Adiya OS: Lag Ja Gale (Part 3)

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Part 3 – Our Jewel

In an Apartment in Mumbai, Around 11pm

Adi is standing near the railing of the balcony and is looking at the sky. He smiles and says “Today it is been 5 years since you have left me Zoya. So much time has passed and still it feels that it was only yesterday that I was reading your letter, and crying thinking about you, and making up my mind to either jump off the building or to have poison. I was so stupid to think that way. If I would have done that then I would not be having her in my life. She is the best thing that have ever happened to me, and the second-best thing was you, sorry about that but it’s true so don’t be mad. and I think even you would say that too, right? She is so, oh my god I don’t even have words to describe her she is so got damn awesome, even you have seen her, so you will agree to me. I know that. I still remember what happened that day, the thing Noor told me has changed my life totally.”


Adi says “Arjun you know I don’t like these kind of jokes”

Noor says “he is not joking bhai, appi is no more, she died of cancer”

Adi says “no!” and he cries even more. He is so broken that he is shivering and crying, his eyes are red now.

Noor says “there is something I need to tell you about”

And Adi and Arjun look at Noor curiously.

Noor says “Before going, one night, Appi and I had a conversation about which I never told anyone as appi wanted me to tell Adi bhai once he come back. That night appi said, if she won’t be there then Adi bhai will break and will want to stop living, and she said, ‘so what if she can’t be there with him, a part of him can always be there with him.'”

Arjun says “Noor say clearly”

Adi says “yes please”

Noor says “Appi has gone for oocyte cryopreservation that means egg freezing so that she could conceive later but before it can happen appi passed away. So, she thought that you might want to have a kid with her.”

Adi says “what, is it true that I can have it? but how”

Noor says “yes you can have it by surrogacy and I thought that I can be the surrogate mother for your child”

Arjun says “that’s excellent, right bhai”

Adi smiles and says “yes”

They share a group hug.


A little girl comes running towards Adi, she says “Daddy what are you doing here?”

Adi turns and smiles, he says, “I am talking to your Mumma, Mumma is right there, you see that brightest star over there” and he points in the sky

The girl says “yes I see, that’s so pretty just like Mumma”

Adi says, “I know” and he picks up the girl in his arms and the girl giggles.

Adi says, “So tell me Zyana what are you doing here, and staying up till this late”.

[Author’s Note: Zyana is three and a half years old girl, she is a younger version of Zoya, she looks exactly like Zoya. But she is totally like Adi, when you see her personality, hobbies etc. Though she smiles like Zoya and loves to read books, but she is notorious more than any other kid of her age. She is the perfect blend of Adiya.]

Zyana says “I was not able to sleep so I came to you”

Adi says “okay, so my princess is having trouble in sleeping”

Zyana nods sadly.

Adi says “since you can’t sleep so let’s have ice cream, what say”

Zyana claps and says, ” it’s great”, she sighs and after some moments she says ” so what do you think mumma is doing”

Adi says “She? umm she is looking at you and me and getting angry”

Zyana says “why?”

Adi says “because we are eating ice-cream at midnight”

Zyana says “Oh, she is angry that we are eating alone”

Adi says, “yes she is, and she is angry that I kept you awake till this late.”

Zyana says “oh so why don’t we call her, then we all will have ice cream”

Adi says “I wish we can, but you know she don’t like to eat so much sweet”

Zyana says “why, I thought mum is the sweetest person, so she must love sweet just like me and you do”

Adi says, “she is but she always has this thing, that if we will eat ice cream at night then we will get cavities in our teeth.”

Zyana says “cavities?”

Adi says “hmm cavities”

Zyana says “oh ho mum, fine don’t eat ice cream, me and daddy will finish the whole tub, right”

Adi says “right princess, we will”

Zyana says “will mommy scold daddy”

Adi says “if mummy will scold me then you should scold her”

Zyana giggles and says “yes, yes I will”

Adi says “so shall we go”

Zyana says “no you get ice cream here, we will have with Mumma”

Adi says, “okay princess” and Adi goes inside.

Zyana looks at Adi as he goes. then she looks at the sky, she giggles and says “mommy how are you”

Zyana says “I am good too”

Zyana says “mommy don’t scold daddy, okay? and if you will then I will not talk to you, okay?. you know that daddy fought for me and got some much scolding and you wouldn’t like to see him upset right? Good”

She continues “Mommy you know that I don’t want any other mommy, all I want is you to be my mommy and so does daddy. He doesn’t want anyone, just you. But grandma was forcing daddy to marry that devil aunty, so daddy fought with her and left the home and came here. Tomorrow Arjun chachu is also coming here to live with his family. You know how much he, and Noor chachi and my sweet little brother Samar loves me, they can’t leave me nor can I. so we will stay together here now. So that was why you didn’t find us there. Sorry mommy we didn’t tell you that we left that place, you must have gotten worried.”

Adi comes in the room with two ice cream bowl saying, “here comes the ice cream”.

zyana says “okay mommy I will talk to you tomorrow now”

Adi says “here take it”

Zyana takes the ice cream bowl and starts eating.

