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My star’s love interest- A devdaan diary
Hey wonderful readers!!! Welcome to my os..So its like you need not be a devdaan fan or a viewer of Devanshi to read my OS..its completely my own story & entirely different plot..just Im using the names of leads devanshi ( helly shah)& Vardaan( mudit nayar).. Lets move on to the story..
Well the story begins with the frame focusing on a diary ..with the year 2017 engraved on the Front right corner..With a mild breeze the diary flips open….The page reads The biodata of our heroine..
Name: Devanshi
Age: 24
Gender: female
Qualification: MBBS,
Hometown: Chennai
Status: Single
Again pages flip off with wind & a photo falls on the floor..Our heroine picks it up & reveals her face by lowering the photo with which she was covering her dusky face from us..
Devanshi: You have been my inspiration mam..I will become a DGO like you …One day..hope..I meet you..
She pins the photo in her notice Board..Her inspiration Dr.Kamala Selvaraj..Leading gynec in Chennai.. it has been a journey of hardships & ambition for her..she got placed in The leading CMC IN Chennai..a scholarship student…born in a middle class family,sometimes she was pushed to certain decisions in life..which she wished not to happen..currently she was persuing her DGO in CMC..and only a few months were left for her to complete it..
Devanshi was a very fortunate,loving,kind & Soulful girl…She wasn’t exposed to entertainment like movies..nor developed a liking for them..but she was passionate about writing..And was writing some fanfictions in a popular website under her pen name aradhana..It was a complete accidental entry to this jonour for her..so she started watching a tv soap for her story’s base..but later on it turned out to be her favourite hour of her day..the 9.30 slot..on a hindi channel..all thanks to her CBSE school ..she learnt hindi there..
@ College:
All were crowded near the notice board..
Devanshi: what’s going on there..anu?
Anu: Doll..I think its our final leg exam timetable..
Devanshi: Wowww…I was waiting for this yaar..
Anu: I have never seen a weirdo like you..I don’t know whats so wowww about exams…Really Im scared about them..
Devanshi: Im excited..its a chance to prove myself..after this I’ll join my idol’s hospital for job..
Anu: Hmm..Hey I forgot to say something yaar..tomorrow my hero’s movie is releasing..are u coming?
Devanshi: Uhh..no yaar..Im not interested..
Anu: I knew it..But dr…
Devanshi seems completely uninterested..While she gets a call..Its from her home..her sister ishita..
Ishita: akka..tomorrow is Sunday..remember ur promise? Outing ?
Devanshi: what outing? I remember my promise..but ..
Ishita: akka..Dont worry..Its a family outing..mom is coming.but papa is lil busy..
Devanshi: ohhh..ok whats the plan?
Ishita: you come home..I’ll say..its a surprise..
Devanshi: ok..
4.00pm @ devanshi’s house:
There seemed no one @ house…
Devanshi: where did they go?
She calls them up…no response..she picks up her book & starts reading for exams..
5 hrs & a half pass by…she closes her book and switches on her TV.she watches the TV with her beautiful wide open eyes..but tears were rolling down her eyes..her favourite show’s last episode..she knew it the last week itself butstill a fan’s emotion is never ending..
Devanshi:noooo…why are they ending???from today I wont be ableto see them together…( she cries seeing the pair’s last hug and they pose together as a family).
She hears door banging sound..
Devanshi: hope it must be ma and ishu..
She opens the door finding them…
Devanshi: where did you go..& didn’t pick my call also..
Ishu: haan..we went for temple..today is mahachaturthi..it was very rush and ma set her phone to silent mode..
Devanshi: ohh..
Ishita: akka..tmrw Plan cancel..Im so tired..
Devanshi: fine then..ill prepare for my exams …

