Savitri Devi 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi waking up Isha in the hostel room. Isha asks her to wake up Pragya first. Sanchi asks her to get up. Pragya asks her to get ready first and says we all can’t go to bathroom altogether. She goes to bathroom and sees Veer brushing his teeth in girls’ washroom. She scolds him for using girls’ bathroom and sees many guys coming there. Veer shows her that it is WO MEN bathroom, and says we are adults and this is Co Ed college. Some girls come there. Veer asks her to come for bathing. Sanchi looks on shocked. Veer says I am going and goes.
Jaya thinks about seeing Dr. Malhotra. Sunny asks her to give tiffin as he is getting late. She gives him tiffin. He checks it and says what wrong did I do? He shows the empty tiffin. Jaya apologizes and says she forgot to fill tiffin. Sunny emotional blackmails her. Jaya gives him tiffin. Dadi asks her to tell truth to Sanchi. Jaya says she will when right time comes.

Isha takes bath and goes. Pragya also goes to take bath, while Sanchi is still standing. Veer comes out in bathtowel and laughs seeing Sanchi keeping her hand on her eyes. He laughs on her and splashes water on her face, smiles. Sanchi gets angry. Some other girl goes to washroom. Pragya comes out and asks her to get ready fast for Dr. Kabir’s class. Sanchi says I am coming and goes inside. Veer returns and closes the main water tab. Sanchi says water is not coming and thinks what to do. Veer says you will be late now for Dr. kabir’s class and then he will insult you.

Dr. Kabir takes class and says this is this hospital history and image, and says he will allot their dept so that they can decide to do MD or MS in which field. Sanchi comes there and apologizes. Kabir scolds her. Sanchi says actually. Kabir says what a 65 percentage girl can do? She says she is not 65 percentage girl and says she will best doctor with her passion. Kabir says when you are so passionate then I will give you more difficult dept. Sanchi thinks she was waiting for this chance. Dr. Kabir gives her responsibility of record room. He says if you do work good then I will allot your actual dept. Sanchi says okay. Veer smiles.

Dr. Malhotra sees X ray and thinks of Jaya. He thinks she was jaya only. Adarsh comes and says I found out about Jaya Malhotra from old records and says I will update you soon. Dr. Malhotra thanks him.

Priya is taking to Dr. Sankep and tells that party was boring without him. She says when we will be together. He says till my practice and your LLM completes. She asks why shall we wait? Dr. Sankep says for you, I am perfect and asks him to talk to her father before it is late. He says ok. Gayatri and her mum hears her.

Veer gives operation mask to Sanchi and says you will not get infection while inspecting files. Pragya and Isha ask her not to be angry and ask her not to forget that she is here on fake identity. Pragya asks him to impress Dr. Kabir to take him on her side. Sanchi thinks to impress him for fulfilling her dreams. Gayatri and her mum plots against Priya. Gayatri says Anand is impressed with Mr. Chawla, but if Priya have any boyfriend then. She says who can be her boyfriend. Her mum says let me think and says may be he is from poor family, as she was asking him to drive car. She says she might be having affair with driver. Gayatri says why she will have affair with driver. Mum says to take revenge from you. She asks her to find out. Gayatri says I will teach her a lesson once Anand comes.

Sanchi’s bua Suman comes to hospital and collides with someone. She scolds him and tells that her niece is a doctor/intern here and asks him to walk with open eyes. She comes to the receptionist and asks her to call Dr. Sanchi Mishra. Receptionist checks and says there is no doctor with this name. Bua gets angry. Receptionist says I have checked thrice and says we have Sanchi agarwal here. Bua says it is a limit. Pragya hears her voice and gets tensed. Bua continues to argue.