Adi says “so you were talking to Mumma”

Zyana says “yes and she is very understanding, I told her not to scold you”

Adi smiles and says “you did? oh great”

Zyana says “daddy I have a question”

Adi says “okay ask”

Zyana says “Daddy why is my name Zyana Adiya Hooda”

Adi says “why do you ask”

Zyana says “because everyone asks me in my class”

Adi says “okay, so your name is Zyana Adiya Hooda, because, Zyana means blessings from heaven and you indeed is a blessing for me. Also, Zyana has, Z of Zoya and ya of Aditya and Zoya. Adiya means jewel, which you are also, adiya comes from, Adi of Aditya and ya from Zoya. so, your name has both of our names”

Zyana giggles and says “wow”

Adi says “so now do you love your name”

Zyana says “now I love it even more”

After a few minutes they finish eating their ice cream. Adi takes the bowls and puts them in kitchen sink. He comes back and carry Zyana to bed.

Adi says “now let’s get you to the bed”

Zyana says “okay daddy”

Adi says “good”

he puts her in the bed and tucks her in, he goes to the bookshelf to get a book to read for her.

Zyana says “will you tell me a story and not read?”

Adi turns and says “of course, I will”

Adi comes to his chair and sits. He says “so, once upon a time there was a queen who used to live happily with her king, and in another place, there was another king who used to live with her queen.

Zyana asks “does the king and queen have some names or not”

Adi smiles and says “yes of course they have sweetie. Let me start the story again”

Adi says “so, once upon a time there was a girl known as Zara, who used to live happily with her husband named Yuvraj who happens to be a king , but they used to live in their small house away from everyone, and in another place there was king known as Arnav who used to live with her queen Priya in their kingdom. Zara and Arnav used to love their spouse very much. But on one anniversary, Zara and Arnav got to know that they’re their spouses Priya and Yuvraj have been found dead together in a road accident and they discover that the two were having an affair. Zara and Arnav feel hurt. Arnav channels his grief into anger while Zara goes into denial. Arnav feels that his wife is a cheat while Zara believes that her husband Yuvraj can’t do anything bad. ”

Zyana says “So was the two really hurt Arnav and Zara?”

Adi says “sweetie for that you have to listen to the whole story”

Zyana says “okay daddy”

Adi continues the story “Then Zara takes over Yuvraj’s kingdom and Arnav declares himself her partner after learning Priya had invested his money into the kingdom. Arnav wants to take revenge of Yuvraj from Zara, so he wants to destroy everything that Zara has. Later Arnav and Zara then receive divorce papers from their spouses that reach them late. Unable to run from the truth anymore, Zara attempts suicide but is saved by the dashing hero Arnav.”

Zyana interrupts Adi and says “Arnav is such a bad man, he is being so mean to innocent Zara”

Adi smiles and says “yes he is, but see Arnav also saved Zara’s life”

Zyana says “yes that is a good thing also Yuvraj and Priya are so bad they hurt their partners”

Adi says, “yes they hurt them, but they were in love and if they had stayed with their partners without love, wont it be wrong to Arnav and Zara.”

Zyana thinks for a while and says “yes It would have been”

Adi says “now let’s get back to the story, meanwhile Yuvraj’s sister, Meena becomes very mean to Zara and starts to help Arnav in destroying the kingdom. After suicide story, Arnav becomes good but notorious also while Meena becomes more jealous of Zara as she started liking Arnav. One day the kingdom got a project, so to get it they must play husband wife, Husband was Arnav while wife was going to be Meena, but the people who will give the project, assumed Arnav and Zara to be husband and wife and for kingdom they played the roles. As the two bonds, a mysterious  police inspector named Ravi enters their lives with a relentless hunger to put them behind bars. He believes that they are guilty for the murder of their spouses and frames the two as such. Having grown to care enough to trust one another, Arnav and Zara go on the run to prove their innocence. Then Arnav’s father proves them innocent. After that broken but resolute, Arnav and Zara decide to move on from their past. Together, they forgive Yuvraj and Priya. While all this was happening in their life, Arnav and Zara slowly fall in love with each other, but they didn’t express their feelings. Arnav leaves for Paris without telling anyone for some important work and for wanting time to reflect on himself, while Zara focuses on reviving her kingdom.

After some months Arnav returns to his kingdom due to Zara and his brothers plan. After his parent’s anniversary, Arnav wants to flee again, but Zara catches him. She confronts him and asks him not to go. Them accepts their love for each other. but Arnav says that he wants to go. Then Zara sings a song for him and he hugs Zara and tells him that he is not going. The next morning Arnav gets to know that Zara is not well, and she will die soon. So, Arnav gets the doctors to save Zara. And you know what happens?”

Zyana in her half sleep says “she … got. saved”

Adi says “yes, she gets fine. then Arnav and Zara get married and has a doll just like Zyana. ”

Adi smiles and wipes off his tears. He caresses sleeping Zyana’s hair and kisses her forehead. Adi gets up and goes to the window.

He looks at the sky and says “Aditya Hooda and Zoya Siddiqui are two individuals who are brought together through their spouses’ betrayal only to be separated again. I wish that the way the story ended which i told Zyana, was the way our story would have ended Zoya. And I wish that I would have stopped and haven’t went again. I wish a had a time turner, so I could go back in past to correct the mistakes I made …. And you know how much I miss you and love you it is because of you and Zyana that I am still alive and living. ”

He wipes off his tears and says, “oh a shooting star I just wish that you to be there with me and Zyana” and he wished before the star goes away from sight.

Adi smiles looking at Zoya’s star, then he goes to the bed and lays beside Zyana. And they both sleeps.

A translucent figure (ghost like) appears in the room, looking like Zoya. It is looking at Aditya and Zyana and whispers “I am always there with you both”


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