2 months pass by..
Devanshi has completed her exams and was working in billroth hospitals as a new fresher doctor..she was paid a cool amount..& she was still continuing her fanfiction on her favourite pair..she was largely supported by her friends on that website…and she began posting those on another exclusive writing website too..& fortunately her favourite actress comes back with another show …..she was pretty excited but she got upset hearing someother lead actor playing opposite her..But she never knew that she”ll get an association with him..One fine day she watches that show and gets pretty impressed with his acting..she wanted to congratulate him…she joins twitter on 12 February 2017 as aradhana.she sents him a message..
Devanshi: I don’t know what Im doing is right…just im wishing him right..its just a fan’s way of showing her support to her star..
She gets a call..
Anu: hey dr…hwa u?
Devanshi: hey anu..im fine yaar..
Anu: hey are u tensed?
Devanshi: no..no…anu..
Anu: hmmm..ok I wanna meet u
Devanshi: [email protected] hospital..lets meet @5 ?
Anu: where?
Devanshi: my hospital canteen.
Anu: u r such a home bird..fine see you..
@ 5.00pm
Anu: heyyaa…devanshi..
Devanshi: hi anu!!
Suddenly devanshi’s phone vibrates…it’s a message for her from her star…
Devanshi: what…oh..god!!! cant believe…oh my gosh!!!!!yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anu: devanshi..hey..u r shouting dear!!!!
Devanshi: yesssss!!!!!!im happy.excited!!!! sooper surprised…!! You know ive gone mad!!!!
Anu: devanshi…..(she presses her hand and brings her to reality…)
Devanshi turns around finding everyone was looking at her as if she escaped from mental asylum..she fakes smile and signs anu to get away from there..the duo sit in the garden space of that hospital..
Anu: hey dear! What happened? Why were u shouting??
Devanshi: huhhh..U know I got reply from my star..
Anu: your star??whos that yaar??
Devanshi: uhmmm..His name is shaswat..he is acting in a tv soap..
Anu: ok enough of your prank..i believed it..
Devanshi: areeyy..anu.im not pranking you..see this yaar..
Anu: before seeing first say what has he sent you?
Devanshi: Gosh!! I forgot to see that..
Anu: such a silly girl!!
Devanshi: uhmm..He has sent” U R 200% wrong..u r not disturbing me..Thankyou for ur kind Words.and a smiling emoji”
Anu: im sure actors don’t sent msgs to their fans and also this long msg im sure ..it cant be him…
Devanshi: huhh..anu..what if it was him?
Anu: ok ..Why To spoil ur happiness..but I jus said this considering u musnt be cheated that’s it..Ok lets have a chance..we’ll ask Nehu..
Devanshi: Nehu? She knows this uh?
Anu: she knows pretty well abt the official handle of actors on twitter ..she is a social bird..If she confirms it …then .lets see..
Devanshi: but..look.anu..dont say her abt these things & all..just ask her plainly..
Anu messages nehu…and both look at each other’s face…
Anu: Ive asked Her..lets wait..
Devanshi : fingers crossed..
Anu’s phone vibrates..
Devanshi: anu..
Anu: wait yaar..
Anu looks on while devanshi raises her eyebrows..
Anu: CONGO doll!!!!!!!!ITS REALLY HIM..oh..gosh!!!! really!!!u r lucky girl!!!!!!
The duo hug each other..

February winds up and its march ..her birth month..she gets wishes from her star.& gifts him some edits on her BDay .It turned out like..he replied her every time she messaged him& even asked her an edit for his Bday as gift..obviously he was a humble actor and a person who respected his fan’s feelings…
April wheels away and its may..she knew it was her star’sbirth month..While every fan was busy gifting vardaan with real gifts…She was here @ Chennai held tight with a complicated medical case..But she plans to gift him three things…
April 25, 2017 – She gifts him his mentally challenged fan’s gift to him..
April 30,2017- She Gifts him her personally designed card..
Devanshi: (To herself) Im really unfortunate..I cant move a bit now..how to gift him…It would have not been a problem if He hadn’t asked..now that sir(shaswat) asked me..now Im not in a situation …what can I do now??
In the mean time..her family has been searching alliance for her..which she herself wasn’t made aware of..
Fortunately she gets some space …& gifts her final gift …his portrait ,self drawn by her..She doesn’t get any reply for the next 3 weeks…Finally she gets on 18th may 2017 ..He texts her”Jus saw the sketch..I liked it..Thankyou so much.all the best for your new job”..
Day by day she feels really weird regarding her feelings for him..because she was feeling an outpouring, gushing out feeling..whenever he saw him on-screen….Till now she hasn’t seen him personally..nor he..
Ishita: akka.
Devanshi: hey..ishu.
Ishita: akka..are u upset?
Devanshi: uhmm..no da..
Ishita: akka..no secrets b/w us..
She says everything from start to end to her..
Ishita: wahhhh..akka..cool..
Devanshi: no..ishu..I feel its wrong..I musnt disturb sir..
Ishita: Akka..Can I say something..U know why he is replying u?
Devanshi: why?..uh..I know..bcoz Im a doctor.
Ishita: ufffff..No akka..because..I think..He replies u every time because..May be he liked ur genuine or something of urs must have impressed him..
Devanshi: No..no..no.nothing like that ishu..
Ishita: to be practical..I feel so..Akka..Ur character..or the way u speak or even may be the way u respect him..
Devanshi: I don’t know ishu..but Im ..
Suddenly her mom calls them..
Mom: devanshi..nxtweek Wednesday we have fixed ur engagement..
Devanshi: what? Amma..no..see..u never asked me.
Mom: why should I..U need not take leave even..because Its just a ritual of changing plates and the guy’s side have seen you..so that’s not a prop..ur papa only asked me to inform you..haan make dinner for night..me and papa are leaving for purchase.
Her mom leaves…devanshi looks on shocked..
Devanshi: ishu..wats all this? Y is mumma doing like this?
Ishita: akka..I never knew anything about this…I swear..
A week rolls on…its 31st may 2017..She opens her twitter account..no tweets of him yet..She feels its just an infactuation of hers and jus bcoz he is a star..she is feeling this way..she decides to push off her feelings for him because there were lakhs of girls feeling the same way as hers..
She decides to move on with what she got in her life…That’s when She gets her star shaswat making statement that “Im settling with my love interest..will be taking some year break from media”
She knew it before..that this wont happen its practically impossible…
3 months passby..Its 31staugust 2017..Just a day ..IE.1st September 8.00am was her marriage and jus 12 hrs left for her marriage..she gets a message from her star..it was uncalled…
The message read “ hi..gettin hitched..tysm for ur support..tc bye”..Tears rolled down her eyes…she never knew she’ll get this much pain..but still for her..she was jus a ordinary girl..not so fair..like one of those actresses who star opposite him…
Devanshi: how can I persue my life with his thoughts and such mindset..
Her mom calls devanshi…
Mom: see this is very important bag..keep it with you we need it tmrw morning..
Devanshi: ma..
Mom: wat
Devanshi: ma..whats the guy doin? Whats his name?
Mom: what you are asking all of a sudden?
Devanshi: No…ma..Its my life na..
Mom: didn’t I say the guy is in software field & he studied with u in his childhood days?where was ur concentration when I said all this on the day of ur engagement..
Devanshi: ma..woh..His name..
Her papa calls her mom..and she leaves…
Ishita: hey..call this no
Devanshi: why?
Ishita: ur would-be’s no..
Devanshi: areey..what am I going to do calling him? What will he think of me?
Ishita: uhh..say
Devanshi: what do u want me to say? That im in love with an actor?
Ishita: aiyooo akka..

