PYAAR TO HOna HI THA: twinj: episode8

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Twinkle see kunj cuddling maya fully tears escaping from her eyes kunj closing his eyes and remembering something which hurting him like anything.

A man hitting a woman she begs in front of him two little babies standing in window and seeing everything.And get shocked to see Their mother who crying like anything.Kunj open his eyes who breathing heavily.

Maya:kunjjj are you okay na.. kunj fully drenched in sweat twinkle come in room get worried to see him.

Maya:where is allergic medicine maya look at twinkle.

Twinkle:wait maya I’ll bring.She went towards wardrobe and finding in drawer.

Maya:twinkle check in his box he kept. Twinkle nodded her head in yes she check in kunj box twinkle find medicine she get surprised how maya knows this.She take the medicine and went towards her give to him.Maya give medicine to kunj.Kunj can’t open his eyes fully he blink his eyes. Maya place his head on pillow kunj closed his eyes and feel better now she caressing his hairs tears escaping from maya eyes to see him like this.Kunj holding his finger.While taking care of kunj they all sleep expect than twinkle she wake up whole night checking Kunj. Twinkle sitting beside kunj.She caressing his hairs wiped sweat.

Twinkle:in mind what have you done with yourself see your face fully lost his charms Kunj why.She kissed on his forehead see he burning in fever still.Twinkle see kunj holding maya finger she take out her finger take kunj hands on her hands kissed on them.She too sleep don’t know when.


Twinkle and maya wake up together they look at each other’s while naman and Rishi or Yuvi as well. Maya check kunj his fever temperature fine.Yuvi gestured Rishi he understand.

Rishi:maya lets go now mom calling me.

Maya:Rishi you go I’m here with kunj.

Rishi:Twinkle is come back now maya she handle Kunj and we’ll come back after get freshen up na.

Maya:okay fine please twinkle take care of him.

Twinkle:hmm in cold voice.maya kissed on kunj forehead twinkle closed her fist to see this.They all went from there twinkle went downstairs and closed the main door of her house.She look at whole house condition she sit on couch and hold her head.What he have done in my absence I thought if I went give him time to think alone it’s better for us but he did this childish things babaji. Play with his health if I have any idea he’ll do something like this than I’ll never leave him alone and go anywhere.She closed her eyes and remember how mays showing so much concern about kunj and even closing to kunj more than his friends.She kissed on his forehead.Let him get fit and fine I’ll see him later.She went in room.See what condition of my room he make man.She keep her duppta in side and clean all mess and see bottles and look at Kunj. Now he sleeping in alcohol hangover.She clean each and everything than she went downstairs call her servant she come within no time Twinkle tell her work.Along with maid twinkle clears her whole house after 2 hours. They both and get tired but sit and drink water.Maid meena.

Meena:bhabhi finally everything is clean.i toh come everyday but kunj bhaiya didn’t let me do my work.

Twinkle:hmm.Leave about this all things you take this money brings fresh veggies and other things Till than I’ll make

breakfast for your Kunj bhaiya.

Meena:okay bhabhi.She went while twinkle get up and went in her room she entered in room and see kunj who sleeping peacefully she went near him his hand falling down she place on bed

perfectly and covered him with blanket. She check Kunj neck he is better before. She get relief she take her clothes went in washroom twinkle take the bath and come out of the washroom and went towards dressing table she drying her hairs with towel that water sprinkled on kunj face. Twinkle tied her wet hairs with hair clip. She take her duppta went downstairs she goes in kitchen meanwhile meena too come she keep the veggies bag on kitchen slab twinkle wash the vegetables and cut and make kunj favourite breakfast but in healthy way. She make everything she get call on landline she went to take.

#While in room kunj wake up he open his eyes stretch his arms.He feel so weak.He try to get up but can’t due to his injuries.

Somehow he get up and take the support of backboard and rest his head closed his eyes his whole body aching like anything. Back to down twinkle talking with Leela.

Twinkle:haa MAA everything is fine.

Leela:I get worried about you after reached you didn’t call me.

Twinkle:woh MAA i didn’t get time..

Leela: aur hows Kunj?? Twinkle give her long pause silence. Twinkleeee??

Twinkle:haa MAA he is too. MAA I’ll talk to you later I have to see him.

Leela:okay take care of yourself and both stay happy. They end the calls while twinkle keep the phone back with sad face.

