa hmesha hota h mere saath? Q tm hmesha meri zindigi brbaad kr dete ho aur main kch ni bol pati? Q tmhare liye Kch v kr skti hun main? Q Neil? Q hmesha tmhe taqleef me dekh kr dard mujhe hota h? Q tmhari har smile ko dekh kr sukoon milta h? Q? Q hmesha mujhe tmhe dekhkr tmse pyaar ho jata h aur tmhe mujhse ni hota q?’ I burst into tears nd fell down on the floor. He kneeled down on the floor nd cupped my face. ‘Qki tum mere type ki ni thi Avni…Mujhe tujhse pyaar isliye ni hota qki main ni dekh skta tujhe rote hue…Maine almost saari type ki lrkiyon k saath flirt kiya h but teri jaise kbhi ni mili…. tu alag h sbse…. maine aaj tk jo bhi galtiyan ki tu uske liye hmesha mujhe maaf krti thi…. tune hmesha compromise kiya apni khushiyon k saath… sirf mere liye…. Tujhe kya lgta h mujhe ni pata tha… ki tu har roz roti thi mujhe flirt krte hue dekh kr…. Aur tu meri baat isliye maanti thi qki tu ni chahti thi ki main tujhe chhod dun… Avni tu itna zyaada pyaar krne lgi thi mujhse ki agar main tujhe kbhi bhi chhod k chla jata toh tu mar jati…. maine tujhe tere liye chhoda….’ He replied. I jerked his hands. ‘Mere liye? haa?? mere liye? Mere liye toh kbhi tumne kch ni kiya Neil… Tumne sirf dard diya h mujhe….Aur tumhe kya lgta h? main jee rhi thi tumhare bina? areeh mar chuki thi main…’ I let out all my emotions which I was hiding from everyone. And I know I can only tell my feelings to him. ‘Me galat tha Avni..! Or ye ehsaas tab hua jab tum chali gayi mujhe chod ker..! Ishq hogaya tha tumse jabhi wapid ayaa hun or tab tka nhi jaaunga jab tak tum meri zindagi me wapis nhi aajati..!’ he said with heavy voice. I looked at him and yes he was crying. For the first time I felt pain in his eyes the pain of loosing true love. ‘Aaj pata chla ki mera pyaar bhi sacha ni tha qki agar sacha hota main aaj tere saath hoti….. lekin maine bhi toh chhod diya n tujhe… tum nhi jaante mujh per kya beeti jab pata chala u were faking, uw ere faking to be in love wid me. Me hi oagal thi tum pe vishwaas ker liya. Me ne aj tak tumhari har baat maani hai .. aj bss ek baar meri baat maan lo..! Neil plss chale jaao yahan se… chale jaao meri zidnagi se bht dur..! Jeena agaya hai tumhare bina..! Jee lungi me..! Jaisy ab tak jee rahi thi..! Meri life jesi dikhti hai wesi jai nhi..! Isy or complicated mat banao chale jao.. plss….’ i said wfolding my hands infront of him. He held my hands. His eyes were red due to crying. ‘Tum jesa chahti ho ab wesa hi hoga.’ He stood up nd left from there. I ran to my room and hugged the pillow crying my heart out.

