Barrister Babu 9th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh breaks Bondita’s heart

Barrister Babu 9th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita questioning Anirudh. Trilochan says he may not answer, its not wrong, I have read in Shastra, relation of husband and wife is pure. Ramanujh says marriage means such a relation between a husband and a wife. Sampoorna asks them to exchange garlands and tell everyone that the relation is made by heart, not helplessness. Anirudh throws the garlands. He says our relation isn’t connected by heart. Bondita gets shocked. She asks why are you lying, our marriage is true. He says I will repeat it for you, our relation isn’t made by heart, we can have a relation like husband and wife, you are just my responsibility. Bondita asks why don’t you agree, maybe you don’t realize, I have seen the signs when we stayed in the small house, I used to smile thinking about you, my cheeks got red seeing you, same happened with you, you made a new world for me and always protected me. She says I know you also believe this relation, its our relation is also like others. Anirudh shouts stop Bondita.

He says I did all this as humanity. She says you have given signs that you believe our relation. He asks what signs. She says you do a lot for me, you agreed to come back home as you can’t see me upset, you care for me a lot. Trilochan says I have seen your relation, Anirudh you have made food for your wife, you made a swing for her comfortable sleep. Bondita says please accept, I beg you, stop this joke.

Anirudh says I didn’t smile thinking about you. He recalls Manorama. He says we can’t have husband and wife’s relation, try to understand, its a unique relation. She asks how is it different, we are also husband and wife. He says yes, I have filled sindoor in your maang, not because my heart wanted, its a drama, a lie, our relation is different, because our marriage was different. Bondita asks what do you mean, didn’t you fill sindoor in my maang and take seven vows, is this not my sasural. Anirudh says yes, I have filled your maang, I had no way to save you from a bad custom, I had taken promises of protecting you, I m bound to you by responsibility, not by heart, I will always keep that bond, I have got you educated, I wanted you to bring a change in society, you become an inspiration for others, our marriage was also a bad custom to stop another bad custom, nothing else, you are just a responsibility and will always be, but our relation doesn’t matter to me.

Bondita gets shocked. Anirudh says our relation has no other meaning, we can never have a husband and wife’s relation. He goes. She asks why is my marriage a bad custom. She cries. Sampoorna says because your marriage was happening with an old man, not Anirudh, that old man died during the rounds, you became a widow before getting blessed, your Sasural people were going to make you Sati. Bondita gets shocked. Sampoorna says you were unconscious, you don’t know, everyone knows that your marriage was just a compromise, you were about to get burnt alive, Anirudh married you to save your life, he wanted to save you from the bad custom of Sati, he filled your maang with sindoor, else his marriage was fixed with Saudamini, he broke his relation because of you. Bondita cries and says no, this isn’t true, its a lie.

Sampoorna says fine, ask Trilochan, Anirudh was helpless to take the vows, he didn’t get his wife in this house, he got a responsibility, a burden that will ruin his happiness, you have snatched his every happiness, he has done pity on you, you got everything, what did Anirudh did, his life is passing in solving his problems, you should be thankful to him, when you didn’t give him any happiness of a wife, then how can you ask for rights. She says your marriage with Anirudh is also wrong, you are too young, child marriage is also a bad custom, that’s why Anirudh told you so. Trilochan shouts enough, what’s the need to say the past, will it benefit, stop saying it. Bondita says no, this isn’t the truth, you all are lying, I will ask Anirudh. She runs to Anirudh and asks don’t you regard our marriage true, were you going to marry Saudamini, tell me, you married me to save me from Sati custom, am I a burden for you. He shuts the door and window. She shouts. She says I won’t go until you tell the truth, did Sampoorna say the truth. He says leave me alone, yes Sampoorna has said the truth, you are my responsibility, are you done now. Rishta tera mera…plays… They cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Anjali Sharma

    Oh man.

  2. Shibani Behera

    Most heart breaking episode. The way bondita got this news is really sad.

  3. Dialogues of Bondita were beyond her age… These kinds of dialogues aren’t meant for her . I am sad …. It is not anyone’s fault so we can’t curse anyone …the twist is that we thought Anirudh will reveal truth but Shampoo the poison revealed it making the environment more poisonous.