Twinkle:anything is fine MAA I can’t tell you about him first I have to deal with him alone.she take deep breath and look at towards upstairs.She went in kitchen take the tray she look at Time it’s almost 11clock. She went upstairs twinkle entered in room her eyes went on bed see kunj who laying in sitting position twinkle keep the breakfast tray in side table. She went to open the window and curtains she open sunlight coming in room fully which hitting on kunj face.He open his eyes slowly which fully get swelled.His vision didn’t come clearly he see someone standing picture coming blurred.Twinkle going near him kunj blinking his eyes. He closed his eyes he see twinkle face get surprised rubbing his eyes feel pain in his fingers.


Twinkle:kunjjj.Kunj heard twinkle voice he open his eyes fully and see kunj get

shocked to see her here she rushed towards him.She sit beside him and take his hand in her.

Kunj:Twinkleeee.he take his hand back.

Twinkle:kunjj what happened are you okay na.

Kunj:in low voice you are here really.She get up take deep breath.

Twinkle:yes I’m here open your eyes.

Kunj:when did you come back why??

Twinkle:it’s not important how you feel now.She take the thermometer and put in his mouth check he didn’t say anything. Twinkle take out she see the temperature still not decrease.Why your fever not going leave.You come with me have your breakfast than take medicine.

Kunj:Leave I’m fine.Kunj try to get up but can’t twinkle hold his hand kunj look at her.Tears escaping from their eyes slightly.
Kunj removed her hand he take the

support of wall slowly slowly he went inside the washroom.Twinkle look at him. Just than maya call on landline meena talk to her she asked about kunj..

Maya:Rishi I’m feeling bad let’s go na..

Rishi:maya calm down he is fine twinkle haina Waha.

Maya:I know this Rishi but you know his anger.Let’s go na.

Rishi:acha we’ll go after sometimes later you go and see mom..


Kunj stand in front of mirror he look at himself fully injured bandages.He closed his eyes and ears recalled whatever twinkle told him he feels so bad. Kunj take the soap dispenser and throw at mirror which break down twinkle heard sound and get shocked she rushed towards washroom door.And started banging the door


Kunj on the shower tap and sit under the shower let the water flow on his body he didn’t care about his wounds.Twinkle get panic if he didn’t something with himself she thinking what to do than she went towards drawer and started finding extra keys of washroom lock.She find key and went towards door open the lock with key she open the door and went inside her eyes went on mirror glasses pieces she finding Kunj turned her face see toward shower side see kunj standing under shower.She hold her head why he doing this.she went out of the washroom take out his clothes kunj take the bath and went out of the washroom.Twinkle give him his clothes kunj take without saying anything he wear trouser anyhow twinkle see him she take the T-shirt from his hand make him wear his T-shirt.

Twinkle:this isn’t good kunj what you doing it haa.

Kunj:I can manage twinkle.

Twinkle:I know how much you manage. She hold his hand make him sit on bed she take towel dry his hairs.She called nurse already she come meena bring her in room. Come please.

Nurse:sure.She come and take out her things.

Kunj:no need of this I’m fine.

Nurse:see your wounds.

Twinkle:you do his dressing please.Nurse open the bandages twinkle see kunj wounds feel so horrible how can someone do this with his own self.Nurse did kunj dressing.Thanks she left while Kunj lay down in sitting position.Twinkle come with breakfast tray. She sit beside kunj. He open his eyes.

Kunj:don’t wasted your time on me please. Leave me alone.

Twinkle:acha I leave you alone so much what have you done with yourself listen kunj right now don’t talk about anything think about your health please have this breakfast.

Kunj:please don’t do these things.He turned and lay down on his tummy twinkle just look at him only she get up and leave the tray on table and went from there.

Maya and Rishi along with Mahi and yuvi they left for kunj residence.Soon they reached together they went inside ring the door bell meena went to open the door she open the door and they come inside while twinkle sitting in living room in tension.They went towards twinkle as soon as Twinkle see mahi she feel so better but her smile disappears to see maya don’t know why.They take the seat.

Mahi: how’s he is now.

Twinkle:you Itself ask mahi didn’t listen to me at all I was requesting him to have breakfast he deny..

Maya:this boy is like this only I told you na.

Mahi:leave maya don’t show him your

anger I’ll handle he’ll listen to me surely.

Twinkle: yeah you try.. Mahi went upstairs along with Yuvi. They entered in room and see kunj who laying in anger they went towards him Yuvi lay down beside kunj.

Yuvi:hey bro how’s you.

Mahi:haa my dearest devar ji..

Yuvi:kunj you have messages from nani..

He open his eyes.

Mahi:kunj have your breakfast na please for me.

Kunj:in low and breaking voice please mahi bhabhi don’t force me I’ll have later.

Mahi:acha you’ll not listen to me haa.

