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Hello everyone..
Herez an OS titled ‘Love Birds’ by me on YuvAni from the serial ‘Suhani si ek ladki’..

This OS is about the times when Soumya and Ankit were staying in Birla House.. But they have not been given much importance here..
Here, Sharad and Bhawana got married two months after YuvAni’s marriage..

The entire OS has been written in Yuvraj’s POV..

Here I begin……

YuvAni OS- Love Birds

It had been six days when she left for Hyderabad with Sharad and Bhawana.. Bhawana had some eye-problem for which the doctor had recommended her to get the required eye-treatment done from there asap, as it was a serious one.. Her operation was successful and she was on rest.. Everything was fine.. The only irritating part was that her so-called bestie was staying with us and she was preying on me.. She didn’t miss a single chance to cling on to me.. She was getting on my nerves..

Dadi had sent suhani with sharad and Bhawana so that she could bring soumya close to me.. But unknowingly, she helped suhani..
I realized I wasn’t me without her!!

I came back after jogging and bumped into soumya.. We lost our balance but somehow managed to prevent falling by holding each other..
I moved my hand away as I realized it..
I asked her- can’t u see and walk?
She replied in her shameless style- I was seeing u and walking, that’s why I collided with u.. And I knew u will never let me fall..
I just left from there..

I went back to my room and checked my phone to see there was a message or call from her.. I found none.. I sat on the edge of the bed folding my hands..
I said- what have u done to me suhani? This house looks like an unknown place without u..

(Bgm plays…..)
Aaj Kal Tanha Main Kahan Hoon Saath Chalta Koi,
Uski Hame Aadat Hone Ki Aadat Ho Gayi,
Woh Jo Mila Hai Jab Se Uski Sauhbat Ho Gayi,
Ik Zara Masoom Se Ke Dil Ki Aafat Ho Gayi…
Sun Le Zara,
Sun Le Zara,
Dil Ne Kaha,
Itna Bas Mujhe Pata Hai…
I Am In Love,
I Am In Love,
Tu Hi Bataa,
Jaane Kya Mujhe Hua Hai…
(Na na na na na na) x8

I kept my phone in my pocket and looked at different corners of the house.. I recalled her having samosas, playing with snoopy, calling me ‘halki daadhi bikhre baal’ and messing my hair, sprinkling water over me, kissing me, hugging me, etc.. I smiled..

My phone rang.. I saw her name flashing on the screen and picked up the call immediately as I didn’t wana skip it..
I said- hello.. Good morning suhani..
The person on the other side- guru.. Its me.. Wait, I’ll convey ur good morning wishes to bhabhi..
I said- no need.. Ummm….. Tell me when are u guyz coming back?
He replied- we have got our flight at 3 pm.. We will be there by 5 pm..
I replied- okk..
He was about to hang up when I called out his name..
He asked- do u wana talk to sis-in-law?
I was a coward; I couldn’t even say a yes..
I just replied- hmmm….
He gave the phone to her..
I said- hi suhani.. How are u?
She replied- yuvraj I’m Bhawana, not suhani..
I felt embarrassed.. I decided to see sharad once hez back..
I asked Bhawana about her eyes.. We had a casual talk and then we hung up..

I saw the time.. It was 11 pm..
I couldn’t understand how to spend 6 hours.. I had spent 6 days like 6 years without her.. I got myself busy with some or the other work, had my lunch, played with snoopy, etc for timepass.. But all the while, suhani was there on my mind..

Finally it was 2.30 pm.. I called her..
Suh- hello yuvraj..
Me- hello.. How are u?
Suh- I’m too good.. Got lots to tell u..
Me- okk tell..
Suh- not now.. At home.. By the way, did u miss me?
I thought what to say.. I actually wanted to tell her how much I missed her, but I couldn’t..
Me- why will I miss a problem when my good days have come?
She said sternly- okk fine.. Then I’m not coming today.. U spend a few more days without me..
I immediately replied- plz don’t say that.. I’m missing u a lot..
I realized what I just said.. We smiled..
She replied- I missed u too.. Sadu..

