Agnifera 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Revathi Saves Kishan

Agnifera 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi steals Agni’s cotton brought to make mattress. Agni confronts her while Sakshi showing her loud irritating expressions plays with cotton. Kishan asks Sakshi why she always cheats. Sakshi coughs. Devi asks Kishan to give her water. Kishan rushes with water to her when Agni also coughs and he gives water to Agni. Agni thanks him. Sakshi takes water herself. Sanjay tells Agni that he got a new electric cotton separator and asks her to use it as Kishan is busy. Kishan says he is not and walks towards machine to use it. Sanjay asks to plug it. Hrithik says he will plug it. Sanjay gets tensed. KD says let us all have lunch first and then restart work. On the other side, Revathi frees herself from Sanjay’s hideout and rushes towards home to save Kishan.

Arrogant wealthy man

who pestered Agni on road walks with his assistant who reminds that he has to rescue minister’s son from jail. Man says he knows until he delays, minster will continue taking care of his needs, so he will delay it. His girlfriend walks to him and asks why did he leave her in hotel room. He insults her and says he does not love her, she is so cheap and he can buy many girls like her. He continues and girl walks away crying. Assistant tells man that he broke many girl’s hearts. Man says he has not found a girl who can match his stature, reminiscing Agni not impressed with his wealth.

Competition starts again. Hrithik says now Agni bhabhi and Sakshi didi will prepare cotton matresses for winter. Maid informs utensil seller has come and is demanding his money. KD asks Sakshi to handle issue. Agni thinks she called him. Saskhi walks to seller and giving him old clothes asks what she will get in exchange. He says 2 bowls and 2 spoons. She asks its worth. He says 400 rs. She says she has to give him 500 rs, so 400 rs deducted she has to give 100 rs. She gives him 100 rs and praises herself. KD says now Agni will handle grocer.

Sanjay asks Kishan to start cotton separator. Kishan is about to plug switch when power goes off. Sanjay goes to check fuse and sees Revathi there. Revathi tries to stop him from switching on fuse. He slaps her. Sakshi walks in to check, and Sanjay hides Revathi..

Precap: Agni exchanges money from Sakshi’s wallet. KD pronounces Agni as 4th test winner. Sanjay ties Revathi again and slaps her. Sakshi tells Agni that they both won 2 tests, she will win rest of 3 tests as it is a question of love.

Update Credit to: MA

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