Yuvi: haa kunj think about twinkle she is in tension.More see maya she didn’t well when get to know about you haa.

Kunj:don’t take her name I went towards her for help what she said I have to handle itself now I can handle my life no need of anyone please you guys leave me alone if not than I’ll go from here.Mahi and yuvi look at each other’s.They both went downstairs.They told what kunj tell them.

Twinkle: he is so stubborn I never seen.

Rishi: he never behaves like why now.

Maya:he is like this only zidhi man.. let me handle him.

Rishi:maya he’ll burst out on him.

Maya:so what. maya run upstairs entered in room see kunj who holding alcohol mini bottle taking sips she get shocked she rushed towards him snatch the bottles from kunj hand and throw it in side..
Kunj raise his face and see maya. Waha kunj here we are mads haa who worried about yourself and you drinking very well she started clapping.Due to her voice they all come in room.

Kunj:it’s none of your business.

Maya: acha we are idiots who come here.

Kunj:I didn’t call you all Itself you all come you all can go.. specially you..

Maya:don’t dare to talk to me in this tone show him her finger.No one is your father servant here who begging in front of you.

Kunj:haa jaana.

Yuvi:maya calm down.

Kunj:now why you come haa showing your fake concern I don’t need you understand now get lost from here.

Twinkle: kunjj why you behaving like this.

Kunj:and you twinkle please don’t come in my matter you Itself went na you need space now I need.

Maya:leave this man twinkle he is manner less.Leave him on hisself.

Kunj:thanks it’s really good maya ji.She take the cushion and throw at him. Both brother and sister throwing pillows and cushion at each other’s all shocked and hold their heads like inn ka kuch nahi ho shakta Hai.

Rishi:now your fight is over kunj for us have something.

Kunj:take your wife from here it’s good for her.Kunj get up and went out of the room.

Mahi:what happened to him actually.

Twinkle:he only knows na..

Maya: if you don’t leave him alone na that’s good.

Rishi:haa twinkle his anger didn’t over easily.And top of the things Itself this maya didn’t listen to him more she make him gloomy.

Twinkle:i just went to give us time.

Maya:you are right at you place twinkle but this he didn’t understand na.For name sake he grew up still Same to same 5 years old baby.They went downstairs and sit kunj who sitting in poolside he cuddling his knees feeling cold.They watching him from glass window!

Yuvi: it’s better leave him for sometime when his anger will gone he’ll be normal.


Twinkle:you all sit I’ll come.. she went

In kitchen while maya looking at him feeling sore to see him.She pampered him since childhood lots.She call meena and tell her bring something to have for kunj she bring give the plate to maya. Maya went towards kunj and sit beside him.

Maya: kunjjj please okay baba I’m sorry

She hold her ears kunj look at her corner of his eyes.You know what you mean for me haa.Why You hurting yourself kunj. I always leave your mistakes this time you too mine.

Kunj:acha what did you said. I just have you and you also leave my hand haa.And calling yourself my sister.Don’t mess with me.

Maya:acha fine you absolutely correct at your place I’m wrong. I’ll do whatever you wanted to tell me.She cupped his face he jerk her hand she again cupped. You are toh my cute baby brother na.Tears escaping from their eyes.I was so worried I get to know about your accident Kunj You never care about me.. Kunj cuddles her tightly.

Kunj:you are very bad maya di. First that twinkle now you..

Maya: hmm.They seen this get so happy.

Yuvi:she is only the one who knows how to handle him.

Rishi:that’s why we call her mother India ??. Twinkle come with coffee see this kunj and maya get shocked.

Maya: now leave everything have something you become so weak.she tore the morsel Kunj slightly open his mouth and have it. Twinkle don’t know whether she get happy or sad.But she didn’t show this to anyone.She give them coffee.Kunj have few bites.

Kunj:bas now I can’t.

Maya:okay good.. come with me.

Kunj:now you go I’m fine here.

Maya: okay. She went from there.

Yuvi:waha maya..

Maya:very much dramatic he is..

Rishi:that also you make him..

Maya:my bad luck.

Twinkle:thanks maya at least he have something.They sit for sometimes after they leave while twinkle get confused to think about maya and Kunj bonding.He didn’t have when I told him he listen maya but not me why.she leave everything aside
Kunj who went back to room and he take the medicine due to medicine doze he sleep.Twinkle come in room see him she covered him with blanket and take out her clothes from bags and keep back in wardrobe she see wardrobe condition Kunj mess all clothes she take out and again fold them keep back.She sit beside kunj and watching him.He sleeping she checking him now fever not.After sometimes later

#At evening..
Kunj wake up he didn’t get up lay down only.Twinkle went in kitchen make soup for him she take.Kunj get up and sit there only.She sit beside him.

