Abhigya-Unnatural love (epi 5)

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Hello!! Suhani here
Here is the next episode
Everything was going great in college, everyone scoring good grades and having fun in the college but one thing was irritating them(except abhigya)..Abhi and Pragya’s nokjhok.They were friends but used to fight on silly things.
“This college Is really boring”Pragya said as she walked into the cafeteria with tanu.
“Hey girls,what’s up”asked Nikkil as he walked into the cafeteria
“I hate you bhai..why did you ask me to join your college”exclaimed Pragya
“this is called digging your own grave..he wanted to become a hero but forgot that a cat will always be cat”said abhi giggling
“Shut up buddy..chotu tell me what has happened?asked Nikhil
“Nikhil she thinks that the college is boring and she wants to try something new”replies tanu
“Thank you chashmish!Someone is there to support me..i know the college is really boring but these nerds think that college is only about study”said abhi
“I know there is no good looking lecturer in the college..Everyone are like typical lecturers”Purab said faking sadness.
“Purab you are such a —- you even flirt with teachers..shameless”bulbul replies
“Guys enough!Why are we fighting now..let’s sit and talk something till the lecturer comes and start teaching boring lectures”Purab said
They started chatting about random things to district Pragya.Suddenly Aliya came and started shouting
Yay!!i have a good news and a bad news”announced Aliya
“What is that?”bulbul asks
“Good news is for girls and bad news is for boys”she said dancing
“Why are you playing kbc yaar tell us what is it”Purab said
“So there is a party in the college…before she could continue abhi started talking
“Wow!party yay we are going to have lots of fun..Thank you so much alu”he said
“Let me finish my words..party is only for girls”she said
“What❔but why”he asked(abhi)
“Because this is a freshEr’s party and you know you are seniors”she said giggling.
“I love you Aliya!you are an angel”said Pragya as she hugged her
“Common lets go for shopping btw when is the party?”asked tanu
“Tonight ”she said
“Lets leave”
All the girls leave from there happily.
“Yaar what is this?why there is no seniors party”said an irritated Purab
“Exactly even we are bored,we want to have fun and party is only for them”said Vijay
“But even we had a fresher’s party..why are you behaving like this?Come On let’s go and study…we have internals from next week”said nikhil
“Buddy can you please shut up..Let me think”abhi said
“Everyone just shut up..Einstein,the rock star of India And most importantly riya’s boyfriend is thinking..common buddy tell us what are you thinking your fans are waiting for your advice”he said teasing abhi
“How many time should I tell you I am just her friend and I have AN idea but that is a risky move”he said
“Tell us what is that”Nikhil said
Abhi says his plan(which is muted),
Have you completely lost your mind buddy?he said
“I know this sounds really bad but if we want to have fun tonight let’s try something different this time”he said.
“But buddy if someone comes to know about this..what will we do”he asked
“Nothing will happen..so everyone ready”he asked..
They shared a hi-fi and started searching for the girls.
Screen shifts
“Chashmish chashmish”
“Why is bhai screaming..he is not a human being.He sleeps like a baby ,screams like a lady and studies like a scholar..May be he is a monster”tanu said
“You are scolding and praising me..Am I a monster”abhi asked holding her hand.
“When did you come..sorry bhai everyone is watching us leave my hand or else everyone will think you are misbehaving with me”she said AND ran away from him.
“Pagan ladki”he said smiling.
“Abhishek why did you call me?”she asked
“Did you finish shopping”he asked
“No we will leave after lunch hour..btw do you want to join us?she replies
“Yeah I will but what are you shopping?he asked.
“Hmm..they said the theme for fresher’s party is masquerade..so have to buy a mask AND some clothes..”she replies
“Abhi abhi”
“Abhishek your girlfriend is calling you”she said
“Girlfriend..i don’t have any girlfriend”he said.
“But Nikki bhai said riya is your girlfriend”she replies.
Abhi sees riya coming towards him and says”chashmish I will tell you later but if she asks about where am I..dont say anything”he said and hid behind a tree.
“Hey Pragya..RIya here”she introduced herself.
“Hi..so what are you studying”she started a conversation.
“I am in abhi’s class..did you see him?she asks.
Pragya looks at abhi and sees him standing closing his eyes.He opens eyes.
“ why did she smile at me,her eyes with a mischievous glint”abhi thought to himself.
”I don’t know where is he,but he is not Standing behind the tree”she whispered.
Riya sees him standing there with his eyes closed and stands behind him.
“Thank god!riya left”abhi thought to himself.
He turned and sees riya standing glaring at him with hands on her .hip
“Hi baby”he said waving
“What are you doing here”she asked ignoring his pleasantry.
“I was searching for my glasses”he said
“Glassed hmm so did you find them”she asked.
“Yeah..i mean no …Baby today i made a plan tomorrow i will spend the whole day with you”he said and left hugging her
Riya smiles.
“I will kill chashmish “he muttered.
In the shopping mall they spent three hours bought many clothes,masks(which covers only their eyes).
“Chotu be careful..neil is also a freshmen”Purab said.
Pragya nodes and started going to abhi’s house.They planned to go to college from abhi’s house
“Pragya come soon yaar we are getting late”tanu called her.
“You didn’t leave?”abhi asked
“Bhai we are ready,but Pragya is still getting dressed up.”she replies.
“She is here”bulbul said
“Abhishek”He turns as was taken aback by her beauty
Screen freezes.
I am sorry for the late update..
I know today’s episode is really boring..sorry for bothering you
I don’t what happens in a fresher’s party.. Next episode will be purely my imagination..
Thank you:
Di,priyanka,anu,prathi Di,rithu,minu,sugan,adhya,lucky,reshma_pradeep,mukund bhai,chotu(asmithaa),sangi,laxmi,trisha Di,cutevanshu,sethidisha,kumkum,saranya Di,cutie(ani)
Princess krisha:how can I forget you.i missed you so much dear..thanks for the lovely comment..
Missing:lokha,moni Di,Elinor,haritha Di,maha,princess madhu,I’m his chashmish,myna,minu,abhigyash and many others.
I am sorry trisha di
Take care
~pagal ladki (stupid girl)

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