    1. Although sampoo had evil intension but she spoke every single truth happened
      It’s just everything just came in wrong way in front of bondita

  4. Ab Bondita ko sach pata chalna hi tha, accha hua ki woh badi hokar usse pata nahi chala, warnawoh Anirudh se pyar karna shuru karti, aur uska dil tut ta, par Anirudh was so harsh with her, aise baat karne ki kya zarurat thi usse? Bechari Bondita, mujhe lagta hai ki woh apne aapko ek burden Anirudh par samajhke ghar chodke chale jayegi…Aur woh Anirudh??!! Bade khayal aarahe the usse Manorama ke! Sharam aani chayye usse! Pyaar karna galat nahi hai, par Bondita ka nanha sa dil ko thoda ussne!😡

  5. Dikshita Bhargav

    Pls tell of u know the precap pls

  6. So sad episode… Feeling bad for our little bondita these truths are too much for her age.. Anirudh your behaviour towards bondita what to say… He broke her.. sampoo added ghee.. what will bondita do now?? The life she is being living is turned out be a lie… Ani did so much sacrifice for bondita but he did it willingly no one forced him now it’s shown like Ani did it for bondita without his marsi!! Now also he is unable to face bondita closed door what will she do no one is there for her to comfort…sampoo will add more ghee..hope bondita did not take any wrong decision..

  7. I am disgusted by Anirudh, marriage is not about s*x, it about reunion of two people.

    I feel that I put to much hope up. I was thinking of my parents relationship. Anirudh think that he had it bad.

    1 you don’t humility your wife like that.

    2 Bondita doesn’t know about s*x.

    3 Bondita is still a child, Anirudh could have done all the things in that party and gone to bed.

    4 Anirudh has found a new fancy, he has given up on his project. Which is Bondita.

    5 it is best for bondita to leave Anirudh, relationship like this well always end up in a abuse relationship. It is not healthy for anyone.

    My father had it worsted, he had a mother, who had support from her in-laws, her husband, her parents, also brother and sister. They were the people that hammer 🔨 my father down. Wether my Dadi was right or wrong.
    Who does Anirudh has to hammer him down. He has a father who doesn’t care. He has an uncle, who he doesn’t listen to. Anirudh is a free man. What ever happened in the bedroom, no has to know. As for sampoorna, he can always tell her to get lost.

    I don’t blame the new girl, Anirudh is his own man.

    I want Bondita to remember Anirudh words and make it to make her strong.

    1. @Mumu u r right…I do feel the same… Lil girl don’t know about s*x then why he is behaving like that… Nor she know about love…I think he is relating everything to lust… Though he is literate but he acted worse

    2. @BB watcher it lust! Anirudh has lust for this new girl. I keep saying Bondita doesn’t know about love. It Anirudh who doesn’t know about love.

      Anirudh think that love is who you are attracted to. You write love letter, love poems being romantic. That is not love, it lust.

      Lust is not love it like a flame on a candle that it will always burn out. But you want it so bad, you don’t know why. I am sad to say this, but Anirudh is a lusty boy.

      Real love is what Bondita said being there for someone. Real love has many roots like a tree. Given time it can turn into romantic love.

      But you can’t force someone to love you, it a sacred ground like a temple. It belongs each of us, ours and ours alone.

      My father told me never to trust a man who can write love poems and say sweet things. He call them lusty boys. They want you in one moment, suddenly they get bored of you and want someone else.

      I don’t know what going to happen but I hope Bondita become stronger from this and fight for her education. Sometimes we women have to help ourselves, we can’t always real on men.

      I wish that Barrister babu was like my parents life, Anirudh like my dad wise, understanding and being there no matter what. Doing the right things.

      I forgive Anirudh for shouting at Bondita in the beginning. Even kicking her out, but not this time.

      I don’t want Bondita back with Anirudh. I want Bondita to make her own way, moving away from Anirudh. I always said I want barrister babu to be different. So I want to see something different. No more Bondita and Anirudh.

  8. Ani says he cares for bondita when you care for someone you won’t hurt them with your words..Ani hurt bondita spoke like she is a burden for him..sampoo added ghee.. in BB we all know some problem will happen Anirudh will shout,distance will be created between Andita then ani will realize, cry and asks sorry to bondita may bring her back home(if bondita goes out of home) this cycle repeats… Problems are different in BB but the pattern is same… It’s better for bondita to join Shanthi niketan school and become barrister on her own through her academic skills.. ani you marry whoever you like But it will never happen it’s a Indian drama here the hero can do whatever he wants but the heroine have to forgive him and move on..🤷‍♀️

    1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  9. I wish, Bondita leave up anirudh..Then, anirudh realize that he already loves bondita…

    1. @ Sarmin, if you ever end up in a relationship like these TV drama type.

