His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 18

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Thank you so much for all the comments. Here is the next part :
“I c-can walk you know.” Huffed Ragini crossing her arms on her chest as Sanskar descended downstairs with Ragini in his arms.
“I know but you in my arms is much much better.” Sanskar replied cheekily with a smile on his face.
“No. Put me down. I wanna walk on my own.” She said stubbornly.
“Okay then. And here I was thinking to give you your favorite chocolate if you agree to let me carry you.” Ragini’s eyes lighted up hearing the word chocolate and she latched tightly onto Sanskar.
“Okay. You can carry me how much you want. Where is my chocolate?” She asked excitedly and Sanskar rolled his eyes at her antics.

Sanskar’s POV :
Her hair bounced on her slender back and a melodic giggle escaped her glossy opulent lips as I admired her, standing few steps apart. She was running around care free, chasing the small kids, a childish glint in those black orbs. She was finally back to her cheerful self leaving the painful memories of the incident behind.
I looked back at her to find all the kids jumping on her as she fell back on the ground laughing out loudly as the small children tackled her. It warmed my heart as I witnessed the scene across me. She was so cu- Wait! My Angel could’ve gotten hurt. The kids should be careful. They would have hurt her. Just when I was about to step in their direction I saw her waving them goodbye. It was evening already.
“Stop being an overprotective mamma bear.” She reprimanded standing beside me.
“But I didn’t do anything.” I defended.
“I saw the way you were looking at the kids.” She narrowed her eyes at me, her hands on her waist. “God! Why she have to be so cute.” interjected my inner conscience. I was about to reply when her tiny stomach growled.
“Someone is hungry.” I teased as my lips tucked upwards in a small smile.
“So what? I’m a growing up girl you know.” She wittily remarked trying to hide back her embarassement as a blush dusted her soft cheeks.
“Yeah. Yeah. We need to feed the hungry lion over there.” I said pointing to her small belly. “You are a growing up girl after all.” I mocked. She huffed cutely but followed me to the car none the less.

On the way, Ragini danced in the seat as her favourite song played on the radio. Getting tired she rested her head on Sanskar’s shoulder. “Seems like, my little Angel is tired.” He said, as she nodded back in response snuggling into him. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her petite frame holding her protectively as she slept soundly, a content smile on her peaceful face.
“We are here Sir.” Informed the driver as he parked the car in front of a famous restaurant in Mumbai.
The receptionist smiled at Sanskar as the pair entered into one of the famous restaurant of Mumbai. Entranced by his greek god looks she admired him whereas gave a strange look to Ragini who was busy observing her surrounding. She was dressed in a white neck halter top with blue rugged jeans and white sneakers. She always keep it simple and Sanskar liked that about her. She doesn’t need accessories or makeup to glamorize. Her innocence and heart warming smile is enough to bound the people around her in a magical spell.
Noticing the look she was giving Sanskar glared at the receptionist and she bent her head swiftly, leading them to their table.
He fed his Angel as usual ignoring the stares directed at them as Ragini did the same. It has become a habit of them, feeding each other, specially for Sanskar.
The waiter came up to the duo as they finished eating. He glanced at the girl beside him entrapped by the black haired girl’s beauty.
“Hey s*xy.” Said the waiter trying to flirt.
Ragini looked up to see Sanskar who had a pissed off expression on his face and she jerked her head in the waiter’s direction.
“Why would you call him that Mister? He is my Cupy okay?” The waiter felt embarrassed and left the place after receiving the payment while Sanskar chuckled throatily.
“Why are you laughing huh?” She asked confused.
“This always happens to me. First in that restraunt, I just wanted to help the waitress and now this. I swear this restraunt is weird.” She said pouting at the end while Sanskar shook his head at her innocence.
He engulfed her in his arms resting his head on top of hers. Kissing her head softly he muttered, “My little, innocent Angel.”