Twinkle:have this soup you’ll feel good kunj.

Kunj:hmm. He take the spoon in his hand but his hands shivering fully.

Twinkle:may I.he look at her blinked his eyes she take the spoon and make him

Drink soup.Kunj drink soup with her hands happily.Slightly some drops stuck on kunj chin she wiped. Kunj chocked started coughing so badly Twinkle leave the soup bowl she get up started patting on his back.. kunjj are you fine..

Kunj:hmm while coughing.Twinkle fill water glass for him she make him drink he drink.

I’m fine.don’t worry.

Twinkle:hmm.Kunj see twinkle face he understands she Itself didn’t have anything he pulled her hand and make her sit she take the soup bowl and take the spoon take near her lips she get confused kunjj what are you doing.

Kunj:I know you didn’t have anything. Twinkle get shocked how he knows.Don’t be shocked twinkle you have doubt on me but I never on you.I can read your face. Tears escaping from her eyes she open her mouth he feed her.She drink soup with his hands she hold his hand. Why are you crying haa he leave the bowl aside and wiped her tears with his hands.She hugged him tightly.

Twinkle:kunjj I never doubt on you,.

Kunj:leave this all twinkle no use of this things now. She break the hug and look at him.

Twinkle:what do you mean by this..

Kunj:nothing twinkle why you come back haa.

Twinkle: why don’t you wanted I come back haa kunj. Both look at each other face.

Kunj: I didn’t say this woh you went na Itself:

Twinkle: yes I went Itself and come back as well but you toh didn’t come to bring me na.

Kunj: what i really twinkle I was calling you and messaging you like a mads but you didn’t bothered to called me back didn’t in formed me whether you reached or not safely what such a bad I have done with you haa.

Twinkle:really kunj what have you done..

Kunj:tell me I just thinking about your happiness leave my happiness aside.He hold her shoulder And rolled down her come upon on her.She get shocked to see his face colour which was fully red. Okay I’m wrong at my place what about you twinkle Haa.What you Doing with than man I saw you both in cafe twinkle get more shocked he saw them.You are in his embrace haa.!

Twinkle:if you see us than why you didn’t come to me and asked me once.

Kunj:I thought maybe he is your friend.

Twinkle:very good.She pushes him and come top of him.

Kunj:what I have done with you.You behave so rudely with me haa.What I felt when you doing this all with me.

Twinkle:for that I’m sorry kunjj.She narrated him each and everything but I was not expecting you will ready to give my hand in his hands you showing na you care for me love me where is your love went kunj that time.I just testing him I toh slap him that time only.Didn’t expect from you.You just pretending I’m yours but not at all.Tears coming from her eyes. Which fall down on kunj cheek.. I thought you’ll come to take me back but not.

Kunj:just for you I make myself this.If you cared about me you’ll call me but not. I thought you love him because he is your love na.

Twinkle:she isn’t my love kunj now I understand I never love him I didn’t feel for him what I feel for Y—-.!She stop in middle .She started crying why you do this with yourself what I felt only I know.Kunj hugged her tightly she too give up.

Kunj:shhh I didn’t  mean it twinkle I’m sorry.I just wanted to see you happy

nothing else twinkle I can’t think to away you from me I can’t live without you.Don’t cry.They sit and Kunj wiped her tears. And kissed on her forehead.I never wanted one single drop of tears come out from your eyes see today because of me you cry this much.She look at him.

Twinkle:no you are not I’m only somewhere kunj.she too wiped Kunj tears both joint their foreheads and stay like this both look at each other’s.Kunj cupped her jaw she slightly closed her eyes without wasting any time they learn for kiss kunj lock his lips with her.they kissing each other’s slowly slowly showing how much they miss each other’s through this kiss. Longing for this.they break the kiss and look at each other’s again they hugged each other’s.Kunj lay down while twinkle rest her head on his chest he cuddling her tightly they stay like this didn’t said anything just resting each other’s embrace feeling each other warms giving them peace.twinkle was tired didn’t sleep last night.While twinkle and Kunj both sleep…

At late night they wake up at the same time and open their eyes look at each other’s.Twinkle see the time get shocked it’s 11 clock they sleep so much. She get up.

Twinkle:what I sleep with you..

Kunj:so what.. let’s more na.. I’m still feeling sleepy.

Twinkle:you sleep.let me go now feeling so fresh.

Kunj:even me too.

Twinkle: acha Okay baba you sit I’ll come.

