I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 4 & 5

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Heya friends, here’re the fourth and fifth chapters of my ff. These two are my personal favourites. Hope they would be your favourites as well.

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Hope you all would like it.

I ain’t sorry for loving you
CHAPTER 4 – The question:
Shivaay’s POV:

I walked out of the room, her question still ringing in my ears. I held intense pain in my heart, a broken family, parents separated by heart and brothers broken, as if I was an adhesive trying to join everyone together, all in vain. How does it feel when the last of you pillars fall? That would exactly be the scene when I would lose her forever. And today as if I had a glimpse of it. She asked me when she knew it was she, who always surrounded me and my world, but her oblivion and rejection pinched me hard.
As I was lost again, pair of hands lingered around my waist, tightly; and I knew my darling was back as my friend. She gave me a back hug, muttering sorry. I quickly turned around to hold her; again her friendly hug had some solace for me. I found peace here and closed my eyes.
I opened my eyes that were full of tears, I again had a horrifying dream. I found myself in my cabin, I saw Annika coming to me with a glass of water. She kept the glass in front of me and held me when I hugged her tightly. I was bewildered, these nightmares haunted me since my childhood and left the same impact years later. As a child I hated them, but as the doctor said I needed someone to bring me back to senses. She was there and she held my hand, literally dragging me to the car and drove me to my home. It was 1a.m. and she was still in the office and now, nearly quarter to two, she was taking me home. I kept my head on her shoulder, wondering how dependent I was, on her.

I ain’t sorry for loving you:
CHAPTER 5- The brothers:
Shivaay’s POV (continued):

Dependent, yeah, but what about air to breathe? Well I was choking, but the warm feeling lingered me. Yeah, my brothers were holding me tight as both of them slept beside me and I ran out of space. I like being cuddled by my loved ones, not to go with my strict appearance that was like a hard shell. I remembered all the happenings. It was all a pleasant surprise, to put it together-serendipity. So obnoxious, yet lovable.

I had come back home dropped by Annika, to find my two brothers dozing inadvertently on the bed. Didn’t they sleep? Was my mind as well as my mouth, asking at the same time. They were waiting for me, that is why I made a point to return early. The strongest of my pillars, they were my brothers and my sons. I had grown up listening, that they could call me ‘dad’ instead of ‘Bhaiyaa’ or ‘Bhai’. We had the same problem, lack of parental attention, so I did what I wanted from my parents. The love and care I yearned for, I ushered effortlessly on them. So the first word they uttered was ‘Bhai’, as their ‘Bhai’ was teaching them how to speak , while our parents were busy hurling insults on each other. And suddenly from nowhere, I had a thought of her. Yes, there was a connection, the pain I felt while speaking to her and the pain I felt now, aren’t they the same? I was dying again for love. And just then Rudy and Om both mounted their legs on me, just the way they always did and Rudy gave me a wet kiss sheepishly. What was he dreaming of?

Author’s note: This chapter is loosely based on the reasons behind the brothers’ bonding, though I’ve emphasised Shivaay’s POV of it. There are numerous ShivOmRu scenes in my ff, but they are all circumstantial. In my ff Rudy is way more focused and responsible in his life, but is a baby to his brothers. He is my favourite in this ff, carefree but not careless, being innocent and funny, yet so responsible in his works. I love his character. So… what do you guys think of the characters of my ff?
Do let me know through your comments.

Copyright: AditiB
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How’s it my sweeties? Drop your comments. I am eagerly waiting for them. Tomorrow I have my last exam, Sociology, so I would come up with regular updates after the 20th. So stay tuned!
Lots of Bhalobasha,

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