Agnifera 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini, Anurag, Shristi, and Vishu walk to Ichapurti temple’s first stop. Ragini tells Anurag they should decorate tree and then wind thread around it. Anurag says he does not believe in all this, but came on Daadi’s insistence. Shristi says even she does not believe in all this, but will to make other happy. Ragini tells Vishu that his wife and her mister will not perform rituals, so she will do it alone and he can record it to show it to daadi. Anurag says she is big dramebaz and can do anything to prove herself. Ragini starts ritual. Anurag says he will and follows her. Ragini feels happy. Sindoor falls on her face. Anurag extends hand to clean her face. Ragini closes her eyes. Anurag shows mobile and says she clean looking in it. She wipes face sadly and then prays god to keep her united with her mister. Anurag prays god to get him rid of Ragini.

Vishu says Ragini that he took nice video of her ritual, now she should record his ritual. He holds Shristi’s hand and drags her to do ritual. Moh moh ke dhaaage..plays in the background. After rituals, Ragini forces prasad in Anurag’s mouth. A few goons remove car’s wheel bolts. After getting back into car, Anurag scolds Ragini for forcefeeding him prasad instead of giving it in hand. She says even he would have eaten it. Vishu says he liked ritual. Ragini looking at Anurag says even she enjoyed it.

Revati and Daadi discuss at home all 4 youngsters must have finished rituals peacefully. Dulari says if she had come here with her husband and went to ichapurti mandir, her husband would not have lost. Divya says she will search jijaji. Revati says Dulari always talks about herself. Their discussion continues.

Anurag continues driving car and feels it losing control. He somehow manages to stop car and holds Ragini asking to be careful. Ragini gets happy that her mister is worried about her first and not Shristi. Vishu holds Shristi and asks if she is fine. They all get out of car. Ragini checks and says someone has removed bolts from wheel. They then see a lake and start playing with water.

Precap: Vishu and Shristi play in water and get tensed seeing goons walking towards them.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. hi …… I m SONAMM…. thanks for written update. ……bt can u çhange the montage or dp…….I mean. …

    vishu ji is not in this montage… pls change

  2. Hi sonamm
    Good suggestion. This serial was advertised as love triangle which it is not. Though two proposals came for anuraag there wasn’t a direct competition between two ladies as such. After marriage due to dulari’s immature comments and ragini’s insecurity a competition exists only in ragini’s imagination. Vishu should be added in the montage/dp as during the running episode they have added vishu and anuraag in the montage along with the two ladies since last two episodes.

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