I actually wanted to ask her if she too missed me, but she answered before that.. I wished her a happy and safe journey..
She thanked me and said- I love u sadu..
I smiled and just said a bye..

It was 3 pm.. I started to get ready.. I wanted to look the best.. My shirts were lying on the bed, all messed up as I couldn’t understand which one to wear.. Soumya came there..
I asked her- u here?
Soumya- yuvraj.. Are u going somewhere?
I replied- yes.. My wife is coming back today..
I had expected her to leave the room..
She bit her lower lip and asked- can I come along?
I nodded.. She left..

I was ready.. I had a bunch of branded perfumes, but I chose to spray her favourite one..
Maa came to me..
Maa- arey wah.. My son is looking extra-handsome today..
I thanked her..
She said- u don’t need to do all these to impress her..
I said- maa.. I didn’t…….
She interrupted- shez already impressed by u.. She loves u a lot.. And u know that very well..
I looked sideways..
She continued- yuvraj.. U don’t need to do anything to gain her attention.. But its she who needed to do.. Now that u have recognized her worth, let ur feelings come out..
I hugged her.. She left smiling..

We left for the airport.. Soumya kept speaking but I didn’t pay any heed.. On the way, I took a bouquet for her.. Soumya shamelessly took out a red rose from it and fixed it on her hair..

We reached the airport.. I walked ahead and she tried to hold my hand and walk with me.. I avoided her and asked her to stay within her limits..
She said- its too early yuvraj.. Let’s have coffee..
An idea struck into my mind.. We went to have coffee.. I spilled it on her dress.. She screamed.. I apologised and asked her to go and clean it.. She asked me to wait for her.. As if I would.. LOL..

I sat in a huge crowd and got out of her sight.. I had nothing to do.. Suddenly I saw suhani coming.. She was looking around for me.. I ran towards her with the bouquet..
I gave it to her and said- special flowers for someone special..
She thanked me and hugged me tight..
I got back to my senses when I finally heard the announcement regarding the landing of their plane.. I got up and fixed my hair.. I looked around if soumya was still there.. I thanked God as she couldn’t be seen..

The trio came.. I just wanted to hug her.. But I hesitated…..
I hugged sharad.. And shook hands with Bhawana..
Suhani coughed..
Sharad- guru.. These flowers are for Bhawana ji na?
I looked at suhani and replied- ya.. Of course..
I gave it to her..
Suh- wherez soumya? She told me that she would come with u..
I said- actually she went for a date with Ankit..
She was very happy for her bestie.. Bestie.. Huhh..

At Birla House:
All of us were talking.. Then Sharad and bhawana went to their room.. Suhani also walked towards our room..

She walked ahead of me and I followed her.. She opened the door and entered the room.. I asked her to wait and turned the lights on.. She was very happy and her smile made me forget everything..

The room was well decorated with flowers, balloons and candles.. And there was a cage on the table in which there were two parrots..
She said- I can’t believe that everything is done by my shy hubby..
I was standing in front of the door with my arms crossed around my chest and smiling..

She said- thanks yuvraj.. I never knew I’ll get to see this side of yours.. I like this RomanticRaj..
I asked- are u happy?
She nodded and left to talk to the birds..
She sat beside them and introduced us to them.. I too joined..
I asked- suhani.. What shall we call them?
She observed them carefully..
She thought and replied- see.. They look like love birds..
I teased her saying- let’s call them suhani and samosa..
She looked at me.. I laughed.. She too laughed and slapped on my knee..
She said- Let’s call them yuvraj and suhani..

I smiled and agreed.. I looked away.. She had lots of expectations from me and I didn’t know if I would be able to stand upto them.. I looked at her.. She was watching the parrots..
Just then, soumya entered our room..
Sou- hi suhani.. How are u? And what’s this? U got them?
They hugged each other..
Suh- no.. Yuvraj got for me.. They are cute na?
Soumya stared at me angrily..

I asked her- how was ur date?
Soumya gave a blank look..
Suh- don’t act.. Yuvraj told me about ur date with Ankit..
She frowned looking at me..
I showed suhani the flower on soumya’s hair.. Suhani teased her.. Soumya angrily took it out and threw it on the floor.. Suhani asked her if she is okk.. But soumya left..