Sanchi checks the files in the record room and sees some pages missing from a file. She climbs on the ladder to get the file. Kabir calls Rakesh. Sanchi turns hearing his voice and is about to fall. Kabir runs inside and holds her in his hand. Gayatri’s daughter sees them have an eye lock and thinks she understands her drama. Dr. Kabir makes her stand. Sanchi says sorry. Kabir asks her to do atleast simple work and walks out. Sanchi scolds herself. Gayatri’s daughter closes the door. Sanchi gets pragya’s call informing her that bua came here. Sanchi says I will come in 2 mins, but the door is locked. She knocks on the door. Gayatri’s daughter thinks now get rotten in this record room.

Bua calls Jaya and tells that Sanchi is not here. Jaya asks her to come home. Bua asks her to come there first. Jaya asks what you are doing there and says you would have come home. Bua asks her to come. Jaya asks her not to do anything until she reaches there. Sanchi calls Isha and Pragya and tell that she is locked in record room, and asks them to open the door. Pragya asks Isha to go to Sanchi and says she will go and handle Bua. Isha says she is with patient. Sanchi asks her to send someone else. Bua continues to interrogates receptionist, and thinks once Jaya comes truth will be out.

Pragya comes and greets Bua says Sanchi is here, asks her to come. She asks why you came here? Bua says she is having leg pain and called Jaya also. She says let Bhabhi come, I will show her status. Jaya comes. Bua says she can’t be here. Jaya says I will call her. She calls her. Sanchi is shocked and picks the call. Jaya asks her to come out of hospital. Sanchi says I am with a patient and will take time. Jaya asks her to finish work and come. Pragya tells Bua that Sanchi will come. Bua thinks something is wrong and tells Jaya that they shall check the hostel till she comes. Sanchi knocks on the door. Veer comes and opens the door. Sanchi thinks he did prank on her and scolds him. Veer is surprised and says why did she shout when I haven’t done any prank. He gets priya’s call asking him to come for strawberry custard. He says okay.

Bua asks Pragya why guys are not allowed in this hostel. Pragya says this is Co Ed college and guys and girls stay together in the hostel. Jaya asks why didn’t you tell me. Pragya says building is same, but rooms are different. Bua makes issue and talks to warden. Warden tells that they are adults and know to take care of safety. Pragya messages Sanchi to come fast. Bua asks her about the door no. Pragya says she forgot. Bua says we will search the door no. They come to the door and see Sanchi Agarwal. Sanchi comes. They tell that it was printed by mistake. Bua checks on her ID card and tell that here also Agarwal is written. Isha says we have requested for surname changed. Jaya gets emotional seeing her in doctor’s apron and asks her to get her true identify. They leave. Pragya says we are saved. Sanchi says we shall have golgappa. Isha says Veer gave you right time.

Veer comes home and have custard. He asks what is going to happen today. He sees Gayatri walking and asks if she has some problem and asks can I prescribe medicines for you. She says you can give me poison. He says I don’t love you much, so that I can risk my career. I wish I could do. Priya smiles. Gayatri thinks you don’t know what is going to happen now. Veer says I don’t want to spoil my mood and is going seeing Dr. Malhotra. Just then he hears Gayatri telling Dr. Malhotra that Priya is having an affair. Veer and priya are shocked.

Isha tells Pragya that Sanchi requested for blood donation may be on net. Ms. D’souza informs Dr. Malhotra that a boy is saved because of Sanchi Mishra’s request. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Good show I like Dr veer

  2. nic episode….veer is simply awesome even pragya is good…sanchi is slowly climbing up the ladder..

  3. Wow veeeer you are really prankster ?love DR veer ❤️?
    Waiting for next episode ?

  4. Dr. Pragya is vry smart…….kitne smartly sb kuchh sortput kr deti h….

  5. Veer is tooo much cute and adorable n I love him
    I liking pragya sooo much

  6. The female lead is so boring..they should have brought some other actress. Both in acting and looks saanchi is not good..all the rest of characters are nice..even pragya and isha is more interesting…

  7. Dr. Javier should be the lead.

  8. Dr. Kabeer should be the lead

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