Sethji 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Gauri and brothers come back home

Sethji 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gauri is crying. Police arrest ambhi.
Baji says I am sure they were talking about Gauri. Raghu says I hope that man saves our sister. They come in with ambi. They arrest him. Gauri comes in too.

Bhao says why are you laughing so much? Did you eat sethji’s med? She says she is not sethji anymore. She is even gonna be out of her house today. Bhao says we have to be more careful. This is not the end of our plan here.
Gauri hugs them. She says you three here. Baji says they accused us of stealing. Police brings them out of jail. Rgahu hugs gauri. She cries. Garui says I am sorry. Commissioner says you put that jewelry in their pockets. I received the video. Shame on you on being police. Arrest nagesh too.
Gauri says I am sorry I have made a mistake. Baji says its okay. You are young. Raghu says the best thing is that you are fine. Sambha says thank you to pragati (as a singh). Raghu says that pragati did this to us. We should have understood this before. This is why mom never lets city people in. They only come with crimes and sins.

Pragati says where is my party? Celebration? Raghu says but we don’t have anything here. Pragati says then you can take me to devsu. You can treat me there. I will visit your city too. Sambha says sorry but we don’t let outsiders in. We will welcome you though. You have done such a great favor on us.

Scene 2
Sunita and everyone is discussing if sethji should be taken from the house. Bhao devi and some men are taking her away from house.
Baji shows Pragati the village’s way. She recalls their time together. They see people taking sethji away.
Ambi says to commissioner please get out. This is a misunderstanding. Ambi says my dad is not well. Commissioner says shut up. Rita comes and says he is sethji of ambrat. Commissioner says law doesn’t know any sethji. We only know the crime he did.

Raghu says where were you taking our mom. Sethji says water.. Pragati (as singh) gives water. Gauri says mom i am back. Please open eyes. Baji says no one will touch her. She will only live in her house. A man says he can’t live inside devsu. Baji says sethji is the sethji of this village. Vaidh ji says her presence inside can be dangerous. Bhao says we are doing this for her better and everyone. Devi says she has an epidemic disease. Vaidh ji says that is why we have made a camp for her away from devsu. Baji says she loved you all. Bhao says this disease can harm everyone. Will she allow that herself?

Precap-Baji says to Pragati see what have they done to my mom. She says Nagesh and his son iss in jail. Baji says her daughter is more responsible.
Pragati sees devi giving Sethji meds.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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