Kunj:Twinkle I’m hungry in cute way.

Twinkle: obviously you’ll kunj see the time.

Kunj:let’s oder something from outside.

Twinkle: nope you aren’t well not at all. I’ll make something for us. She went downstairs goes in kitchen get busy in cooking while Kunj wear hoody and went downstairs he come down and see twinkle he went towards her. Kunj give her backhugged she understands and give smile.Why you come here haa you aren’t well na. Go.

Kunj:so what tera pati Bimar haina you should sit with him. Should I help you.

Twinkle:no you sit.

Kunj:Twinkle I’m sorry please forgive. I hurt you..

Twinkle:Leave na kunj even I too over reacted if I was in your place than don’t know what I’ll do with you. So you better than me. Didn’t behave like those typical possessive husbands .

Kunj:because I trust you more than myself.
Kunj sit on kitchen slab. And admiring twinkle who busy in cooking. Quickly she make the food and place on tray.Let’s have in room na I feel so cold.

Twinkle:okay.They went in room and place the tray on bed both sit Twinkle feeding him food he feel so good to have food made by her. Kunj feed her too with her hands only just than Kunj got call from Maya. At this time whose call .

Kunj:let me see kunj take his phone he see the caller id rolled his eyes I know she is only. Kunj take the call. Haa bol..

Maya:how’s you now.

Kunj: fine

Maya:great didn’t you sleep.

Kunj:I just wake up maya.Twinkle leave the food after listen maya name.

Maya:okay take care of yourself bye.

Kunj:bye!he keep the phone aside.

Twinkle:maya ka call.

Kunj:haa she is Fevicol

Twinkle:she really care about you kunj.

Kunj:hmm,after dinner they both lay down and spending time in each other’s embrace while twinkle mins just stuck on maya.

Twinkle:twinkle you over thinking she just his friend that’s why.After sometimes later kunj and twinkle sleep..

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Twinkle wake up didn’t find Kunj beside her she gets confused giving him voice didn’t get any response back.She gets up and went downstairs see fresh flowers keep in living room. She smiled to see she take in her hands and went towards kitchen see kunj wearing apron hat looking damn she went near him see the kitchen.

Twinkle:what is this all kunj.. he come near her he gives her peck on her lips.

Kunj:this for you I trouble you na lot so this needed.twinkle see this all smiling like anything already the weather was so Cloudy and dark sun didn’t come out.Kunj lit the candles ?..

Twinkle: wow nice but why you did this for kunj.

Kunj: for you I did this all.. I miss you this days twinkle yaar?..

Twinkle: I too.

Kunj: you go and get freshen up.. let’s have breakfast together.

Twinkle: I’ll help you na.

Kunj: nope.. he pushes her and send her forcefully she went and get freshen up she come down after get freshen up meanwhile kunj set everything on table twinkle come down kunj see her she look so beautiful. She come towards he forward her his hand she gives her hand In his hands kunj hold and pulled the chair for her she sits.Kunj open the lid and twinkle see her favourite breakfast aalo paratha with white butter and pickled she looks at Kunj.

Twinkle: omg Kunj you make this for me.

Kunj:I know you love your Indian styled breakfast so. He served her and sit beside twinkle. She looks at him.

Kunj:don’t look at him have na tell me how’s it.

Twinkle:okay. She tastes the paratha and giving look to kunj he wait for her reaction.

Kunj: say something it’s not good.?.She smiled she didn’t say anything just give him wet peck on his lips.

Twinkle:world best I never have this type of you are the best kunj in shocked.


Twinkle:yes.You should try.she feed him kunj too have both nodded their head together with a smile. You learn this in my absence haa.

Kunj:nahi Alisha teach me ??. She gives him roar look kunj laugh out twinkle lost in his laugh she admired him.

Twinkle: in heart..When you smile at me you brighten up my day more than the sun ever could.

Kunj:why you looking at me like this haa.

Twinkle:see you like this feel so good you should smile just kunj it’s suits on you not that sadu face which carry usually.

Kunj:acha ji.When you are with me I’m just happy..puller her nose.. they happily have their breakfast after breakfast twinkle bring kunj medicines he tries to ignore.

Twinkle; don’t act like babies Maya was right you behave like 5 years old baby just for namesake you grown up.

Kunj:uski chodh pagal kahi ki maya.

Twinkle:she is right she knows you better than everyone.

Kunj:woh toh hoga hi na.twinkle cupped Kunj jaw forcefully give him his medicine while taking he making faces.

Twinkle:good baby.

Kunj:eww twinkle yaar it’s so bitter.

