Agnifera 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kishan’s Determination To Bring Out Truth

Agnifera 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kishan confronts Agni that she loves him and cannot lie to herself. Agni nervously says she does not love him. He asks if she loves Sameer, what wrong did he do. Agni says he loved her immensely, but it was one-sided and he was behind her; she realized it when she met and she could not waste her life for him. Kishan stands shattered. Next morning, Sameer with Agni joins family for breakfast and says it is a beautiful day today. Agni says she will serve him breakfast near sofa. He says let us have breakfast with family. He makes her sit and asks her to feed him from her hand says he was not interested in marriage before, but now he is enjoying immensely. Kishan gets jealous and walks away. Sakshi takes his plate and walks behind him.

Kishan feels jealous imagining Agni and Sameer’s intimacy. Sakshi brings breakfast for him. He starts again why did Agni do this to him. Sakshi says she does not know. He says he will expose Agni’s truth in front of everyone and asks her to get out from his room. Sakshi thinks if he can reveal that Agni sacrificed her love for me.

Agni takes Sameer’s laptop and asks if he stores all his cases in it. He says yes. She says let her clean it and tries to put laptop in water. He panics and pleads to stop. She asks how dare he is to touch her waist and lips in front of everyone. He says it was acting. She asks to say sorry and will never repeat it. He nervously says sorry. She gives him rule note to never touch her, never act as romantic in front of everyone, etc. He agrees, but thinks he will teach her a lesson.

After sometime, Agni gets Sameer’s message to meet him out. She walks fuming that she would throw him in jail if she can. She sees him dark and asks why did he call her. He hugs her. She pushes him and says she warned him that according to rules he cannot touch her. He switches on light and she is shocked to see Kishan. Kishan says which wife does not let her husband touch her. Agni says it is her and Sameer’s problem, no one of his business and walks away. He thinks he will bring out truth in front of whole family.

Vaishali in kitchen tells Yashi that she will never accept Agni as her bahu. Agni walks into kitchen. Vaishali yells at her. Sameer walks in and confronts her. After sometime, KD gathers family and says they have to accept Sameer and Agni’s relationship. Sameer says they should and asks Agni and Sameer to perform aarti together. They do hesitantly. Kishan asks Sameer to put mangalsutra in Agni’s neck. Agni stands tensed.

Precap: Sameer confronts Sanjay for trying to kill Kishan for property.
Sakshi tells Agni that she can sense her growing love for Sameer and she is happy for her.

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  1. Tomorrow’s last episode will be like a hurricane that everything will come and go so quickly at the blink of an eye.

    So will Agni really marry Sameer or Kishan?

  2. I want Agni with kishan though…. Baki ofc r thoughts can’t change their ending….n true Sara….these serials ways do this first of all in starting they interest is then drag n then finish off in hurricane note?

  3. Want Sameer and Agni pari. Both looking fabalous with each other. Kishan and Sakshi also best pair. Sameer love him. ????

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