Suhani picked up the flower and said- she shouldn’t have thrown it this way..
I replied- may be, it was destined to be in ur hand..
We smiled and she went back to the parrots.. Now I was jealous of them!!

I asked- suhani.. U wanted to tell me lots of things.. Right?
She started and said about sitting in a plane, how it looks from the top, etc etc.. Each and every detail..
I let her speak as if I had never boarded on a flight.. I just adored her..

An hour passed by..
I interrupted- suhani.. I’ll hear the rest of ur story tomorrow..
She looked at me and said- okk tell me whatever I said till now..
My eyes were left wide open.. I didn’t hear anything.. What could I tell her..
I folded my hands and said- spare me the horror..
She made face and said- I made efforts to tell u everything and u didn’t hear a word.. So bad of u..
I laughed and said- efforts?? To speak?? And that too suhani birla?
I laughed louder..

She said- I won’t talk to u but to my new friends..
Before she walked back to the parrots again, I held her wrist.. She looked there and then at me..
I asked- can I too have some of ur time?
She looked down with shy..

Her smile that she was trying to suppress, said that she took it the other way.. She thought like a wife.. It was justified on her part.. She had the right.. She locked her arms around my neck and admired me.. I was feeling guilty.. Her eyes and her genuine smile told me how much she trusted me..

I freed myself from her hold and turned to leave.. She held my hand and stopped me..
She said- yuvraj.. U don’t need to feel guilty..
I looked at her..
She asked me to close my eyes.. I did.. She covered my eyes with her palm..

She asked softly getting close to my ear- yuvraj.. Everyone has someone in his life who holds a special place..whoz special for u..perfect for u..flawless for u..precious for u..whoz the one with whom u see ur future..whoz thought brings a smile on ur face..whom do u want to share ur happiness, sorrows and pains with..whom do u wish to stand by ur side in difficult times..is there anyone, the mere thought of losing that person shook ur world..have u done anything for someone which u never thought u would do for anyone..is there anyone who makes u feel complete..do u love that someone..?? Answer me yuvraj..

All the while, I recalled our moments.. I knew I was always scared to tell her about the feelings which I had developed for her over the months; but that time I felt it was easier to tell her..

I said- yes.. Its u suhani.. I love u..
She moved her hand away.. I slowly opened my eyes.. She was blushing.. Her eyes sparkled.. Her cheeks were red..
It had to be; afterall, she made me say what she had been waiting to hear from me since six months..

I cupped her face and said- its u suhani.. Who makes my heart beat faster whenever u r around.. Who makes my soul sing.. For ur smile, I can bear hundreds of pains.. U complete my world.. My life revolves around u..

She looked at me.. Her eyes were full of love for me.. We had an intense eye-lock..
She asked me gently- was it too difficult to say it?
I shook my head..
She asked- then why did u take so long?
I replied- what to do? A sadu doesn’t know how to express love..
We smiled.. I kept staring at her..
She said- yuvraj.. Its true that I always wanted to hear it from u, but what’s more important is that I knew it.. And that was enough for me.. I DON’T NEED CHEESY ‘I LOVE YOUS’.. JUST HOLD MY HAND AND TELL ME “I’M HERE FOR YOU”..

I held her hand and said- I’m with u.. I’m for u.. I’m urs.. Forever..
I smiled..
She felt shy and looked down.. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer.. I could see that smile that she tried to hide..
I held her closer than before and whispered into her ear,
“Zindagi chal rahi thi, jeena sikhaya aapne…
Hum toh sirf dost the, aashiq banaya aapne…”

She finally let her happiness flow out.. But she didn’t look at me..
I said- suhani.. Will u be mine forever..?
She hugged me tight and replied- I was always yours, and will always be..even if death takes me away..
I broke the hug and gave her an angry look..
I said- don’t ever say that again.. Else i’ll…….

Her phone rang..
She took the phone and said- somu.. Why is she calling now?
I took the phone and said- let it be.. Talk to her in the morning.. This is our moment..
I cleverly accepted the call and kept the phone on the table..
I said- so.. I was saying that…..
She raised her eye-brows..

