Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 15

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Yesterday’s continuation..
Abhi asks,So shall v go down.Pragya nods n asks,U forgive me ryt.Abhi smiles n says,I won’t get anger on u at any time don’t wry.Pragya smiles at him.Abhi thinks,How sweet she is.AbhiGya came back to Vikram’s home.Vikram’s wife..Urvi comes thr n says,Pragya v had arranged lunch for u come let’s hav lunch.Pragya says,But Tanu.Abhi says,Haa..more than 3hrs they r together hope they ll hav good time.Purab says,Exactly..Wait I ll get them here.Pragya says,Wait..I ll go.Purab nods.Pragya comes thr n shocked to see them n couldn’t help she burst out in silent laughter she immediately runs to Vikram’s home n shouts,Abhishek Purab Uncle Aunty pls come out.They all panics n rushed out n asks,Wht happened?Pragya says,Come with me..I ll show u.Abhi asks,Chashmish Wht happened Wht did u saw.Pragya says,Come with me Abhishek n drags him.All follows her.They all saw Takhil n started to laugh.Pragya goes in Tanu was sleeping in a couch n Nikkil was sleeping in another couch.Pragya goes near Tanu n whispers,Tanu..wake up..Tanu yawns n stretched her arms n asks,Whr u guys had gone..We both waited for u while then v felt bored n slept.Abhi Purab Vikram Urvi smirked n slapped themselves.Abhi goes to near Nikkil n kicks him.Nikkil asks,Whr u guys had gone..fed up of waiting for u yaar.Abhi fumes in anger n drags him out.Pragya n all laughs.Tanu asks,Kya hua..Pragya says,V didn’t leave u both to sleep like this..v thought u both ll spend some quality time together.Tanu says,Hooo..Pragya asks,Kya Hooo..Buddhu..Tanu smiles.Pragya says,K..come let’s hav lunch..u know I’m very hungry.Tanu says,Even me too.Purab says,Come let’s go.Tanu asks,Nikkil n Abhi?Purab says,They ll come..don’t wry..come let’s go.Tanu nods n all left to Vikram’s home.

Nikkil asks,Abhi..y u dragged me out.Abhi smiles at their buddies who passing them to reach Vikram’s house.As they got inside the home.Abhi stares Nikkil.Nikkil asks,Wht yaar..Abhi asks,I think it’s waste of all our preparations.Nikkil thinks,He is mad at me that I didn’t thank him for all this n hugs Abhi n says,Thank u buddy..I never expected this from u guys.Abhi pushed him n says,Idiot..U should hug ur fiance not me..v planned surprise for u but u ppl r sleeping like idiot..how unromantic..Nikkil says,Leave it yaar..how long a person could tolerate same face..u ll feel bored u won’t understand this untill u fall in love..Abhi asks,Hey..u should never get bored of being with ur girl.Nikkil says,Haa..Abhi u r ryt..but not in All situations..Love cannot be expressed in a systematic way..Wht u ppl thought as u ppl left v ll hav some quality time together..yes v had some quality time..sharing monents is not abt how long u r being together..just 5mins is also enough to hav good time with ur loved ones..thats it Abhi..it doesn’t matter how long v r spending time together..so don’t over think..actually I’m happy of being with Tanu today n even she too..v get bored of talking random things that’s Wht v slept..now I’m really hungry come let’s hav lunch n left the place.Abhi thinks,I think..Nikkil is ryt..When I was with Pragya time doesn’t matters for me it’s 5mins r 5hours I’m feeling good..Abhi..don’t take much time now u r strong abt ur feelings then go n confess ur feelings towards her it ll b perfect..wait Wht if she doesn’t love me..Whatever she may r may not but I should confess my feelings leaving the rest of things with Pragya n he too joins them in lunch.

Abhi goes n sits besides Pragya.Tanu was on another side of Pragya.Abhi sees Pragya.Urvi serves them Gulab Jaamun.Pragya excited n says,Aunty u know it’s my favorite.Purab says,Hey Pragya mine favorite too.They both gave hifi.Pragya had her’s n abt to take Tanu’s.Tanu moves her plate n says,I knew it Pragya..u ll Stole mine.Pragya smiles turns towards Abhi n abt to took his Jamun she looks at him for his reaction.Abhi smiles at her n blinks his eyes.Pragya takes n says,Sucha good boy.Abhi smiles.In between their lunch Pragya’s phone rang.Tanu sees it n says,Prags..Its bul..n she stops by seeing Purab.Pragya’s eyes widened n says,Excuse me..n abt to leave.Urvi says,Beta..one should never leave from food in btwn.Pragya nods n leaned towards chair.The phone rang again.Pragya thinks,This Bulbul na..Abhi asks,Who is that Chashmish..Pragya says,Bul..n stops herself n says,My sister.Vikram says,So..whts the problem attend the call.Pragya nods n looks at Tanu.Tanu was laughing silently.Pragya attends the call n says,Haa..bolo.Bulbul asks,Di y u r not picking my call.Pragya says,I told u na..today Tanu-Nikkil’s love anniversary v came out..now on lunch.Bulbul asks,Really di..that’s superb i got a point to tease Purab..tell me Wht color shirt he is wearing let’s play prank on him.Pragya smiles at all n murmers,Arey..Bulbul he is sitting infront of me how could I tell u..Bulbul says,Then text me ryt now.Pragya asks,Now?Bulbul says,Haa..Pragya says,K..Ends the call n thinks,This Bulbul na..After a while,They had their lunch.Pragya n Tanu left to washroom.Here Bulbul thinks,Y this di didn’t text me till now n calls her.

