me and you episode 9 by Sukor

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Recap: Suraj and Chakor are still stuck in the forest but they have found some food from Chakor’s purse.
“Let’s go and see” Chakor said while munching on her granola bar.
They ran inside the tent and Suraj picked Chakor’s bag and dumped all the contents out of it.
“What the heck, is that the way to treat your girlfriend’s purse” Chakor asked in an angry voice.
“Sorry but that’s the easiest way” Suraj replied in a calm voice.
They checked out the things. There were 3 granola bars, more gums and candies, tissues, lipstick, blush and other stuff.
“Why the heck do you put this much stuff in your bag?” Suraj asks.
“It’s a big bag and I get hungry, ok” Chakor said.
“So much stuff but no phone or a charger” Suraj said a bit sarcastically.
“I had my phone but I left it in the car”
“Yah, right”

“Look, there’s a zipper outside. Maybe there’s something in there” he says while opening the zipper.
There it was, their way to get out. It was a pink power bank.
“Wow, a power bank. Yes” Chakor and Suraj shouted.
Suraj got out his phone and connected it to the power bank and it worked!! His phone was working.
“Finally we can go back to our homes and out of this stupid forest” Chakor said happily.
Suraj ignores it and calls the driver.
“Hi, can you come and pick us up now” he asks.
“Yes sir, I will be there in 1 hour” the driver answers.
Suraj ends the call.
“He is picking us up after an hour” Suraj tells Chakor.
“Ok, what do you want to do now?” she says.
“Let’s talk about our wedding” he says.
“So what theme do you want” he asks.
Chakor thinks.

“I want something filmy but simple, what about you” She said.
“I want something simple but fun” he says.
“Ok, so similar opinions”
They kept planning there weeding and an hour came to an end when they heard the horn. They ran outside and saw the driver starting to pack stuff and helped him.
“Thanks for coming right away” Suraj says.
“You’re welcome, sir” the driver said.
They finished the packing and got in the car.
After another Hour, they came to Chakor’s house.
“Thanks Suraj for the lovely trip?” She said a bit confused.
Anyway she gave him gentle kiss on the cheek and ran inside her house”

Thank you guys for encouraging me and I hope you will like this. Plz comment. They matter a lot.

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  1. Cute episode, looking forward to the next update.

    1. Sukor

      thanks dear

  2. Ofcorse sukor i lov lov lov ur ffs so always i’ve wait for these fantastic ffs.please if u can post next as soon as posible.m egrly waiting dear.lov u lot.

    1. Sukor

      I know you love my ffs dear and thank you so much for that. I will update My heart is with you today but you will see it tomorrow, ok.

  3. Nce ff sukor carry on dr.

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear

  4. Its cute and amazing dr. Do update soon if u can

    1. Sukor

      Thank you.

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