Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhadraksh comes to vrindavan.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram and all friends building the boat. Balram says dhama, don’t bind the sticks like that, use more rope and nails so that the base should be very strong otherwise the boat will fall apart. Dhama says okay. Balram then tells others to make the front part of boat more pointed so that the boat floats in the water properly. Everyone say yes and balram then says we are working but where is this kanha? He said he would come soon but he still hasn’t come, he is wasting time. Balram says kanha where are you? come out! You said you would be here. kanha comes and says yes brother don’t worry, I was here only. Balram says what were you doing? Kanha says nothing brother, I was looking for a new plan that kansa was plotting against us. balram says what is he planning?

Kanha says that I don’t know, but he will do anything to stop us from building this boat. Balram says that is true, we have to be careful.
There radha is coming as she says gwale, where are you? kanha says oh my god, radha is here, hide everything. kanha and all friends stand in front of the boat’s base and stand and cover it. radha comes and says what are you all doing here? kanha says nothing radha we were just playing. Radha says then why are you standing in line? Kanha says oh nothing we were just checking our heights. Radha says okay. Balram says you go radha, we will come in some time. As radha is going she sees a hammer and then says I doubt it, why do you need hammer if you were checking heights? Radha puts aside kanha’s friends and then she sees behind the huge boat’s base being built. Radha says what is this? Such a huge boat? Kanha says yes. Radha says you all were hiding this. Kanha says radha, we are building this boat so that soon there will be holi and we will play holi in this boat in Yamuna river, we will build a boat for you and your friends too. Radha says dont think I am a fool, tell me. balram by mistake tells the truth and says in 2 days entire vrindavan will drown so to save everyone we are building this boat. Radha says what? I will tell the people. Kanha goes and stops radha and says that is why I don’t tell you anything radha because you create panic among the people. Radha says then kanha, what do I do? Kanha says radha, the boat is being built for everyone so that everyone is safe in it, if you tell them now then they will leave the village. Radha says even I want to help. Gargacharya comes and says radha, you and your friends make the red sticky paste so that the entire boat stays together fixed by another layer, there should be nothing less. Radha says okay and she goes.
In vrindavan, bhadraksh comes disguised as a villager and he says now I will see what is going on here and give any news I get to bhagwan kansa. Bhadraksh comes near nand’s house and he sees all people with nand. The people say nand baba, all our wood is gone and someone is stealing wood from mahavan. Nand says what? Why would someone do that? a man says it must be kansa, it must be his doing as he must be needing wood for something new now. bhadraksh says bhagwan kansa is thought of so less! He is not a small thief to take such wood, I have to find who is doing this. Bhadraksh sees dhama and Jeevan going towards the forest. Bhadraksh says maybe it is kanha doing this, he follows the friends and hears them talking about a huge boat, bhadraksh goes and says ohh dhama, I have been sent by radha here to help you from barsana, tell me some work for the boat too. Dhama says maybe radha told him, dhama says okay come on. Bhadraksh is going with them when balram stops bhadraksh. Bhadraksh gets scared and says I can do anything but not hide from you. balram says bhadraksh you come in any disguise I will know who you are, you cannot hide from me. bhadraksh says angrily I will take this news to kansa even if I cannot stop you, I will not be scared even though I am. Balram starts beating bhadraksh with mudgal and says I will make you forget everything you know. Kanha comes and says brother leave him, our enemy is kansa not bhadraksh, let him go. balram says I will let him go when he forgets everything. balram hits on bhadraksh’s head.
In Mathura, bhadraksh comes as he has forgotten. Bhadraksh says I have a good news but I forgot. Kansa removes his gadha and says how did you forget? Bhadraksh says I don’t remember. Kansa says I will beat you and he hits the gadha on bhadraksh’s stomach. Bhadraksh says yes I remember, kanha and his friends are making a huge boat to save everyone. Kansa laughs and says yes, everything is happening as I thought but the boat is still being built, it will be built if I allow it. kansa uses his powers ad calls jwalasura and says go and destroy mahavan as kanha is taking wood from there. Jwalasura goes.
Narad muni says nothing can stop the fire of jwalasura! He is powerful.

Precap: Jwalasura starts burning maha van. Balram and his friends try to escape from mahavan as they are surrounded by fire.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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