I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 6 & 7

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Heya friends, I am back with the sixth and seventh chapters of my story. I hope I am able to make you people love my story. These two parts are my favourite too, so please tell me whether they are your favourites as well or not.

These are the links to my previous chapters:
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Hope you all would like it.


I ain’t sorry for loving you

CHAPTER 6 – My Love, My Boss:

Annika’s POV:

My Boss was at his home but my friend in him was always with me, I suppose. I can’t deny this fact that I share the same feelings he has for me. The SAME feelings. The helplessness I saw in his eyes, were tearing me apart. Was I too mean to him? He was so adorable, in love but still happy hearing me dating someone. So perfect in everything, in love as well. Unlike his father. I suppose the pain in his eyes and the strictness on his face have more to it. I still remember the first day I saw him in person. He was not the man the magazines claimed and the partners counted on, he was an enigma, a Diaspora of emotions held tightly in control. He reined his horses well, but I had to crack him, actually it happened vice-versa. I got cracked instead, in the interview. Sitting in front of me, he sat elegantly, sleek in every action. The slow sipping of coffee couldn’t be so chivalric, I gasped in admiration. I wanted him to look up, from the file, Please look up, look at me and as I met his gaze, the chilling expression on his face gave way to a sunshine of smile; slight one, but enough to light up my day, or to die for. I found cracking him hard and he made way to my heart that day, boring deeper with every prospective day we spent at work.


I ain’t sorry for loving you

CHAPTER 7 – The Pleasant Present:

Annika’s POV (continued):

He had two phone numbers, one saved as BOSS, the other as Darling friend. His choice, but not as elegant. So when I was the friend, the BOSS called me and my Darling was my boss. He was so confusing at times, but that is how we were together, not meant to be together, yet couldn’t stay apart either. And both of us were dead without work, his was his company, mine- my mission.
‘Darling friend’ flashed the screen; I picked up the call in seconds.
The voice I heard on the other side cheered me up-
“7 o’ one and you are up?”
“Yeah, my dear Boss, all thanks to you, am an early bird now”, I chirped like a happy bird.
“Such a heavy impact, or a damage”, he said, brooding.
“Damage I suppose, an irreparable one” I heard him guffawing, ringing sweetly in my ears.
As if reading his thoughts I continued “Do I need to come to the Mansion?”
“Not actually” and I heard a knock at my door.
I opened it and there was my Darling ‘friend’ standing at the brink of my room, with a cheeky smile.

“Your present, my Dear,” he handed me a painting and some books, both to my utmost liking. He remembered my Birthday. I hugged him so tight and shivered at his touch around my waist. My Love was worth the effort- I thought. I held his hand and made him sit and was busy in unpacking the quirky gift cover. I hated packings and he knew it. He didn’t pack the books and an easy-to-open pack adorned the painting. Within no time, I beheld one of Om’s best creations, so I made it adorn one of my walls. I loved paintings, had hundreds of them and bought them at various exhibitions, some of Om’s as well.

I was mean in my own ways; how come I didn’t get anything for Shivaay?? I remembered something and rang a number in my telecom. Sheila picked it up- “one coffee Sheila; has to be Shivaay Sir special” and Sheila knew how it had to be. Then I went up to my closet and I got a bejewelled Brooch- My Dad’s, he loved it the most. I went up to Shivaay, closer, took off his Brooch on the overcoat and strung it on its place. I straightened the creases on his shoulders and ran a hand over the Brooch as a lone tear escaped my golden eyes. He wiped it off instinctively, just way he always did.
“My Dad’s favourite Brooch, one of the many he gave me,” I looked up to him “I give it to you, one of his memories. As special as you are for me” I looked straight into his eyes, trying to smile.
He accepted it heartily as expected, ran a hand over it and replied-
“I love it, thank you so much”.
“You’re welcome,” I resumed my usual self.


I observed that he made it a point, to wear the Brooch at every ‘special’ occasion. He wore it to every party, award function and family function he attended. It struck every other person talking to him that he wore a beautiful jewel and a diamond and gold watch to every function. That was of his Grandfather- the Grandfather-Grandson duo’s favourite watch. He took great care of them. I suppose, it is better preserved with him than with me. He kept them safe. I saw one day, he was keeping it in a padded box with great care. I was proud of my choice that day, my father too, would be proud of him, in the heavens above.


Author’s note: You people must be knowing that in my story Annika’s Dad is dead and its pretty mysterious. I just wanted to show the love she holds in her heart for the Men of her life and how she connects both of them in a pretty amazing way; showing the love every daughter holds for her dad, even me (ps. I am my dad’s darling daughter!)

Copyright: AditiB
(Be unique, be original, be you).