      Please understand this, that life does not work this way. If someone doesn’t care or love you. Being apart don’t make them want you back. It how life is, sad, but true.
      The best thing to do is walk away. When you lost everything, the only thing that you have left, is your dignity.

      That is the only difference between Indian and Pakistani dramas. Indian drama brake up and then get back together again.

      Pakistani dramas show brake up, then show you how to never look back again. Because most of the time, the person who decided to leave you, they don’t care for you any more.

      That is why I said dignity is what you only have left.

      If someone ever do this to you, what Anirudh has done to bondita.

      Walk away calmly, go to a quiet place and cry your heart out.
      Then use these tears, turn them into stone and throw them into the lake. Also make sure that no one do this to you again.

  10. Both Bondita and Anirudh r not wrong at their own place,Anirudh wanted to change the customs prevailing in our country but had to undergone a forcible a marriage and living with a person with not an attainable ideology is difficult and Bondita being a child who is married at such an age when she doesn’t even know the meaning of marriage was decided to be married off,if she was married to an old man would be her life be the same that Anirudh wants to give,no,she had been bounded by widely duties and suffer the same problems other women of that time had suffered,sure she can’t understand Anirudh now but will only be able to understand him when she will trust him after a certain mature age.There were certain marriages which lacked love and responsibility but she if not poured with love has been blessed with a husband who can understand her more than others and has the ability to take stand for himself and as well as for herself.Her over questioning over everything is a bit more which can sometimes irritate anyone,hopefully if she has some patience with her over questioning nature then she can study with trust on Anirudh.

  11. I am really fed up with this serial…The show started off well but they’re dragging it on unnecessary dramas…Why can’t they show something like women empowerment like Bondita’s school struggle and all rather than this saas-babu crap…The way Bondita was speaking felt like some mature 18+ girl is speaking,everything they’re showing/speaking is beyond her age and understanding…And about Anirudh how can he even shout at Bondita he could have handled the situation calmly instead of shouting at her afterall she is a kid how can he even expect her to understand about what is marriage and love…This show is literally going in wrong direction and I think leap is near too…Hope atleast after this Bondita instead of wasting her time thinking about patibabu will focus on her studies and will soon become the change in every women’s life

    1. Adyasha/burning Ash

      No adi she wasnt speaking likr a mature girl. This is the problem like india the reason teens are always grumpy or frustrated is that they are treated like kids but expected to behave like adults. She is young but not dumb. She understands her own feelings. Guys we are the ones who know why anirudh married her not bondita. Imagine waking up to a young and handsome husband who supports you and educates you. Stands with you no matter what. In heera mandi track it seemed as if anirudh had fallen in love with her. When he knelt down and apologised to her. She naturally felt as if he loved her. He also says at times ” meri patni” so she had ideas. He held her hand when they went to the small house and bought her a mirror instead of saving for school fees. Why does he always say ” pati patni,” should share responsibilties? He could have stayed as her guardian why did he think of himself as her husband ??

    2. Adyasha/burning Ash

      I mean in india not like india

    3. I agree with you and I’m not saying Bondita is wrong, I was just saying the dialogues given to her are much heavy,doesn’t suit her and doesn’t feel like a 11 yr old girl is speaking.Maturity and frustration are different things and I know in India during pre-independence period girls are being given much responsibility to handle and maybe girls would get matured early…But still being a 11yr girl she shouldn’t have this much maturity like understanding what’s responsibility and all the way she has been portrayed in this show.Her innocence is somewhere lost completely which I didn’t felt right…And about feelings being a kid she herself don’t know what’s love so expecting her to understand Anirudh’s feelings is not possible…She is just blindly following what’s been told to her and just misunderstanding Anirudh’s care and all as love but love just doesn’t mean care there are several other aspects too…I’m not saying her wrong the way she is being portrayed now all her innocence is lost which is little not acceptable and at times irritating too the way she continuously blabbers pati patni and all

  12. In all honesty, considering Bondita is a child… Anirudh should send her to a female boarding school where they can teach her things he can’t… she should stand and succeed without Anirudh and return and show Sampoorna that knowledge is power and she is nothing but a village duffer. Who really cares about Anirudh’s character… hopefully their marriage is annulled and they are both set free… disturbing seeing a child dressed as a wife and disgusting… free Bondita.

    1. Yes right .

    2. @Kalika But you should know that this serial is showing an era before independence or during independence of india where women were not given respect.
      Then how can you say that anirudh should send away bondita to a girl’s boarding school. And in the serial it is already said that bondita was the 1st girl to read in the school..