“Where are we going?” Ragini asked for the tenth time trying to coax out the name of the place they are heading to. He had sent off the driver earlier saying he will drive the car from here on.
“Have patience Angel. Just fifteen minutes more.” He answered.
“You know this is kidnapping.” She said looking at him crossing her arms.
“And how is that?” He asked raising am eyebrow in question.
“Well, you are not telling me where are you taking me. So of course, you are kidnapping me.” Ragini said seemingly proud of her answer.
“It’s not a kidnapping if you are coming willingly with me Angel.” Corrected Sanskar.
“It is.” She said stubbornly stomping her foot like a child. “Don’t argue with me. You… You” She said pointing out her forefinger at him trying to find the most bad word to call him.
“I what?” He asked amused hiding back a smile.
“You…. Yeah.. You cute silly kidnapper.” She said angrily looking at him. Sanskar chuckled.
“You can’t even say a mean word to me.” He teased.
“Silly is a mean word okay.” She defended herself looking out of the car’s window.

“We’re are here.” Sanskar announced.
Ragini was in awe at the beauty of the place. Surrounded by the forests the place emitted a calm, poised aura capable to transfix the spectator with it’s ethereal beauty. Millions of stars were embedded into the sky shining like precious pearls as the cool wind blow around them taking away all the tiredness with it.
The pair sat down on the ground together in a comfortable silence.
Ten minutes passed as Sanskar finally broke the silence.
“You know you are the first person to come here beside me. I found this place when I was seven years old. Not even mom and dad knew about it.” He said, his gaze still on the sky.
Before she could say anything he placed a finger on her lips.
“Ssh. Let me speak for now love.” He whispered.
“Never have I felt like this before. The emotions so raw that overpowers my very being to the point that you are the only one I can think of. The moment I laid my eyes on you, you became my only reason to live.
I am selfish man my Angel. But if it allows me to be with you then selfish I forever will be. I admit, I’m a reincarnation of the devil itself. You can easily find a man who is better than me. Someone who is not surrounded by evil. But I can promise you one thing my Angel, no one will love you the way I do. Never will there be a man who will feel for you as much as I do. I’m a tainted soul, a sinner who is engulfed in his own darkness. But Renee always, a sinner is the only one who will place his beloved even before the god. A devil is the only one who can protect his Angel from the demons of the world. And this is what I’m going to do. I will protect you with every fiber of my entire being whether you like it or not. For, this devil is selfish who wants the Angel all to himself. I will destroy the world without a second thought if it meant to keep you safe.
I crave for you to consume me whole. To enlighten my dark world. Bathe me in your light and diminish the darkness within. How enthralling it would be, to be captivated in the reigns of the one who have the power to pull the strings of the devil himself.

I’m yours Angel. Forever will be till my last breath.
I can wait for you to love me back to the end of time but never expect of me to leave you. For, now it’s impossible for this devil to let his Angel go.”
A tear escaped Ragini’s eyes. His eyes promised a passion like no one else. How can someone love to this extent without shattering.
People refers to the man before her as The Devil. But she knew only one thing. She will never be able to go away from him and neither does she want that. This man will do anything to protect her. Will become anything to keep her. They both have feelings for each other and that’s what matters nothing else.
He was shell shocked. Had he heard correct or his ears playing a trick on him.
He stared in those mesmerizing black swirls who were shining with an intense emotion. Love. Love for him. He didn’t need anything further. Her eyes said it all.
Leaning forward he reduced the distance between them. Tentatively brushing his lips with hers he gently cupped her jaw with one hand as the other snaked around her petite waist closing any distance left. He softly kissed those velvety pink lips trying to reassure himself that’s it’s not one of his dream or fantasy and the sweet Angel before him truly reciprocated his feelings.
Their lips moulding perfectly with each other as he continued his sweet torment while her hand combed through his silky hair.
When the need for oxygen became dire both broke apart as Sanskar nuzzled her neck taking in her intoxicating scent.
“My precious, sweet, liitle Angel. All mine. I’ll protect you. Forever and Always.”

Thanks a lot for all the comments. Thank you silent readers. If you liked this part then please comment. I need to know if you are liking this ff or not.

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