Her mom calls ishita…she dumps phone no in devanshi’s hands and leaves..
devanshi opens her twitter ac and sents a final message for him and wishes him best of [email protected] the same time she gets a message on whats app….
Devanshi: it’s an unknown no..it read” Hi”
She is about to block the number while she finds that its her would-be’s no..
Devanshi: Hi..
Him: I was in love with you since my childhood
Her: ohh..k
Him: You were my first crush..
Her: Ohhh.
Him: Devanshi..I never saw you in real..But Saw only urpic..
Her: Ohh
Him: Can we see..I mean meet?
Her: uhmmm..we’ll meet tmrw na?
Him: but tmrw is our mrg ri8? I wanna meet u as mycrush and love..bcoz tmrw u’ll bewife..
Her: Im @ home
Him: I know..Im outside ur house..
Her: what..see go now..mom will scold..I cant
Him: u will..
Her: what?
Him: You LOVE someone ri8?
She doesn’t reply..
Him: Its our life..say wat u feel..
Her: yes I love someone..
Him: Who?
Her: Why are u asking this nd all?
Him: See devanshi..consider me ..I was once ur frnd..
Her: Actually I never knew ur name too..
Him: Devanshi..whom do u love,,Ill ask him..
Her: See u might laugh hearing this..but still..Im In love with an actor..who never saw me..or knew me..I knew Im not a perfect pair for him..bcoz Im a simple girl..not so beautiful or popular..
Him: Do u think beauty lies in face? & Who said he wont love u?
Her: hes a star..Why would he love me.. Im a girl in Chennai while He is a star!!!!
Him: So..
Her: He’s in Mumbai
Him: So..
Her: I mean he is a star!!! And..
Him: Can I say one thing?
Her: what?
Him: He never needs those things from u..he doesn’t expect u to be pretty,wealthy or popular ..
Her: Uhh..Uff..Who said ?
She gets stunned..she rewinds the message she sent to her star..It read”I NEVER ASK YOU TO BRING THE STARS FOR ME…BUT I WOULD LOVE TO SIT & WATCH THEM WITH YOU..” wrote this for you..You can even say this phrase to ur would- be..all d best sir!!!”
Him: I said it to my would- be aradhana..Um..devanshi??R u happy??
She gets shocked and tears brim over her wide eyes…she drops her phone down and opens the gate finding her vardaan aka shaswat standing…
Devanshi stands crying in happiness..she was out of words and didn’t knew how to react..vardaan moves towards her and kneels down on his heels proposing her..
Vardaan: I love you devanshi!! Will u accept me as ur lifepartner?
Devanshi gets the rose from his hand and nods positively..
Vardaan: By theway..wanna say something..
Devanshi raises her eyebrows..
Vardaan: I liked u the way u spoke to me.I mean texted me first time..But I never knew it was u..every time I got ur msg..I felt some unknown excitement seeing it..And my love for devanshi still remained the same..but everytime I constantly replied for all ur msgs bcoz I liked aradhana…I dono whether it was love or respect…I was conflicted between my devanshi and aradhana..but I felt What I felt for the latter must be love bcoz…I never saw her..but still..I felt something deep for her..I decided I must meet her and get to know her..what she felt for me..That was when I got ur greeting with ur original name beneath…The rest was my plot..I planned to keep everything a secret 4 u..I jus askd ur mom not to reveal stuffs for my surprise..
Devanshi stares at him for hiding those stuufs from her..
Vardaan: u never said..
Devanshi: should I? don’t u know without me saying?
Vardaan: devanshi + vardaan = devdaan..love u forever..
Devanshi runs and hugs him..Then asks so wat abt u workin in software..
Vardaan: haan..I was in Chennai..will be workin for some years..till u want me to return to Mumbai..
Devanshi: so..whose my star’s loveinterest?
Vardaan: its u my love..

The OS ENDS WITH devdaan marriage..sorry for boring u all with a long OS… it’s a story half inspired from a true story..

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