  13. Yes Bondita should leave and find a benefactor who will educate her. Anirudh has not only lost interest in her, he’s rude and abusive. Goes to show that the attraction he has for Manorama is stronger than what he had for Mini, who never shared his passion for social change. Manorama shares his passion for doing social good, she’s fearless, she’s educated and the right age. Sort of an older version of Bondita. Would be fitting if anirudh and Manorama will face legal trouble down the road and Barrister Bondita should take his case to repay him for taking her responsibility and move on with her life without him. What a terrible character this Anirudh is. He never finishes properly anything he starts.

    1. So true.

  14. Zaee

    I’ve become speechless…didn’t expect all these to happen.
    bondita looked like an adult ,which she is not.
    Suddenly her dialogue and everything is making her look like an adult.
    She doesn’t look like the same innocent but smart bondi..
    Ani is not completely wrong,cuz bondi needs to focus on her studies..
    But the way he behaved in the last two epi was insane…
    Way too harsh…
    He could have calmly explained her the situation.
    The best part of of this couple was communication,the way one explain and make the other understand.
    Ani has a strong character with extreme anger obviously but this time he crossed his limits..
    During heera Mandi track bondi was not just his responsibility but much more.
    He freaking risked his life for her.
    Now he spoke as if bondi is his burden.
    That’s not fair at all.
    Wonder how he will repent .
    Everything seems so messed up right now for me.
    Hope the writers will make it up again or else story will go down the drain.

  15. First of all people need to understand that it’s a story before the independent India and in old times it did happen .. child marriage which is nd was and will always be wrong bt u need to get it that anirudh was the first to try bringing the change in his society to break the stereotypes which bondita wasn’t aware of she’s only doing what she’s been taught by her mother and saw throughout her surroundings nd in our culture married girls do dress up so nt now much bt at that time society didn’t care whether she was a child or not for them she was married so the bridal look was a must nd neither anirudh nor bondita are at fault.. sometimes bondita does talk like a grownup like about rituals and etc bt that’s what she’s been taught nd bondita over questioning isn’t wrong she’s a tyrant nd curious girl that’s what made her standout and the reason anirudh chose her to let her be an example for every women out there..all his decisions for her everything. Now coming to the point bondita is a teenager now as shown from few weeks .. she’s adjusting to that and anirudh trying to explain all of that she’s been going through though he may not be able to make her understand everything bt he himself did a mistake when long ago bondita did ask him was their marriage wrong there that was the right time to tell her the truth of their marriage and make her understand I get she was too young bt he himself said that bondita is just like a wet sand and he has to shape her right nd on that basis I think if he stood affirmed on his word responsibility in front of her it would have been much better and he wants her not to listen to the society bt now she’s a teenager in a process of becoming a adult does he think yelling on her will make her understand no way we all know how a teenage mind works all he had to do was talk to her calmly make her understand tell her the truth about their marriage not yell on front of the whole society now that’s harrassing.. insulting someone who regards you everything though we yell or scold a child/teenager if they don’t understand bt they both still hold the status of a husband and wife in the eyes of society though he doesn’t take her anything more than a responsibility bt I wanna ask why did he said all those things to her like patibabu ki bondita etc .. sometimes he did use that word to his advantage of making her understand something which she would only understand in that way bt last time I checked his rishta tera mera song clearly said about love wt was dat if he just merely considered her as his responsibility ..for her he became her mother father brother her protector and mentor leading to becoming her everything in her eyes and he knows that how much he meant to her even if we keep a pet we slowly get attached to them for both the pet and the owner nd bondita is a human staying with him for 24/7 she got attached to him even anirudh himself is attached to her otherwise he won’t get restless without her he says he only cares and see her as his responsibility bt he should atleast considerate of her feelings why yell ..he reacted so badly he says he can never take her as his wife okay bt for in front of her he has always portrayed himself as her husband a loving caring mature husband and talking about s*xlife nobody’s forcing him so why make it dirty ..all this drama and for what to make her realise that the life she was living was all a lie..all the relations she made were false and giving the impression like she was just a project a mission for him to bring awareness more or less giving opportunity to sampoorna to portray that she is just a burden well he does not want bondita to live her life as Anirudh Roy Chowdhury’s wife bt become a barrister he scared she may loose her interest in education bt it’s not necessary that falling for someone or love will do that no instead it can do better she may work more hard towards making their dreams come true why take it so negatively ..she may be attracted towards him now at this age bt We all know there’s more attachment then attraction. speaking of anirudh he thinks he’s in love with azadi express at first sight which is actually not love just attraction takes time bt we can’t blame him he himself is still young so his harmones are telling him so and just because her idealogy matches with him can make him feel that way just think if he can fall for a girl like saudamini den azadi express is way much better then her in any way bt anirudh is already in love with bondita he just hasn’t realised that as he despises everything about child marriage so his mind just won’t let him accept that .. and this azadi express she seems nice to me bt can hv ulterior motives may be sent by someone like sampoorna or binoy as he was enjoying everything just like sampoorna I can be wrong though it was just a guess.. don’t know what makers have on their bt however it’s goin I’m okay with it and don’t be annoyed it’s an indian drama wt do u expect from it don’t hype ur expectations though its a show about women empowerment and all bt it’s also about love don’t you all remember the first promo of the show which clearly focused on jab prathao ke bhawar se niklega toh kaise hoga inka rishta …nd even if makers show bondita and anirudh not as husband and wife just as mentor and student den also I’m okay with it nd in future when Bondita is grownup she may not feel the same for anirudh ..she herself may not consider anirudh as her husband as she will be all wise and a barrister bt only if she goes overseas to study for a longer period of time dere won’t be anyone to make her think like a wife bt indian culture won’t let her be well anything I’m excited to see where it goes. And please being so negative it’s just a show enjoy nd pick the things you like and discard the things you don’t dats wt I do .. acchi cheezon se sikhna aur bhure cheezon piche chodena.