Twinkle:so what.. okay you sit I’ll come.

Kunj:where are you going haa sit with me.

Arey shit shit I have work..

Twinkle:what work.

Kunj:office shit..

Twinkle: in this condition kunj how will go office.

Kunj:if I’ll not go than no job.

Twinkle:so what Leave na..

Kunj:don’t worry I’ll come quickly just submit reports.

Twinkle:acha you can’t drive na.

Kunj:haa I’ll call driver.I’m too smart.okay bye twinkle bring his office bag give him kunj hug her and went outside driver bring car Kunj sit and left for office.Like this one week passed away kunj get fine.Kunj and twinkle staying happily twinkle started open up more with kunj she shares her all things with kunj.At the same time twinkle get insecure with maya and Kunj closeness.

Normal [email protected]

Twinkle and Kunj sitting in garden holding each other’s hands.

Twinkle: Kunj can I ask you something .

Kunj: yes what you wanted to ask me..

Twinkle:Kunj did you love me before our wedding:kunj get shocked and leave her Hand thinking how she get to know.He looks at other side.Don’t try to ignore me kunj today don’t ask me.

Kunj:what are you saying twinkle..

Twinkle:tell me na kunjj.. did you really love me.

Kunj:Twinkle you say na we stay like a bestie.

Twinkle: haa but I wanted to know what you feel for me..

Kunj:first you tell me today..

Twinkle:okay I’ll tell you today what I feel for you. But?

Kunj: okay yes it’s true I love you before our wedding not but since the day I saw you first time I fall for you twinkle don’t know how?? Twinkle didn’t realise when you become the reason I breathe.That Kunj who didn’t believe in this all but you stole my heart.She just listens him.

Twinkle: you never tell me.. I was getting married.

Kunj:yes very pain full moment for me but god is too great.Anyhow he brings you in my life.

Twinkle:than why you didn’t tell me.

Kunj:because I don’t wanted you force my feeling on yourself Itself you feel what you feel for me Twinkle.That’s why I maintain my limits. He tells her everything she short of words find herself so lucky till now she heard love stories in books today someone loving her this much.

Twinkle:how can you love me this much kunj.You never try to tell me.And I’m idiot who just lost in my so called past.she hugged him yes kunj I too love with the same way kunjj now I realised I never love Vivian because I love you.I never felt for him what I felt you when you not around me my heart beat stops. ?? I was just confused between my heart and mind today I my heart win kunj. She breaks the hug. She takes his hands in her hand yes kunj Sarna I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.BG SONg♥️

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha
Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha
Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha
Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha
Pyaar To

Hona Hi Tha
Aankhoon Ke Raste
Dil Mein Samaana
Dil Mein Samaa Ke
Needein Udana

Ever since I met you, nobody else is worth thinking about.kunj just shocked and surprised didn’t believe on his eyed and ears finally he heard those three words from twinkle mouth he closed his eyes.

Bada Sambhala Tha
Main Ise
Dil To Khona Hi Tha
Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha
Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha
Pyaar To
Hona Hi Tha

Is Zindagi Ke
Meethe Safar Mein
Palkoon Ke Neeche
Khwaboon Ke Ghar Mein
Kisi Haseena Ki
Zulfoon Taley
Tumko Sona Hi Tha

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha
Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha

Kunj:what did you said. Twinkle went side bring flower and sit on her knees Kunj look at her.

Twinkle:yes what you listen kunj I love you like anything will you be my forever. I wanted to spend my whole life with you wanted to fight with you. For once in my life, I don’t have to try to be happy. When I’m with you, it just happens.kunj look at her he smiling like anything.He sits on his knees Kunj hugged her back.

Kunj:uff twinkle what you give me today I can’t explain you i was dying to listen this three words from you mouth.. how this happened today.

Twinkle:I can’t deny now kunj.And cant resist myself now he looks at her take the flower for her hands.

Kunj:yes I’m just yours will you be my twinkle.

Twinkle:yes.I’m too yours.She pushes kunj on grasses and come overall him.She pulled his collar and Kunj look at her.She moved her finger on his face he shivered. Kunj lock his hands around her lower back.She kissed on his cheeks Kunj smile.

Idiot hide his feeling why.

Kunj:leave na.she moving her lips on his

Lips teasing him kunj try to capture her lips before she side kunj get irritated he Lock her lips and rolled her down and both started kissing each Like anything There is no tomorrow expressing their love for each other’s Kunj biting her lips while twinkle hands moving on his back.Twinkle open mouth kunj entered in her both giving each other open mouth kiss. After 15 minutes later they lack of oxygen break the kiss.They breathing heavily and look at each other both smiling like anything like today they got the reason to live. Their

Hearts beat pairs up.

