LOVE IMPOSSIBLE(krpkab) part 8

I am really sorry for the delay…here is the next part.
sona leaves and soon reaches her house ,tip toed to her room and changes once again into her night suit and tries to sleep wheras on the other side dev too tries to sleep…but both are quite nervous and also excited about the plan and are also queries to know the result..hence both are not able to sleep…
SONA P.O.V:the first biggest day of my life was when i was going to give my NIIT exam..and today is going to be my second biggest day…i don’t want to do this but i have to because i just can’t marry that Mr.aubhodru. I guess i should call Neil,because he is the only one right now who could help me(Neil in my ff is a childhood friend of sona…sona shares everything Neil just as she does with ria…neil love sona but sona does not know about this)
SONA(talking to Neil,on phone)hey Neil,what’s up?
NEIL:hiii(cheerfully)why are sounding low
SONA:wo..actually i am in a big trouble,don’t know how to tell this to u,but i really need your help.
NEIL:tell me what happen?is everything ok(sounding concerned)
SONA:(tells him the whole thing,how she met dev,how their marriage is fixed and also about their plan)and hence i need ur help.
NEIL:oh!don’t worry i will do anything to stop this marriage.
SONA:thanks,meet me near the cafe coffee at 6:00pm
NEIL:ok done.
SONA(even messages dev about it,now talks to herself)hope this dev don’t do any mistake.
DEV(his phone beeps,informing him about sona’s message)oh so today at 6:00pm,i will somehow have to bring ma there….hope this Ms.attitude’s plan works and i get free from this stupid marriage.

at 5:45pm
DEV:ma ma where are u?
ISHWARI:what happen u came home so early?
DEV:ok then i will go back(turning to go)
ISHWARI:stop!i was just asking.
DEV:i have to take u somewhere.
ISHWARI:but where.
DEV:u come na ma i will tell u on the way(persuades ishwari to come with him)
ISHWARI:(sitting in the car)ok now tell me where are we going?
DEV:to cafe coffee
ISHWARI:coffee,but why..i don’t drink coffee na so why taking me.
DEV:but u love ice creams..especially orange ice cream…and there is an ice cream shop just beside that coffee shop.
ISHWARI:but all of a sudden why?
DEV:uff sometimes u ask a lot of questions..just thought that u will feel happy that ur beta is taking out time for u ..but i guess.
ISHWARI:ok ok fine…i wont ask any questions.
DEV:thank god..i mean that’s good.
they reach after 10min drive
sona was already there with Neil and was waiting outside the coffee shop for dev .
SONA(seeing dev coming out of the car)oh here he is.
NEIL:(looking at that direction)is he dev…wait sona he is the dev dixit ,the famous business tycoon…
SONA:oh really but according to me is one of the most short tempered person i have ever met.(waving her hand,so that dev could see where she was)
DEV P.O.V:(sighting sona)oh so here she is…i hope all goes well.
dev then goes to ishwari and stands in such a way that she is not able to see sona
DEV:ma(quickly messages sona to start)…that side.
ISHWARI:i know but i will only be able to see when u move.
DEV(first turns and sees,whether sona was ready and sona shows him a thumbs up sign..he then moves)oh so sorry..
ISHWARI(smiles)its okay,that place…
DEV:ya that one(pointing in such a way that ishwari sees sona)
ISHWARI:i saw it dev…that girl,is she…
dev’s phone starts ringing..its a call from his office.
DEVP.O.V:oh no what a wrong timining(taking the call up)
DEV:ma u go ahead i will follow
ISHWARI:Sonakshi (seeing sona,with Neil)but who is that man with her(moving towards her)

SONA:(gets to know that ishwari is seeing,but acts as if she did not see her and slowly gets close to Neil.)Neil she is coming towards her be ready.
NEIL P.O.V.:luckiest day of my life(was about to caresses sona’s cheeks when..)
sona sees something and pushes Neil a little and starts running(actually there was a small 5year old girl who was crossing the road alone and a big truck was coming on her way,son runs to save her while ishwari too is coming towards her.)
Ishwari sees sona running and is shocked to see so and does not understand why is she doing so and sona passes in front of ishwari…while ishwari shouts”Sonakshi”from the back.
DEV:(still talking over the phone,but hears his ma shouting and looks towards there)i will call u later….what is this Sonakshi doing?…why is she running???…(he runs towards his ma…and stands beside her)
both are looking towards sona and not only them even Neil is looking towards sona.
sona was just in time and pulls that girl and saves her from the accident.
SONA(to the girl)thank god!are u ok?
GIRL:( if nothing happened)i am fine..what happened to me.
SONA:(smiling)u should not cross the road alone.
GIRL:ya..sorry i wont reapeat.
SONA:ok fine take care ..bye
sona now turns towards ishwari and dev and then she realizes that she herself have spoiled her plan.
SONA(standing in front of ishwari)aunty..
ISHWARI:i am proud of u…but it was quite risky,if something happened then what will happen to my dev.
SONA:sorry(quite sad because their plan is flopped)
DEV:are u ok?(he is also very impressed by sona)
SONA:ya i am fine..
ISHWARI:everything’s good which ends well,sona …dev come lets have ice cream.
DEV&SONA(both sadly)ok
Neil sees this goes away from there while the trio head to have ice cream.

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