Neil went to his room and he also cried remembering all the moments spent wid Avni. He cried nd cried. His eyes were swollen. There Avni’s condition was same. Both were crying.
Avni – (in her room) ‘whyyyy? Why me? Kyun hota hai aesa mere saath?’
Neil – (in his room) ‘I love you Avni please mujhe rok lo.’
Avni – (in her room) ‘Please ruk jao Neil.’
Neil – (im his room) ‘Woow destiny what a game you played.’
Both slept crying.
Next Morning!
Neela was shouting.
N – ‘Avni..! Jaldi neechy aoo..!!’
Avni’s sleep got disturbed. She woke up her eyes swollen. She went down.
A – ‘Kya hua Maa subah subah kyun chilla rahy ho?’
N – ‘Avni beta! Neil is not in his room. Watchman said that je left at night.’ Avni’s world slipped beneath her feet. She never thought that he would take her words seriously nd would leave at night. Her eyes welled up. She was sure that he would not leave becux he was to stubborn nd never listened to her before always. She ran to her room and took her mobile phone from the drawer. She noticed a white paper on the side table. She took it nd opened it. That was a letter from Neil.
‘Avni, me jaa raha hun..! Tumse bht dur..! Shayad ab hum dono kabhi na mile.. lekin tum hamesa mere dil me rahogi! Hamesha tumse pyar karunga, kabhi kisi ladki se flirt nhi karunga, I know tum bht hurt hoti ho. Mujhe pata hai u must be thinking ki wo ladka jis ne kabhi tumahri kisi bat ko serious nahi liya usne ek dum se kesy ye bat maan li. So let me tell you waqt ke saath saath bht kuch badal jaata hai or me bhi badal gaya hun.. wo purana flirty Neil nhi raha…! Ab ye Neil sirf apni Avni ka hochuka hai..! Or tum hi to kehti thi ke me tumhari bat nhi maanta to me ne tumhari baat maan li..! I m leaving you for your sake but you’ll always remain in my heart. I love you nd will always do. Don’t miss me. Hum dono kabhi ek nhi hosakte..! See, THE DEATINY PLAYED THE GAME in our love story. Yours nd only yours Neil.’
She had tears while reading the letter. She went to washroom and wore the clothes. She took the car keys md left from there.
N – ‘Avni kahan jaa rahi hai?’
A – ‘Kuch adhura reh gaya hai Maa wo poora kerny jaa rahi hun.’
She started the car nd drive off.. she tried his number repeated times but it was not reachable. After 30 mnts of drive she reached a place. It was a place which was on outskirts of the city.
A – ‘ Mujhe pata hai u r here..! The place where we first met.’
She parked the car nd walked to the lake. Nd there he was sitting crying looking at the photo of her in his mobile. She had tears in her eyes.
A – ‘Dekh ke nhi chal sakti..’ she mimicked. He looked around being surprised but then smiled as he remembered their first meet when he said these lines to her when they crashed with eo. He knew she mimicking him. He got up.
N – ‘Kyun aayi ho? Or tumhe kesy pata ke me yahan hun.’
A – ‘Ab dekh lo mujh jesa smart to koinho nhi sakta ye to manna padega tumhe..!’
N – ‘Kyun aayi ho?’
A – ‘Kuch adhoora poora kerny..!’
N – ‘Kya?’
A – ‘Idiot, our love story.’ He was amazed at her statement.
A – ‘I m sorry Neil, I was so hurt that I didn’t realized what I just said. Ye janty huay kee me tumhare bina nhi jee sakti tum mujhe chod ker aagay phirse?’ they both keeps on taking one step closer to each other.
N – ‘Tumhi ne to kaha tha tum jee lo gi mere bina..’
A – ‘Stupid, Me ne kaha or tum ne maan liya..!’ Both had tears in their eyes.
N – ‘Phir tum kehti me tumhari baat nhi maanta.’
A – ‘Bht buddhu ho tum..!’
N – ‘Jaanta hun..’

They came close to each other nd then their forehead crahsed with eo.
N – ‘Dekh ke nhi chal sakti.’
A – ‘Tum bhi to dekh sakty ho na.’ Nd with that both burst into laughter. They joined their foreheads nd closed their eyes. They opened their eyes nd Neil goes backwards. He kneeled down.
N – ‘Avni….. tmse mohabbat ho chuki h…. tmse itni shiddat se ishq kiya h ki rab bhi uska sajda krta h…. main ni janta tu kya sochti hai mere baare me…. lekin mujhe tujhe beintehaa mohabbat krne ki adat ho gyi h…. Tujhme mera rab ni dikhta magar mere rab me tu dikhti h…. Pyaar krta hun tujhe… sbse zyaada…. Mujhe jo bhi kehna tha main bol chuka Avni…. ab sab tujhpr depend krta h… agar tu chahti h toh main tujhe woh saara pyaar de skta hun… aur agar ni toh main zindaagi bhar tera dost banna chahta hun.’ Avni’s eyes popped out listening his words, she never expected that. He was never like that. He changed a lot. Tears started flowing from her eyes, he got up not able to see tears in her eyes.
N – ‘Sssshh.. chup ro kyun rahi hai?’
A – ‘ luv ishq mohabbat pyaar…. evrythng is sme… nd its not easy to fall in love.’
N – ‘Nah..! these arnt sme… Uh can love anything…. bt ishq… ishq is the emotion tht uh can have with jst 1 person…. Nd i had gives ishq to…’
A – ‘Avni…..!!!!’ (cuts him)
N – ‘How do u knw?’
A – ‘Array now only u said that?’
N – ‘Ohh yess…! But u didn’t replied… so….’
A – ‘Array Neil..! Me senti hogayi thi..! Wapis betho nd then..’
N – ‘Me pagal nazar aaraha hun?’
A – ‘Wo to tum bht pehly se ho..’
N – ‘Avnii..!’
A – ‘Jaldiiii.. or else I m going…!!!’ she turned to go when he sat down.
N – ‘I LOVE YOU AVNI MEHTA…!!!’ He spoke nd she stopped in her tracks. She turned around nd saw him on his knees. She ran to him nd she herself kneeled down nd hugged him tightly..! He hugged her back even more tighter.
A – ‘Me tumse bht pyaar kerti hun Neil…!! Aoni humsafaf bana loge mujhe?’ they were still hugging.
N – ‘Bana lunga..!’ he replied and they closed their eyes.
Neil wasn’t ready to leave her ..! He was hugging her so tight as if someone will snatch her from him..
A – ‘Neil..! Me kahin nhi jaa rahi .. chodu to mujhe..’
N – ‘ Avni mujhe kabhi mat chodna..’
A – ‘Kabhi nhii…’
They broke the hug. He kissed her forehead nd they stayed there till night.
The night’s view was brilliant from there. Moon light reflecting on the lake water nd the sky covered with stars nd there sat the two love birds. Their hands were entwined and Avni’s head was resting on his shoulder. It was the best feeling to be with the one you love.
A – ‘Neil?’
N – ‘Hmm..?’
Neil kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes feeling his gentle touch. They were together forever.

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