Pragya’s phone ranged.Abhi sees that n shouts,Chashmish call for u from ur sis Bulbul.Pragya doesn’t hear him.Purab asks,Kya naam.Abhi says,Bulbul..n attends the call.Purab thinks,Is that same Bulbul or Wht?Abhi says in a taunting tone,Hey..Bulbul ur sissy is in washroom for a while call back later.Bulbul says,Oh..hello..she may b in washroom for a while coz of the lunch u offered may b the worst..what ever who r u to attend my di’d phone.Purab was watching Abhi keenly in confusion.Abhi says,Hey..Bulbul I’m Abhi..Alia’s brother I hope u know me.Bulbul says,Oh..ho..Sry bhai..I couldn’t hear someone taunting my di..that’s y I’m Sry..Abhi says,Both sisters r similar.Purab confirmed that she is the same Bulbul n Pragya’s sister n he recognized so both Pragya n Bulbul was pranking him.Bulbul says,It’s K nice to talk with u..just inform di after she came out.Abhi says, Sure n ends the call.Purab asks,Abhi..u know Pragya’s sister.Abhi says,Haa..Alia told me..u too know her na Alia told u got her ID to her.Purab nods n says,But I don’t know she is Pragya’s sister.Puarb says,Excuse me I ll b back n left the place.PraNu comes back to table.Abhi says,Chashmish ur sis called u..I told her U r enjoying in washroom.Pragya shocked n asks,Wht??U attended the call..Abhi asks,So Wht.Pragya asks,I mean u attend the call infront of Purab.Abhi says,Haa..even I told him she is ur sister..U know Purab only got ur sis’s lost ID to her.Tanu laughs.Pragya asks,Who asked u to tell all this things to him.Abhi asks,So Wht matters Chashmish.Tanu couldn’t control her Laughter n said everything.Nikkil n Abhi laughs.Pragya says,I’m gone..she gonna scold me.Abhi asks,Hey..u n ur sis making my frnd as fool.Suddenly,Pragya phone rang it.Purab comes thr n says,Pragya sure it ll b ur sis.Pragya asks,Wht u told her Purab.Purab says,Just attend the call.Abhi attends the call n puts in speaker.Bulbul shouts,Di..y u told him the truth..u know he asked me to say his shirt’s color using my super power..I asked u to send na..see now I trapped he even came to know I’m ur sister..I won’t talk with u di..Pragya says,Bulbul meri jaan..Abhishek only told this to Purab.Bulbul shouts,He doesn’t hav brain..di don’t talk with him..Abhi says,Oye..Bulbul phone is on speaker.Bulbul scares n says,Di..I ll call u later n ends the call.All laughs.

In eveng,Pragya says,It’s getting dim..v ll leave.Abhi thinks,Oh..she is leaving wanna confess my feelings to her n says,Chashmish I wanna talk to u alone.All smiles.Pragya asks,Wht Abhishek!!Abhi says,Come..Pragya nods n goes with him.Again in terrace,Pragya asks,What’s the matter Abhishek..Abhi says,Very serious talk Pragya.Pragya says,Haa..I knew.Abhi asks,How?Pragya says,U r calling by name then it ll b serious talk.Abhi smiles n says,smart..Pragya says,But I never wanna u to call me by name it doesn’t sounds good..love that Chashmish but it’s only from u.Abhi smiles n thinks,Oh..No..I’m now scared of losing her friendship coz of my confession..anyways Abhi..just confess her.Abhi says,Woh..Pragya..Pragya says,Hmm..Whts the matter seems to be tensed n holds his hand which makes him to shiver more n he pushed her hands.Pragya panics n asks,Hey..Wht happened r u shivering?Are u K..Abhi turns aside n thinks,Abhi..U r this much weak..he cursed himself n says,Come on Abhi..u can..u will..Abhi turns to Pragya’s direction n says,Pragya..pls just look into my eyes till I finish my words n holds her arms.Pragya tensed n looks at his eyes.(plug ur head phones with this song Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai-Azhar)Abhi says,I had never feeled anything in any girl’s eyes as I saw in ur eyes..the first time I saw u na on that day I felt u r more familiar to me..I always feel comfortable when u r with me..and the moment when I saw u in gallery while I’m playing guitar I saw something in ur eyes..I just fallen in ur dark eyes..he made a smile n says,It may b filmy..but I felt that Pragya something different..something comfortable..I never felt like this bfore..i was feeling nice when u r with me..I don’t know wht it was I don’t wanna cover it as a infatuation or attraction..I know it’s love sometimes I felt in ur eyes too..Pragya I’m damn serious abt it..I don’t know it ll b the best proposal or not..I don’t wanna impress u by my proposal I just wanna confess my feelings towards u..yes..I’m in love with u..and Im sure I won’t ask u any answer for this..I just confessed my feelings I don’t wanna hide it..Pragya mein thumse pyaar karthi hoon..And I know u r the one and U ll b the one..just u..now n forever..Pragya was in super shock..she just looking into his eyes..

So guys what ll Pragya say now..stay tuned….

  1. Omg….cute episode n cute proposal sri…just rock…

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  5. sritz{fan of abhigya}

    it’s awesome sissy !!!! my abhi did it… if pragz accept it it will awesome!!!!
    u always rocking sissy…

  6. Sri ma wow awesome yaar. Today episode confession of abhi was wonderful, especially the last dialogue”I know u r the one and U ll b the one..just u..now n forever..” Chance less….this was my first comment may last ah kuda irukalam. But after reading the dialogue I cant control myself to comment u.

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  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowww……..Superbbbbbbbb Proposal……. Sooooo cuteeeee……….

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    And then sry last episode ku comment pana mudiyala…it was jus awesome… pragyas dash?exact word I use when m n peak anger…
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