Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya supports Pratibha’s decision

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pratap asking Chakma owner and Mohini to hit him with hammer together so that all teeth shall fall down leaving just 2 teeth. He asks them to close their eyes and hit on his mouth. Chakma owner asks why with eyes closed? Pratap says you will not see my blood soaked mouth. They hold his collar and tell that they will take the measurement. Pratap asks them to close their eyes. He starts the countdown and signs Khatru. He takes out his shirt and runs away. Chakma owner and Mohini run behind him. Prarthana tells the girls that Prema will tell them. Prema says we kept your wish infront of other mummies, but Pratibha mummy is against this wish, so we have decided that Dhairya will hide the gift under her pillow and will get a gift too. The girls rejoice and dance happily.

Pratap hides in Kanhaiya’s shop and says if Chakma would have got you then? Pratap says I will hide all night in the shop. He tells that he fooled them leaving his shirt there. Khatru asks him to say in low tone, and says if Chakma hears you then. Pratap says I am not scared of him.

Kanhaiya asks his wives why did they agree and tells that he is on Pratibha’s side. Panjiri comes and likes the cooker brought by Kanhaiya. Prema gets romantic and asks him to agree. Kanhaiya says it is no from his side. Kanhaiya says even maiyya will refuse. Prema says we already told kids, then how to refuse them. Pratap asks Khatru to bring tea in two glasses. Khatru says ok and goes. Prema says girls’ heart is delicate like me. Kanhaiya asks her to control kids and heart. He says he is afraid thinking what girls will ask, as his business is not good now. Panjiri says she will make dal. Chakma owner and Mohini get upset as Pratap can’t be found. Khatru comes there and sees them. He thinks if I run then they will get doubtful and acts as if his jija is lost. Chakma and his daughter tell that they will search him. They leave. Khatru gets tea in two cups.

The girls think what to ask from Dant Pari. Surili says what Dhairya shall ask? Buddhi asks Dhairya to ask magical carpet from dant pari. Chakma and his daughter get doubtful and follow him. Dhairya says she will ask magical pen. Chanchal asks her to ask something else. Kanhaiya tries to make Prema understand and tells that Khatru sold 6 sarees recently. He told that the saree shop shall be changed to khatru saree centre so that Reshma’s parents get happy and make them agree. They decide to ask magical coat.

Prarthana hears them and says it is greed. He says if anyone hears then will think that they are greedy. She says dant pari listen to truthful and great people, like Balak hameed. Buddhi says pratibha mom told about it. Prarthana tells Hameed taking long spoon for his Dadi and he thought about others’ happiness first. Dhairya looks on.

Chakma and his daughter hold Pratap to break his teeth. Prarthana tells Dhairya that panjiri is asking cooker since many days and asks them to ask for cooker. Buddhi says Papa already brought it. Dhairya says she will ask Elephant to go to school.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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