Life isn’t measured in minutes, but in heartbeats. Both rolling down on grasses.they hold their hands and stay like this.

Kunj: why you take so much time.

Twinkle:love is like this kunj babu.


Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha
Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha

Hona Hi Tha
Hona Hi Tha…
Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha
Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha

Hona Hi Tha
Hona Hi Tha…

Twinkle: ha Kunj hogYa hai mujhe tumse pyaar..???.they spend some cozy some moments.After sometimes later.

Maya and Rishi mom Narmada they having issues with each other’s.While Narmada giving her taunts.Rishi call his friends his place for dinner he doesn’t know his mother and wife war is going on.

Twinkle: Kunj why you going there haa.

Kunj:Arey Rishi calls us let’s have maya hand food I missed so much.Twinkle look at him.You come I’m waiting for you. He went downstairs.

Twinkle:In kunj voice I’m missing her hands food huhu today I’ll see him.She gets ready and went downstairs. Twinkle and Kunj left for Rishi residence Soon they reached.They meet with namsha or yuhi.

Yuvi: hi Mr and Mrs. Sarna. Glowing so much.

Naman: haa??.

Kunj:you too glow every day so today I too ?.

Rishi: mom what is this going on haa here I called my besties and you both doing this.They all entered in side they went ahead.Rishi see him get shocked he knows they aware about his mother they get shocked to see the scenario.Maya sobbing in side.

Narmada:lo maya Kunj too come.Come kunj..

Rishi: mom please. Kunj rushed toward maya.

Kunj:what happened to you haa.

Narmada:I’ll tell you about her. Her she showing me her tantrums haa your father give you princess life here you’ll Not get same life maya get it.

Maya:mummy ji what are you saying when I demand for that.

Narmada:first she did black magic on my son he just understands your language. What you give him haa just fool him.


Narmada: I’m saying right. When this girl can go against his father wish she can do anything one day Rishi will leave you when her needs didn’t fulfil what you get for him haa.For just namesake you are billionaire daughter haa. Like father like daughter.

Maya:enough is enough now you don’t have Right to blame my father get it.She showed her finger to her.While rest of them seeing her..

Narmada:acha don’t dare to talk to me in this tone maya..

Rishi:you both shut up.

Maya:tell this to your mom Rishi. You never take stand for me haa.Leave this my dad was right. She run outside while other behind her.. Rishi hold her hand.Kunj just sitting in side and seeing them whine Yuvi and naman making Rishi understands.

Rishi:maya please you can’t blame my mom.

Maya:you always scold me what about your mother.Maya said something to Rishi.

He about to raise his hand on her before him kunj rushed towards them hold Rishi hand and jerk his hand.

Kunj:don’t dare to do this Rishi.Narmada come there.All get shocked. How can you try to raise your hands on your wife haa.

Rishi: kunj what she saying haa.

Kunj:leave her Rishi. Till now I listen everything.Today not at all what mistakes of her tell me I’ll talk to her.. but can’t let anyone raise their hands on her fit this in your ears.

Rishi: you saying me this kunjj.

Kunj:yes today your bestie didn’t stand in front of you.

Narmada; haa take this girl from here.

Twinkle: in mind why kunj interferes in their personal matter.

Yuvi:kunj and Rishi clam down.

Narmada:parents didn’t teach her good values Kunj get angry he look at Narmada.

Kunj:please don’t take parents in this she is your daughter in law you can tell her whatever you want but not parents. Whatever comes in Narmada mouth she saying maya crying like anything. She just putting allegations on maya Rishi didn’t said anything he was helpless. Shut aunty if you are not elder than I’ll show you what I’m.Behan hai Meri you can’t call her this. Twinkle heard get shocked and confused.

Narmada: haa take your great sister with you na.

Kunj:okay you want this only you see Rishi what your mother telling.Tu maya di no need to listen this all.Chal yeh se.I’m taking my sister with me now you’re happy na.You saying her what her aukaat that you also know about think this Rishi deserved better than maya fine.

Rishi: kunjj please I’m sorry na.

Kunj:no sorry today Rishi what for reason she always blaming my sister haa you Itself marry with my sister she didn’t come to you.For you she leave her everything you just want money aunty.That maya di didn’t give you.Stay happy.Chal he hold her hand.When you can’t respect your wife Rishi you can’t do anything.

Rishi: kunj stop..

