Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 13

Hey guys!!I know I’m late had some issues with TU and now issues resolved!!Anyways sorry for late update thank u each n every readers n silent readers for supporting me!!Keep supporting!!Okay…..Let’s get into the story!!!!

In Pragya’s room,Pragya was in deep thinking.Obviously she is thinking about Abhi she thinks,today he behaved so weird..Ya and me too..I couldn’t stop him when he getting close to me..when he is with me i feel comfortable n sometimes flutters n sometimes tensed too..what was the feeling is that..her heart says,Ya..it may b love..her mind says,it’s just common in this age..Its just an infatuation..There is lots of difference btwn love n infatuation..U ll came to know when u realize what’s between u and Abhishek..u ll feel if it is love..else u ll never feel anything for him..Pragya was confused by the words of heart n mind..she holds her head in hand with loads of confusion n shouts,Ahhhhh!!!in frustration.Tanu shouts,Hey..pagal!!Pragya came back to the reality.She took her Tweety n hugs her n asks,Hey..tweetu!!Can u solve my confusion!!Tanu sees her.Pragya says,Tweetu No privacy btwn us n stares at Tanu.Tanu laughs.Suddenly,Her phone rang!!Pragya attends the call n says,Haa..Bulbul.

Bulbul says,Di..tell me the real reason y u didn’t came this week.Pragya looks at Tanu who was busy in her laptop so she slowly stood up from bed n goes out of the room.Bulbul shouts,Di..Pragya says,Haa..Bulbul ab bolo.Bulbul asks,Kya hua di.Pragya says,V had planned a surprise for Tanu-Nikkil’s love anniversary actually Nikkil frnds wanna give him surprise so only I couldn’t ablt to come this week.Bulbul says,Wow..super di..lemme wish Tanu.Pragya says,Arey!!Buddhu!!No one should wish her..then our surprise ll broke.Bulbul says,Oops Sry di..Btw di..u know onething my frnd Alia na..her brother also studying in ur clg.Pragya asks,Who?Bulbul says,I think he is Nikkil’s frnd..His name is Abhi..Abhi..??Pragya says,Abhishek Mehra hey na?Bulbul asks,Di..how u know him with a excited voice.

Pragya says,Haa..he is my frnd too.Bulbul shouts,Aww!!Di..superb!!Pragya smiles n asks,Y u r exciting this much.Bulbul says,Di..he is so handsome..I seen his pic..and he plays guitar well na di..Pragya says,Haa..but he is like brother for u..Bulbul taunts,Kyun..U too like him..di tell me na..hav u met ur man thr..Is that person is Abhi..Pragya says,Arey..chup!!He is my frnd!!Bulbul says,Leave it..di..I had one more news!!Pragya asks,Whts that?Bulbul says,I gotta new frnd from ur clg.Pragya shocked n asks,Really,who was that.Bulbul says,Purab actually Alia n Abhi’s frnd..Pragya says,Bulbul even I too his frnd.Bulbul says,Di..he is so sweet..Pragya’s eyes widened n asks,What..how u know him.Bulbul narrates the ID incident.Pragya asks,It’s end on tht day na then wht.Bulbul says,Uffoo!!Di..v r chatting each other actually he is so so sweet!!Pragya says,Bulbul!!Did he know I’m ur sis.Bulbul says,No..di..don’t tell him I planned to play prank with him..let’s play prank on him di..pls..pls it ll b more fun..Pragya laughs n says,U r still a kid.Bulbul says,Di..tell me something abt Abhi..

Pragya asks,Y u r asking.Bulbul says,It’s boring na that’s y.Pragya says,Nothing to say abt him..Bulbul says,Di..I feel something fishy sure I ll find that..Pragya says,Arey meri maa..nothing is fishy..its getting late go n Sleep..Bulbul says,K..I ll text u..Pragya says,Haa..bye..call ended!!Pragya says herself,Pragya just stay away from the handsome monster n gets in to the room.

In Abhi’s room he too feels the same.He was continuously thinking,Y I behaved like that with Pragya..I had never had such feelings is that love..may b it may b love..but hav to sure abt that if this is love..sure I ll make her feel happy every moment of her life..Chashmish tell me is this love..I think so..but I ll clear this confusion soon if it’s love then let’s make our life heaven..Actually I like Chashmish..When I saw her I felt she is very familiar to me..may b it’s a connection from previous birth..and i too saw something different in her eyes..her big big hypnotic chashma wala eyes☺Whatever Abhi don’t over imagine or be over excited thr r lot of chance of disappointment but anyways I love to be in this dilemma n smiles at him?Here Purab was smiling himself by seeing his phone.Abhi asks,Hey..Dumbo Purab..y u r smiling at ur mobile.Nikkil says,Hey..Abhi..he got a girlfriend he didn’t told us.Purab asks,Kya?girlfriend no..it’s Pragya.Abhi feels jealous n asks,Whts going on in ur phone..here give me ur phone.Purab gives him.Abhi reads it was a normal convo nothing serious.Abhi gives back the phone n he picks his phone n texts Pragya..