So how’s it my cuties? Do comment and let me know of your views. And yaaay…. my boards are over and I will be updating regularly to the pleasure of me and all of you….be happy like I’m now and…..stay tuned!
Lots of Bhalobasha,

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  1. Surbhi Sharma

    Awesome. Post soon.

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      Thank you so much dear and keep reading…..:-)))))

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      Thank you I’d be updating soon….keep reading :-)))))

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    post asap….

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      Thank you and I’ll be updating regularly…so stay tuned:-))))))

  4. Ria

    Your writing is so beautiful, I must say! Please taratari post Koro. ?

    – Ria

    1. AditiB

      Thank you so much and if I’m not wrong then you’re the author of Conceivable right? Please keep reading and commenting and you too Taratari post koro….. :-)))))

      1. Ria

        Arey, I’ll pay that shitty Conceivable soon ? And haa, you post sooner, please. ?

  5. Awesome! You mentioned Anika’s POV really well ?.Beautifully written….
    And yeah these both chapters are my favourite too. Loved it. Update soon dear ?????

    1. AditiB

      Thank you so much Sofia….. I love all the comments I get and thank you for showering your love on me and my ff….Keep reading :-))))))

  6. Vaishalijha

    Aditi dear I just read all the parts and its awesome, you have beautifully expressed and shown every scene, the emotions and POV’s..♥
    Cant wait to read more, post soon ♥

    1. AditiB

      Thank you so much….. and keep reading my ff, I’ll be posting regularly….So stay tuned :-))))))

  7. Thedreamsoul

    Beautifully written and the chapter is amazing . Update soon ?

    1. AditiB

      Thank you for your comments dear….. I seriously can’t comment anywhere as I still have my entrances left…. I read all your ffs but soory for not commenting there and yaaa… keep reading :-)))))))

  8. Amazing….Beautifully Expressed….
    Anika’s emotions were brought out really well…
    waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

    1. AditiB

      Thank you dear….. I’ll always try to keep the mystery of the story and give amazing updates… just keep reading and commenting… :-)))))

  9. Amazing one!

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  10. It is awesome dear…

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  11. Awesome update

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    Loved it cute and amazing update

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      thank you so much and no wonder it’s the love i recieve from all of you that keeps me going…..keep reading dear

  14. Hey I just have a doubt that if ani is in love with shiv then why isn’t she expressing it … N shiv doesn’t knw abt her feelings ??? But anyways I’m in luv with ur writing that way way u portray their emotions … I ur big fan yaar ( seriously ) …

    1. AditiB

      all my commenters are my support and so are you…..thank you so much for commenting in my updates….yeah i keep track of all my commenters….and am sorry that i couldn’t reply earlier….just keep reading and the rest…..hmmm…is a suspense!!!!:-)))))

  15. Hey ya, Adit di ( Can I call u di?)
    I am Vivikhta, a silent reader at tu . Today, I finally decided to break the ice and comment and let me tell u, u r one of my favourite authors here! I? your work. It seems u r just a natural at writing. The words flow so smoothly that even I don’t know when the update is finished .
    That being said pls update the next ASAP and make it longer.
    Kya karun, ye dIl mange more!
    Btw, I even luv your analytical work.
    I got to know through the previous comments that u r a bengali, really?
    U know I really luv the language although I don’t know it. It sounds so sweet and humble for some reason and of course, the songs!
    They r just stirring.
    Well I luv to learn about new cultures and bengali culture is definitely one of my favourites.Going back to the ff , Anika ‘ s character is interestingly mysterious. Just hope our poor shivaay’s heart doesn’t break.Update soon and belated happy bengali new year to u!

    Loads of love,

    P.S. Sorry for my bakbak and best wishes for your results!
    And……cud I b your friend?

    1. AditiB

      o my god….thank you so much dear…..i love all my dear commenters and please keep reading…. and yess dear am a bengali to the core…..happy new year to you too and of course we can be friends……thank you I wish I get a good boards result and lastly I love you too…. and keep reading:-))))))

      1. U don’t even need to ask me , of course I will keep reading!
        U just keep writing , okay???

  16. SamSun

    awesome one. I truly loved it. especially anika’s gift to shivaay and shivaay’s reaction and the way anika and shivaay are holding back their emotions. amazing work.

    1. AditiB

      Thank you so much for praising my work……I would always try to keep giving good updates and keep reading…..:-)))))

  17. Amazing written……. U Beautifully expressed Anika’s pov dear…… Luv it….. Waiting 4 nxt post soon…….

  18. Jerry_36

    Hey Aditi !! I don’t know what to say. You are an amazing writer. I always adore your works but this one was exceptionally beautiful. Yeah the dad part- I am also very much connected to him and also Loved the vivid description of yours❤

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