Bgm plays….
Dono Jahan Ko Bhola Hoon Main,
Aisi Lagi Hai Tujhse Lagan…
Chahe Kaho Ise Aawargi,
Chahe Kaho Ise Deewanapan…
Dil Ne Kaha Dil Ne Suna,
Maine Tumhe Dilbar Chuna…
Ab Doriyan Na Rahi Darmiyan,
Kya Rang Laayi Wafa…
Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sun Raha Hai Khuda…
Wada Raha Pyar Se Pyar Ka,
Ab Hum Na Honge Juda,
Yeh Meri Dhadkane Sun Raha Hai Khuda…

I turned her around and grabbed her by her neck from behind.. We were breathing heavily.. I closed my eyes.. I could smell her long, silky hair.. She uttered my name and turned towards me.. We opened our eyes.. I held her hands and walked backwards towards the bed.. We sat on the edge of the bed.. I made her meet my gaze.. I held her by her shoulders.. We laid down and consummated our marriage..

(The screen shifts towards the parrots who are looking at each other..)

Next morning…..
As I woke up, I found her wiping her hair with the towel.. She didn’t look at me and I knew why..
Suddenly there was a knock.. I picked up my t-shirt and wore it.. Her somu was there..
Suh- what happened somu? U called yesterday night?
Sou- then y didn’t u pick up the call?
Suhani blushed and looked at me.. I too asked her the same question..
Soumya- why are u blushing?
She said- coz yuvraj……
She stopped.. I winked at her..
Soumya looked at me.. I asked soumya if she needed something.. She was thinking what to say..

I laughed..
Suh- what’s so funny here?
I replied- is it a new fashion to put ear-ring in one ear?
She touched her ears and looked at the bed.. The other one was there on my side of the bed..
Soumya covered her mouth and looked at suhani and then at me with shocking expressions.. Suhani asked her if shez fine.. She left without saying a word..
Suh- what’s wrong with her?

I felt it was time to tell her everything.. I got ready and prayed to God to give me courage and make things fine..

I told her everything.. That I wanted to marry soumya.. The truth behind our marriage.. Soumya preying on me.. Etc etc..

She was broken.. She sat on the floor and cried.. I sat beside her.. She needed me at that moment.. I couldn’t see her in that condition..
I apologised to her for keeping her in the dark..

She asked in between her sobs without looking at me- it means, I always forced myself on u..
I shook my head..
She continued- And whatever happened yesterday between us…..
I interrupted and said as gently as I could- that was the most beautiful moment of my life.. Coz we became one in every sense.. Now we belong to each other suhani..

She didn’t say anything.. Her silence was killing me..
After a few mins, I said- suhani.. Plz say something..
She said- yuvraj.. U know that ur happiness is most important for me.. If u want, u can go to her.. I won’t stop u..

She said the worst thing ever.. I couldn’t even think of doing that..
I held her hands and said- why will I go to her when I love u? I wana spend the rest of my life with u suhani.. Soumya is my past.. U’r my present and my future as well.. I wana create beautiful past with u.. Soumya’s presence has no meaning for me..
She looked into my eyes..
I wiped her tears and said with a slight smile- now stop crying.. Tears don’t look good on ur face..
She hugged me tight.. We remained wrapped in each others’ arms on the floor..

Later, we got to know that soumya left Allahabad.. After that, neither did she contact us nor we did..

Three months passed by.. We got the good news.. She was pregnant.. I was going to be father.. We started taking care of her..

Time flied and the delivery date was close..
She was resting in the room.. I brought her lunch.. She demanded samosas..
I talked to the kids by resting my ears on her tummy..
Suh- did u hear? The kids also wana have samosas..
I replied- no.. They requested me not to let u have samosas as they get pressed under the weight of samosas..
She slapped on my arm..
Suddenly she screamed in pain…..

After 3 hours…..
The doctor congratulated us as we were blessed with a boy and a girl.. That day was another day for me to begin a new life as I had my own lil family..

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