RadhaKrishn 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Gopadevi, Baldevi In Trouble

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Radha flies kite while Gopadevi watches her. Radha stops and says she forgot that mom gave her a task, rushes out and prepares butter for Vyomesh. Gopadevi thinks Radha prepares butter only for Krishnaa and says she will prepare butter. Radha says she will and preparing butter says she will give it to Vyomesh. Gopadevi says she will deliver this butter to Vyomesh and asks her taste once to see if it is sour. Radha says there is no need for that. Gopadevi insists. Radha tastes butter and says it is tasty. Gopadevi says now it will reach its destiny. Se carries butter to Baldevi who is munching cucumber nervously and says she got butter prepared by Radha. Baldevi says she is tensed regarding Dhama’s proposal. Gopadevi says good he will get a good brother-in-law. Baldevi asks not to joke, what will happen if people find out their true identity. Gopadevi says Radha has not found out their identity, how will anyone else. They are succeeding in their plan and this butter is his first trophy. He continues reveal their whole plan while Baldevi/Balram tries to stop him seeing Radha.

Krishna gets tensed seeing Radha. Radha confronts Krishna that she identified him long ago and was waiting for him to confess himself. She blames Krishna that he opened Barsana’s main door from inside to get his dacoits in and act as saving her to get into her good books. Balram asks Krishna to stop Radha from alleging him wrongly. Krishna asks Radha to calm down as she is speaking wrong in anger. Balram leaves unable to bear Radha’s allegations. Radha continues and says she will expose him in front of Vrishbhan. She holds his hand and drags him along.

Vyomesh, Ayan, and Jatila discuss that Krishna cannot sit silently even after so much happene,d how can 2 common girls fight with dacoits and save Radha, they must be someone else in disguise and they should find out who they are. They see Balram standing aside murming Radha is doing wrong. Vyomesh builds his black magical attack and says if Baldevi is common woman, she will burn with his attack. He attacks, but Radha drags him and away with Krishna. Jatila fumes where Radha is taking them. Radha continues dragging them. Balram asks where is she taking them. Krishna says to expose their identity. Balram asks to stop her, else they will be in big trouble. Krishna stops and says Radha will not understand it as she is blindfolded in anger now. Balram sees Vyomesh, Ayan, and Jatila trying to listen to them from a distance and in Baldevi’s voice says Radha should forget wicket Krishna and stay away from him, she should marry Vyomesh or Ayan is better match. He signals Krishna/Gopadevi. Gopadevi says Vyomesh is handsome and best match for Radha. Their fight starts. Vyomesh, Ayan, and Jatila walk away from there thinking they will not get any clue here. Krishna tries to explain Radha, but she gets adamant. He says she can go and inform her father.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that life is called chariot as life also moves like chariot, chariot has horses and wheels; life’s journey is dependent on their deeds, if their deeds are good, journey will be smooth, else it will be full of hurdle

Precap: Krishna asks Radha to control her anger as it is burning her slowlu.
Radha says when love itself is troubling, anger is obvious, now his love will trouble him.

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