Ae zindagi by Shivu (part-1)

Hi guys Shivu here with first part of Ae zindagi thank u soon much for ur lovely comments guys & plzz commenting if ur comments get lessen then I stop writing so do comment ok

Before I start I again inform u that this story is mainly on laksh & after that all the couples so if u have any problem so tell me ok let’s start

Durgaprasad maheshwari:father of sanskar & bade papa of kunal big businessman nice & supporting father love his family & both son very much

Anpoorna maheshwari:mother of sanskar very nice,polite& supportive for her children she love both son equally & waiting for her younger son

Rakesh khanna:very rude,selfish & greedy man only listen to his wife love his son hate lucky who is adopted son on of his elder brother he always threaten him he also doesn’t respect his own mother

Ritu khanna:very bad lady very greedy & selfish always threaten lucky & her mother in law only love her son

Rajat khanna(28):rude arrogant boy completed his study but still not working only waste money hate lucky coz he is better then him never respect anyone

Sheela khanna:dadi of lucky & rajat she is very nice lady love lucky a lot she always support him

Sharda singhania:single mother of meghna very kind Lady owner of NGO

Shekhar gadodia:father of swaragini MLA nice & kind man

Shritama gadodia:sweet lady mother of swaragini loves her daughters & always support them


Scene start A flat is shown inside it a room is shown where a boy is shown wearing black shirt & grey jeans getting ready (he is looking hot) at that time a old lady enters in his room
Lady:are lucky beta u get ready very soon today
(Yes the boy is our lucky)
Luc:yes dadi wo actually I have some work before college
Dadi:ok u did ur breakfast?
Luc:yes dadi ok dadi bye

And he went out of the room at that time a voice came

Voice: ohoo so mr. Lucky is ready today very soon

He turn & watch his Chachi ritu was standing with evil smile he ignored her & went out

Screen shift to a big mansion in which written maheshwari mansion inside it in a room a boy is sleeping peacefully at that time another boy is entered in his room

Boy:kunal wakeup we are getting late
(The boy who is sleeping is kunal)
Kun(sleepy):shanky let me sleep u go
(Another boy is sanskar)
San(fake anger):oye I’m ur big bro & u r not listening me
Kun(cover himself with blanket):only 6 Month elder
San(smirking):ok don’t wake I’ll call dad

Listening dad name kunal wakeup with jerk sanskar
start laughing at his condition kunal angrily glares him & throw pillow on him

Kun(angrily):huhh u scared me
San:ok baba sorry now get ready fast
& sanskar leave

After sometime

Kunal & sanskar came down for breakfast kunal is wearing white T-shirt & blue jeans & sanskar grey T-shirt & black jeans both sit wish morning to Ap & Dp

Dp(while eating): so this is last year of ur college
San:yes dad

And they do random talks & after finishing breakfast both left for college

At another big mansion two beautiful girls r doing breakfast first one is wearing blue frock upto knee length is swara & another is wearing white crop top & black shorts

Swa:rags eat fast we r getting late
Rag:ohoo Di it’s ok if we get late one day
Swa(angrily):shut up & come fast

Shemish smiles watching them fighting after a while both hugs their parents & leave

At college

Inside the campus sanskar & kunal are waiting for their gang at that time swaragini come there

Kun:hy beautiful girls
Rag:hi shanky
San(smiles):hy rags
Swa(angrily):am I invisible kunal
Kun(smiles):hehe what a joke
Swa:huhh kunal where is meghu
San(smirking):in my pocket
Swara(glares him):what a pathetic joke
Rag(irritated):shut up guys again started in morning

At that a girl come there who was wearing blue kurta & white legging

Girl:guys u again started in morning
Rag:see na meghu Di

(Yes the girl is meghna)

Swa:hi meghu
Kun&san:hi megh
Megh:hii guys

A boy also come there who was wearing yellow full sleeves T-shirt & black jeans

Boy:I’m also here u all forget me
Rag:hy kunj how we forget u yar
(The boy was kunj)
Kunj:that’s nice than & what topic going on

At that time a voice come

Voice:who is fighting without me

They all turn & watch twinkle was there wearing red top & white skirt

All together:hi twinki
Twi(with her million dollar smile):hii guys
Kunj:come na Teri hi kami thi
Twi:o really
Rag:guys r u all going to spend ur whole day here only
Rag:so y don’t we go to the classes we r getting late
Swa:o really rags but at home u r making us late
Rag:ya but we reached on time na
Megh:ok guys let’s go to class
San:ok meghu mata let’s go

Meghna glares sanskar & all leave for their classes

Here lucky enters inside the college & watch time
Luc:thank god I’m on time & I got job also

At that time his phone rings he pick up the call

Luc:hello dadi
Dadi:u reached college beta
Luc:yes dadi & u know I got job also in cafe
Dadi:that’s very good my son god bless u
Luc:ok dadi I’m getting late for classes I’ll call u later & ya I reach home at 10:30pm ok
Dadi:ok lucky bye
Luc:bye dadi love u

And he cut the call & leave for his class

The end

Recap:raglak meet & lucky first meet with dangerous gang

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