Adhvik Mahajan continues shooting for Teri Meri Ikk Jindri even after major knee injury

Recently, while shooting a scene for Teri Meri Ikk Jindri, Adhvik Mahajan suffered a muscle tear on his knee and had to be rushed to the hospital. Adhvik’s dedication to his role is evident from the fact that he didn’t allow the injury to create a hindrance to his role. The actor resumed shooting immediately after returning from the hospital and refused to take a day off even when offered.

IN an interview with BT, Adhvik shared his experience and said, “We were shooting a scene in a prison setup where my character was required to lie unconscious inside the cell and Jogi’s friend rushes to check on him. Committing to the scene’s requirement, it so happened that he (Adhvik’s co-actor) came in such a rush and pushed the prison cell gate with a slight bit of a force. In the middle of the take, the gate that weighed a few tonnes accidentally came crashing on me and while I managed to control the impact of the fall and save myself from any major injuries on my face and body, I faced a muscle tear just near my knee while trying to control the fall. The cast and crew helped me in getting immediate medical help and also offered to let me take a leave. However, I really wanted to complete the sequence considering it was an important one for all of us. It was slightly difficult at first, but I have trained in martial arts and have been actively involved in fitness for 15 years now. Though I am on painkillers, my body has adapted to injuries as such and hence resuming shoot didn’t seem like much of a difficulty. Things like this tend to happen and we must just move past it.”

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