Namak Issk Ka 9th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Yug tries to remove Kahani’s sindoor

Namak Issk Ka 9th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yug tries to open the lock with Kahani’s key but it doesn’t open. He keeps trying. Kahani thinks that it’s not just his best memory but mine as well, I can’t share it with him right now, he will have to wait. The flashback shows how Kahani ran away from Dolly and changed the key fast. Kahani tells Yug that it won’t open, it’s not your lock’s key. Saroj says Yug used to cry for his childhood friend, it’s good that it was not you as you are a dancer and it would have broken Yug’s heart. Dadi says I knew God wouldn’t punish us like this. Iravati tells Kahani that your heart must be broken. Kahani says I didn’t ask Yug to take my key but he didn’t listen. Nobody hears what I say, she asks him to not touch her things again. Yug says I won’t and I will remember that a dancer’s key can only open safes but not memories, he leaves from there. Kahani sighs and leaves from there.

Kahani goes and takes the original key from the drawer, she turns to see Rani standing there. Rani says that lying is bad so why did you do it? Why did you change the key? You both would have stopped fighting if he knew the truth. Kahani says it would have broken Gunjan’s hope as well, I am not selfish to snatch someone’s love from them. Kahani says you are smart so don’t share this key’s secret with anyone. Rani nods and says you are as brave as Bhole Nath. Kahani laughs. Ravi hides and is stunned.

Yug looks at the lock and says I felt your presence today, I thought Kahani was you but you are different. Just the thought of meeting you made me happy. I will find you someday.

In the morning, the alarm rings and Yug wakes up. He sees Ronak standing there. Ronak asks him to drink the cold water as you need to cool down, then we can talk. Yug glares at him and asks what talk? Ronak says if your lock had opened with Kahani’s key then would you have been for life? Yug says I don’t want to talk to you. Ronak says I know you are miffed with me. He says even if our father comes back, it won’t lessen our mother’s pain. Rupa cried for me but I can’t take it back so I am telling you that you are giving pain to Gunjan and wasting her time which you won’t be able to give back to her. You can learn from your father and brother’s mistake otherwise you will be damaged like us. Saroj comes there and says Ronak is right in this sense. She tells Yug that you have seen your bhabhi’s pain, you have seen me crying my whole life and the same thing is happening with Gunjan, just try to save her and don’t let what happened with me and Rupa to happen with Gunjan. You can prove that you are different from your father and brother. Just think about it. They leave.

Kahani comes to the room and tells Yug that he thinks she is a fool? You thought I wouldn’t know if you put money in my bag? She gives his money back and says don’t put money in my bag again. She turns to leave but then says you didn’t fight with me today. Yug says I was going crazy but I realized that mom is right, if I keep a dancer with me then there is no difference between me and my father-brother. Why can’t you leave from here? Kahani says I am going to make food so my siblings and husband will eat it. Yug says why are you forcing this on me? Kahani says you forced me to marry you, can’t you see this indoor. Yug says yes I can see it and it’s a pain for me so I won’t see it anymore. He brings a water jug and throws water on her head. He grabs her and says you have an ego on this sindoor right? I will wipe it away. He rubs the sindoor from her forehead. Kahani cries and looks at him. Yug sheds a tear and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Some priests entered the house. The priest says we have come from the mandir to bless you all and give sindoor to the married women. Saroj asks Rupa to come forward. Yug comes there too. The priest applies sindoor to Rupa. Kahani comes there and says apply this sindoor to me as well. All glare at her. Kahani looks at Yug and says apply it so much that nobody can wipe it. The priest applies sindoor to her. Kahani stares at Yug and touches the priest’s feet. Kahani comes to Yug and says a wife can fight anyone for her sindoor so don’t forget that. She gives aarti to him while all look on. Kahani leaves from there.

Kahani comes to her kitchen and starts cutting the wood. She recalls the incident and is angry.

Yug comes to the mandir and tells Bhole Nath why it’s happening with him? Rani comes there and says you both are bhole nath’s loyalist, you both met there, you removed her sindoor so bhole’s priests came here and applied her sindoor back, it means you went against bhole nath so go and tell sorry to Kahani. Ravi comes there and nods at Yug.

Kahani is angrily cutting the wood. Yug comes there and says sorry. Kahani says what? Yug says sorry, Kahani says you have made me cry so many times so what is this sorry for? Yug says for trying to remove your sindoor. Kahani says you are saying sorry with this attitude? You do a mistake and then just say sorry. I have to cut the wood so leave me alone. Yug says just give me an axe if you can’t forgive me. Rani asks Kahani to forgive him. Kahani says he has to promise to stay away from her sindoor, he will not force her to remove her sindoor, he doesn’t need to accept her but he doesn’t need to remove it. Yug says okay but I can’t give my name to it. Kahani gives the axe to him and he starts cutting it. Kahani thinks our relationship is from the heart. Gunjan has right on your love and care but I have the right on your sindoor. I will not snatch someone’s right but I will not leave my right, you forced this sindoor on me but now it’s my fate, I know you will never hold my hand but I will never leave this sindoor behind. She admires him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I don’t understand Kahani, what does she want from Yug? Like it’s not love, care, his name, she juste want sindoor???

    1. exactly , sick mindset

    2. Of kahani

  2. I am not that patient enough to watch this show…Proudly quitting .
    Makers think audience is fool . I was watching this so that Kahani can disclose
    past but i forgot that this show is wasting my time .

  3. Anjalee Deonauth

    Screw this show, it’s nonsense

    1. One day he told his babima that mariage is once, you can’t break it ect ect but he married Gunjan!!

  4. the stupid part of today show – kahani replace key so soon, maker think audiences are fool and they can serve anything

  5. I think Kahani wants the sindoor as it is a symbol of respect and perhaps it makes her forget how people look at her for once? This show makes me feel bad for Kahani and Gunjan even though Gunjan is kind of a b*tch.

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