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Story same upto Kailash beating Atharv and forcing Vividha to marry ravish
In my story ravish is not wounded he just returned safely from army training

Ravish is simple caring fun loving guy despite army officer
It’s first night for Ravish
Viv is in room
Rav: knocks the door and calls Vividha Vividha
Viv: Ha coming
Rav: are u ok?

Viv: ___(she is in Atharv’s thoughts)
Rav: are u ok ok?
Viv: Ha
Rav: we will discuss our personal life since ours is arranged marriage
Viv: hestitatingly says Ha bolo
Rav: I am sincere, dad’s son etc
Viv: ok ok sadly

Rav: I have a small love story when I am in 9th I fell in love with my classmate
Hw funny it is?
Viv is not in the room she is in thoughts
All flashback moments flashing infront of her
Rav: Vividha now tell me abt u
Viv: I am Vividha
Rav: that I know
Viv: I studied MBA etc
Rav: Ha ha ok tell me about Ur Love stories
Viv: I don’t have
Rav: are u serious
Viv: yes
Rav: I don’t believe u are so beautiful u must have atleast one
Viv: thinks of Atharv
Jaana na dil se door
Jaana na Dil se door playsRav:(seeing Viv’s state ) ok if u are not comfortable plz leave it
Viv: I want to tell you something which is very important
Rav: ok ok no problem whenever u feel comfortable tell me now take rest
They both sleep
It’s morning all family members are introduced
Suman: Ravish
Rav: yes mom coming
Viv: gud mng mother in law
Suman: very gud mrng vivha
Viv: seeks blessings from all
Suman : vi today u have to make breakfast
Viv: ok mom
After breakfast dadaji gives money as token of appreciation
Still Vividha is in Atharv’s thoughts

It’s evening all will go to temple

In temple
Viv: rav I want to tell you something
Rav: Ha bolo Viv

Viv : main main___
Rav: (phone ringing) excuse me
Viv: aaj batadeti

Rav: wat wat happened shockingly
Viv:wat happened?
Rav: kuch nahi I have to go immediately
Ravish goes from there
Sujatha is shown
Atharv is on bed

Rav: wat happened doctor
Doc: ravish___

After one year

Ravish’s house fully decorated all family members are busy in preparations

Suman: Kalindi make it fast
Kalindi: yes bhabhi

All media people came to ravish felicitation
Ravish getting ready

It’s ajmeer godown shown

Somebody is shown cmng

Guess who is it ??

it is none other than Kailash

Kailash: I have to do something
Ankit sitting with him
Ankit: yes dad we have to do it

In ajmeer in house
Uma: Vividha,Guddi make it fast
Uma:(phone ringing) yes Suman ji we are cmng

They all get into car go to Delhi

Kalindi welcomes them

Rav: uma aunty yaha ane main koi dikath nahi huyi na?
Uma: no not at all

A media person is shown smiling and adjusting hair

She shows her I’d card to security and enters lawn

Security: ravish sir media person came
rav: ok ok I will go

Media person: hello sir this is Nidhi
Rav: hello this is ravish Vashisht
Media person: hw it feels receiving special mention to ur work in army
Rav: it’s good I am excited, I feel it’s honour to receive from army
Media person: ok who inspired u?
Rav: my inspiration one and only dad and dadaji
Nidhi: hw ur parents inspired u?
Rav: she thought me to be brave

Nidhi: can I ask something personal questions
Rav: u go ahead
Nidhi: hw is ur married life? Are coming rumours are true?
Rav: I thought u will ask this only I will not reveal much but all are true
Nidhi: sir explain briefly
Rav: sry time to go to felicitation
Nidhi: nice meeting you sir
Rav: u can call me ravish
Nidhi: ok bye ravish
It’s felicitation and army officer asked ravish to speak

Rav: I thank God,my parents,my dadaji my best friend Vividha,my another mother like person Sujatha

Suman: wat Sujatha is she same Sujatha
Vividha: Sujatha Chachi?? Atharv ??

Jaana na Dil se door
Jaana na Dil se door plays

Ravish speech ends

Viv: rav hw u know Sujatha Chachi?
Rav: I will tell u when she comes
Ravish asks security personnel are they came
Then both Sujatha,Atharv enters gate

Suj: so much security is there shall we go back
Atharv: ravish called with due respect we have to go inside
Sujatha: ok let’s go
Atharv: (phone ringing) ok I will come immediately
Sujatha: wat happened
At: Nothing it’s urgent I have to go say my best wishes to ravish
Sujatha: ok

Sujatha enters home seeing name plate of ravish Vashisht on door she gets shocked
She with hurry turns back but sees ravish infront of her
Ravish takes her blessings and take her into house

All family members gets shocked Suman slaps ravish
Suman: ravish you know who she is ?

