Krishna Chali London 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela gets pretentious

Krishna Chali London 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shuklain scolding Bela. Bela goes to apologize to Dadda. She says you took my room from me, I was quiet, Shukla made promises and left, even then I kept silence and today, Krishna was leaving and you stopped her, how could I tolerate it. She cries and says Shukla didn’t fulfill any promise, he had promised me that he will get Radhe married to my sister, and give me petrol pump and shop in return, I made a big sacrifice for this, look at my state now, I m being taken for granted. She says you are the only one to help me now. She cries and does a drama. She says I will do everything you say. He sees Radhe. He says I m disgusted with you, you did a big drama to make Krishna out, Radhe is the youngest one in this house, you are troubling him instead of taking care of

her, get out, Krishna won’t leave this house. He does a drama and prays. Radhe comes to him and hugs happily.

Shuklain looks on and worries. Radhe says even Shukla didn’t care for me so much. Dadda sees Shuklain and asks her to come in. He says I will spend my time listening to songs. Radhe says I also love listening to old songs, I will come to you from here on. Dadda says of course, I still think of those days, your mum, dad, me and my wife…. those days were wonderful. He misses his wife. Radhe says you could consider me as your son. Dadda says yes. Bela gets angry and says how dare he scream at me. She gets Dadda’s phone and says I will get your secrets out. Dadda doesn’t get his phone. He recalls Bela. Krishna gets tea. He says i m not getting my phone, it maybe in Shuklain or Bela’s room.

Dadda asks her to ask Shuklain. Krishna says I will just ask. Dadda says Shuklain will be in lot of trouble, if it Bela then… Bela checks Dadda’s phone and says there is calls made to just one number, something is wrong. Dadda comes shouting and says if you are done, then give my phone to you. Shuklain goes and asks Gajanan about Shukla. She asks are you not worried for your dad. Gajanan says I do worry for him. Krishna comes to them and says no one has forgotten Shukla, we are not upset with him. Shuklain says fine, I believe you. Krishna says its nothing like that, he is the head of this family, he has made mistakes, but he is still our dad, did you get Dadda’s phone. Shuklain says no, why will his belongings be here.

Dadda asks Bela to give his phone. He scolds Bela. Bela attends a call. She says finally I got this chance to talk to Shukla. She answers the call. The man asks what shall we do about the parcel you have sent. Dadda snatches the phone from her. She asks what did you do with Shukla, where did you send him. Krishna goes to check with Bela for the phone. Bela asks where is Shukla. Dadda says let me do one thing, I will make it easier for you, I shall tell everyone and lets see what happens. Krishna comes there and sees Dadda with Bela. Krishna asks what do you want to tell me. Bela worries. Dadda says Bela wants to say that Shukla… Bela says I wanted to apologize to Dadda, I was embarrassed for creating a scene, I m worry. She goes. Krishna says Shuklain was much upset, I think you should talk to her. She says your phone… Dadda says I got my phone in my room’s corner. She goes. Bela asks where is Shukla, I m worried for her. Dadda says he is enjoying himself. Shukla is chained in some room. He is prisoned by Dadda.

Radhe sees the classified in ads. Dadda asks Bela to add the powder in Triloki’s food. Bela adds the powder.

Update Credit to: Amena

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