Pragya reads that n says herself,Pragya just avoid him..she doesn’t replied Abhi.Abhi was being Restless he is thinking,Just now I saw her text on Purab’s mobile but she is not replying me..Here Pragya smiles at her mobile.Tanu asks,Hey..Prags y u smiling at ur phone.Pragya explained abt Puarb n Bulbul.Tanu asks,For that y u r smiling at ur phone.Pragya laughs n says,Tanu..I’m texting with Purab n knowing his details n forwarding it to Bulbul n Bulbul is pranking him by giving him his live updates n fooling him that she is having super powers.Tanu says,So bad..poor Purab..Wait I ll tell him.Prgya says,No..no..let her enjoy.Tanu says,Thum Aur Bulbul u won’t change at anytime.Pragya laughs.

Purab:Pragya!!Wht abt tmrw???Tanu is suspicious?
Pragya:No Purab!!I think she forgot abt her anniversary??Wht abt Nikkil?
Purab: No..I think he too forgot!!
Pragya:That’s Gud for us ?
In between Bulbul texts Pragya.
Bulbul: Di..he got scared of me n said good nyt??
Pragya:Oh..ho..Poor boy??
Bulbul: Di..he is funny too..K..Maa is scolding good nyt love u di..muahhhh????
Pragya:Love u tooo meri jaan???TC of u n All..
Pragya: Enough!!Sleep!!?
Pragya:???Meri Maa..go n sleep.
She received text from Purab again..
Pragya:Me..Arey..I was replying u na.
Purab:I thought u r busy with some other person
Pragya: Huhhh????
Purab: Don’t over react?
Pragya: Stop this Abhishek!!

Abhi:So smart??
Pragya:Text from urs??
Abhi:If I text from mine u won’t reply me na!!
Abhi thinks how mean she is..Wait Chashmish u gonna lay for this!!
Pragya thinks,However Pragya u trapped!!She texts Abhi.
Pragya:Good nyt Abhishek hav a tight sleep!!?
Abhi:Good nyt!!
Pragya thinks,Just good night..for this he texted me from Purab’s phone idiot.Abhi thinks,Taste ur medicine my chashmish.
Pragya:Good night??
Abhi:Haa..Whts wrong u don’t want good night!!
Pragya:Fine…good nyt..meet u tmrw.

Abhi: Good night!!

Pragya thinks,Pragya stop being Restless concentrate on ur mission..avoid him n she laid off..Her eyes slightly dozed off.Suddenly phone rang..She opened her eyes in half sleep n looks at her phone..it’s not her phone..then it’s Tanu’s..She shouted,Tanu attend the call yaar..pls..it’s disturbing..Tanu in sleep,Its ur phone.Pragya throws her Tweety on Tanu n says,Hey..it’s urs.Tanu wakes up n attends the call.Pragya again falls asleep.Tanu says,Haa..Abhi..bolo.Pragya suddenly jerked n sat up n murmers,Abhishek..But he called Tanu.Tanu says,Abhi..u didn’t slept yet..Abhi says,No..all r dozed off that’s y..I called u.Tanu says,Oh..it’s K.Abhi asks,Pragya??Wht she is doing?Tanu says,She was sleeping before now sitting like a statue.Pragya being restless thinking,Y he called Tanu..he said he is gonna sleep he is now talking with Tanu..She grinned her teeth n murmers,Abhishek??Tanu was continuously talking with Abhi.Abhi too talking with Tanu abt random things n thinks,Come on Chashmish n smiles.Pragya shouts,Tanu..give my tweetu back..Tanu says,Hold on Abhi..n shouts,Hey..idiot Pragya..u only throwed ur irritating tweetu on me.Pragya goes to Tanu’s bed n shouts,Don’t dare to talk wrong on my tweetu.Abhi laughs by hearing this n thinks,Ya..plan is working well.

Tanu throws tweety to her n says,Take it n go.Pragya smirked n says,See..U r call semmes to b ended she said with a smile.Tanu looks at the phone n says,No..he is on line.Pragya irked.They again continued their talks.Pragya feels as she was burning on fire.Again,Pragya shouted,Tanu..hang up the call..ur voice is disturbing my sleep..I can’t able to sleep..Tanu says,Put ur headphones.Pragya says,No..I’m not in mood if hearing music.Abhi couldn’t control he was feeling high on sky..He was laughing by his Chashmish’s antics n says himself, Oh..my poor Chashmish.Tanu shouts,Wht happened to u Pragya.Abhi asks,Tanu..Wht happened?Tanu says,Don’t know Abhi..this girl is shouting like a ghost.Abhi says,Ghost nahi devil..n laughs.Tanu says,Ryt n laughs.Pragya was in peak of anger.She goes near Tanu n lies in her bed n keeps her head in Tanu’s lap n hugs her tweetu.Tanu says,One sec Abhi..n asks,Pragya!!Wht happened my sweety!!Pragya says,Sorry Tanu..I shouted at u..I’m Sry..I don’t know I’m frustruated..Feeling disturbed n cries like a baby.Tanu says,Hey..y u r crying..

Pragya says,Nothing Tanu..can I sleep here with u pls.Tanu says,Ofcourse!!Sleep here..n cares her face..slightly Pragya dozed off n falls asleep in 5mins.Tanu says,Sry Abhi..Abhi says,Hey..it’s K..I heard everything..Take care of her.Tanu says,K..bye..good night..Abhi too says,Good night n ends the call.Abhi thinks,She is more sensitive than I thought..Anyways u succeeded in ur plan Abhi..This is love..I think this is love..anyways I’m happy whatever it may b..nice to make Chashmish jealous n smiles.

Precap: Pragya n Tanu goes to dark house.Pragya was scared n left Tanu alone.Tanu screaming for Pragya.

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