She is Ramakant’s first wife

All will scold ravish for bringing her and calling her mother like person

Then ravish explains flashback

One year ago

When Kailash hit Atharv and Sujatha waiting for help ravish was returning from army training

Ravish seeing Atharv’s state helps both and joins Atharv into hospital

Next day ravish marriage happens, then breakfast, temple scenes are shown onscreen

Doctor conversation
Ravish telling Vividha I have to go
Doctor: ravish ravish he is very critical he is in coma
Ravish: wat any magical power have to save him

How Atharv recovered from coma after 6 months and he usually goes to meet Sujatha and Atharv

Flashback ends

Room is in silence

Vividha was busy in kitchen she comes into hall and shouts Sujatha Chachi Atharv

Jaana na Dil se door
Jaana na Dil se door plays

Sujatha is shocked seeing Vividha

Suj:Vividha Vividha Tum yaha?
Viv: Atharv kaha hai?
Suj: u tell me how u are here?
Viv: I will tell later plz tell where is Atharv
Suj: he is in delhi wait I will call him
Atharv is in office

Ath: (phone ringing) ma I am busy
Suj: I saw Vividha
Ath: wat Vividha
Suj: ( gives phone to Vividha)
Viv: Atharv Atharv I am cmng
Ath: with joy is it true talk to himself

Within one hour Vividha reaches Atharv office
Shouting Atharv Atharv she by running hugs Atharv
They will have eye lock
Flashback moments are shown

Jana na dil se door
Jana na dil se door
Jana na dil se door
Jana na dil se door-x2

Tumse milke aisa laga
Jaisi apna koi
Aankhon me sapne naye
Mann me hulchal nayi-x2

Dhadkane tham gaye tumko dekh kar
Tumse milne ki dua zindagi ban gayi
Waqt ki karwate ya mausmon ke rang
Har safar sath ho har safar sang sang
Kam na ho ek pal pyaar ka ae suroor.

Jana na dil se door
Jana na dil se door
Jana na dil se door
Jana na dil se door-x2

Viv: I have to tell you so much where have been in one year
Ath: Vividha Vividha
In ravish house
Ravish gets a call he lifts
Nidhi: hello ravish this is Nidhi one who interviewed u
Ravish: I remember you
Nidhi: I want to marry u
Ravish: wat are u serious meet me personally
They both meet
Ravish to Nidhi: wat u know abt me
Nidhi: I respect you that’s why I wish to marry u
Ravish: I will tell my personal life then decide

Both Vividha and ravish start to narrate flashback

After trying continuely 15 days Vividha to ravish
Viv: I need to tell u something please don’t interrupt me I can’t hide it anymore
Rav: yes carry on
Suman is in door listens to Vividha’s words
Viv: rav I deeply love one person I can’t forget him
Rav: (with shock) wat then why did u marry me
Viv: let me explain
Sum: wat Vividha wat are u talking
Viv: ma mujhe batane do
Sum :(slaps her) and drags her into hall
She calls all family members
Viv: ma I love him he gave me life

Rav:( angrily )u cheated me
Viv: my father forced me to marry u

Viv explains ravish how Atharv Vividha were in love how her father deceived by telling that her marriage will happen with Atharv

All flashback moments are shown
Rav: ok let us end our marriage right now
Sum: wat rav wat are u talking
Rav: I can’t live with the person who doesn’t love me
Rav: ( calls lawyer) lawyer it’s urgent come home

Lawyer arrives
Rav: lawyer make divorce papers fast
Lawyer: wat captain ur marriage happened recently are u joking
Rav: no plz prepare it fast
Sum: beta wat are u doing wat abt society
Dadaji: Tum pagal ho Gaye ho
Rav: this is my life let me decide
Sum: beta samjha karo
Rav: ma both of us will not be happy if we live together
Sum: beta don’t do it
Rav: Vividha and I will be divorced both we will remain good friends
Lawyer: divorce papers are ready
Rav: signs the paper and give it to Vividha
Viv: (stars at him) thinking of Atharv sighns divorce papers

She returns to Jaipur
Explain whole matter to uma,Guddi
Kailash,Ankit listens to Vividha words
Kailash: ( raises his hand to slap her)
Uma: (stops him )don’t dare to do this I am happy with Vividha decision

Guddi:(hugs her) didi I am proud of you

She continues to study further studies everyday remembering Atharv’s thoughts

Jaana na Dil se door
Jaana Na Dil se door plays

Flashback ends
Ath: (hugs Vividha) ty u Vividha ty u very much
Viv: (with joy) I don’t want any trouble more. “I’ll NEVER ASK YOU TO BRING THE STARS FOR ME, BUT I WOULD LOVE TO SIT AND WATCH THEM WITH YOU…”
Ath: love u very much

Atharv hugs Vividha
Rav to Nidhi is ur decision still remained same
Now me and Vividha are gud friends
Atharv Vividha reach ravish house

Rav: aao mere bhai
Ath:(shocked) wat
Suj explain whole matter Atharv will be shocked
Ath: I need time to digest fact that I took help from my father
Rav: take ur time

Atharv, Vividha, Sujatha ,uma, Guddi all head to Jaipur

Kailash:(secretly looking at home) wat Atharv is alive

Then engagement,mehandi,Sangeet, marriage happens
In between Kailash create problem but Atharv Vividha love will be strong handle pblms together

In meantime ravsh, Atharv resolve their issues and become friends

In every function ravish takes bride’s side and tease Atharv

In delhi
Rav: (phone dailing ) Nidhi I am ready
Nidhi: are u serious
Rav: yes I am
Then their engagement will happen
Atharv Vividha attend their engagement

Nidhi character will be played by Surbhi Jyoti (qubool hai fame)

Jana na dil se door
Jana na dil se door
Jana na dil se door
Jana na dil se door-x2

Tumse milke aisa laga
Jaisi apna koi
Aankhon me sapne naye
Mann me hulchal nayi-x2

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