Kunj:aajana if you have guts to take her upon your mother.While twinkle totally in deep shocked she didn’t understand anything. Narmada went inside in furiously

Rishi: for me kunj.

Kunj: today not your bestie but maya brother in front of you Rishi I never interfered in yours matter but you see today your mother she cross her all limits.

Rishi: I know kunjj.. I get tired now.This both of them making me mad..

Kunj:don’t worry give them time. I’m taking maya di with me you handle your mother Till than. Let’s go he gestured to twinkle and take maya from there he make her sit while twinkle too sit kunj sit and starts the car they drove off.. in whole the way twinkle just confused.

Twinkle: in mind what is this going on maya Kunj sister ?.. soon they reached and come out of the car they went inside before Kunj say anything maya run in room and closed the door while Kunj and twinkle look at each other’s. Kunjj maya.

Kunj: leave her now let’s go.. they went in their room. Kunj take out his coat and keep in side he sit in tension.

Twinkle:Kunj kya hua..

Kunj:kuch nahi life is so complicated.

Twinkle:I didn’t understand this.. she went and sit beside him. Maya kunjj.

Kunj: kya maya.

Twinkle: why you call her your sister. Kunj look at her confusingly.

Kunj:what you mean by this she is my sister na only so I’ll call her sister twinkle differently.

Twinkle: sister how??

Kunj: what how sister hai jeshe sab ki hoti hai.

Twinkle: I didn’t understand anything maya is your sister from which angle.

Kunj:kya bol rahi hai are you okay na..

Twinkle:I’m confused like hell.

Kunj:you making me as well.

Twinkle:she is your cousin sister.

Kunj:nope twinkle she is my real sister like you and abeer.. twinkle get shocked .

Twinkle: real sister what.

Kunj: why you are so shocked don’t tell me you don’t know about this maya is my sister. She nodded her head in yes really.

Twinkle:yes kunj I don’t know maya is your sister. Than Anjali Di.

Kunj:she is my cousin sister na.

Twinkle:what is this all.


Twinkle: usha mummy and Manohar papa ji your parents na.

Kunj:nope twinkle they are my uncle and aunt. My father younger brother.

Twinkle: ha??kunjjj.

Kunj: haa twinkle.

Twinkle: but you call them Maa and papa.

Kunj:haa I called them even maya too call them. So what they are not my parents. But more than parents they are. Wait a second means you thinking I’m Manohar uncle and Usha aunty son m I right.

Twinkle: haa..

Kunj:f**k ???. Epic twinkle man.

Twinkle:you never tell me since the day I meet you I just know you are Anjali Di brother.Kunj laughing like anything?

Kunj: great at least asked me once.

Twinkle:did you tell me. Even my family too

don’t know.

Kunj:they knows twinkle.. great.. you are really cute. Twinkle hold her head what she think about maya.

Twinkle: you know what kunj I thought something unwanted about you and maya I didn’t feel good when she get closer to you. Just thinking this why she taking care of you more than anyone else today I’m going fight with you about her. Kunj blinking his eyes.

Kunj: hai babaji you mean she and me.. we are brother and sister that’s why she care about me and you thinking shit..

Twinkle:haa ??sorry na I don’t know na she is your sister.

Kunj:tu pagal hai twinkle.

Twinkle:acha tum bhi.. when anyone see you and maya no One tell you both are siblings the way you talk with her no brothers talk with their sisters.

Kunj:we are different brother and sister na

That’s what we are like this since childhood.She showing me her anger because she is my elder sister but I always teased her lot. ??.

Twinkle: haa. Now what kunj..

Kunj:nothing happened twinkle both husband and wife didn’t stay without each other one second.

Twinkle: maya and Rishi mom.

Kunj:Rishi mom is very greedy she wants

Money that maya bring from her father and give her she just doing this with her.

Twinkle: you and Rishi.

Kunj:humhara chal ta hai if I didn’t raise my voice than maya will not leave him for Rishi I did this all. He didn’t did go to raise his hand on her I’ll talk to him later about this.

Twinkle:right kunjj. You bring her.

Kunj:let’s see na tomorrow.She knows how to handle Rishi.He’ll come to her. Today you give shocked twinkle yaar stop giving stress to your small brain. Bichara ?over load kar diya..

Twinkle:acha saduuu.. she pulled his cheeks while Kunj cuddles her tightly and thinking about maya.

Episode end here only.


Hi guys how was the episode??

Finally twinkle and Kunj confess their love with each other’s..  pyaar toh hona hi tha hogaya finally and at last twinkle get to know about maya.She is kunj sister ?. 

Hope you all like the episode please give your views.Bye love you all..

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