    1. Shibani Behera

      Agreeeeeeeeed 1000000000000%

    2. Completely agree with you priyanjali

    3. so true…even i also feels the same way…they both are not wrong…the way he shouting and yelling will not fix the situation but end up will worse the situation itself…yes even he dont understand the real meaning of love…the way he treated bondita before for her…protect her from any danger..make her understand…it is form of love…even there was a scene where anirudh tried to wash bondita’s palm that has written his name on it..firstly he forced her…he yelled and shouted at her…and she refused to give her hand…but later he tried to make her understand…he didnt forced her…he talked calmly and even he said “please”…she didnt even refused to give her hand to him…even though she was totally heartbroken…so from here we can understand that he need to make her understand by calmly, politely and not forcing her… this track make both of them in pain…feels pity for both of them

  16. Shibani Behera

    Does anyone remember when ani asked for his handkerchief back telling warna pati patni mein jhagda hota hai? He giving her flowers, caring for her i always felt ani considered bondita as his wife but as she was young he was digusted by all the rasams. After the new girl entered anirudh has completely lost his sanity towards bondita and basically he thinks of her as her bojh not even zimmedari.

    1. he will come back to his senses, he is panicking seeing Bondita certain changes , previous i guess he never thought that bondita will grow up, it was all fun and play.But now she is growing up and Anirudh is been craved for his desires i guess and it is all mess… and his definition of love is very different and doesnt even know, And all this fuss was such high voltage for one to break Bonditas heart 2. To set himself free …so he does not have to bear the burden of being a married man and can court Manoroma..But he cnt live without Bondita.. lets see how it unfolds ( And for today behaviour Bondita need to confront him )

  17. And I left one more point out that is what was anirudh thinking was he planning to keep bondita in his house forever and if so with what rights ..he wants her to become a barrister and then what be known as his so called wife and have no love no child no family of hers dats not correct nd if he thought he would marry her to someone else jab woh badi hojayegi den I don’t think he would be able to that for sure and though it was important for the truth of their marriage to be revealed in open or behind closed doors doesn’t matter sooner or later it had to be out bt don’t pretend like she doesn’t hold any value for you good god don’t break her dat way bt dats good to she may learn something from it or go entirely crazy let’s see wt hate love them both.

  18. And Bonditas dialouge are okay because in 1920s girls were taught all these stuff, if not married to Ani she would have ended up being a mother by now. Currently i am having patiences with Anirudh because he has been a good human but current track i dont know what makers are thinking.
    During her Mensuration he cared , and has been their for her vise versa…And then boom sudden shift after encounter with Krantikari girl and all of a certain Bon seems becoming a burden in someway to him. Lets see after so much damage how makers uplift him. I guess it will be a positive end like heera mandi and their relation will grow through this awkward phase

  19. Very true … anirudh is all about bondita now but hasn’t realised it yet yeah all that development of country.. women empowerment.. breaking stereotypes All are there but he needs to understand he isn’t right always..u don’t wana consider her as ur wife bt can’t deny he do have special bond with her which is pure and above all.

  20. Talking about love can happen at any age if he feels it’s wrong then he should and once she’s all grownup he can always remarry den that won’t be wrong bt only if he realised.

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