Reporters aberrant 33

I reached home at 12. I presumed that Kabir must be asleep. The whole day had been so awesome. Yeah, I was angry at Kabir at the beginning, but later I began enjoying it. I really wanted Kabir to do something romantic. And he did. I inserted the key in the keyhole and opened the door. Everything inside was dark. I entered and silently closed the door from behind. Soon, 2 hologram figures were talking to each other. I strained my eyes to see it clearly. I recognized the figures to be my mom and dad!! Dad said, ‘Ananya is really special to me. She is 6 years old but still I can see the signs of bravery in her. I am sure I won’t be able to see Ananya’s marriage, but I am 100% sure that she will get a very supportive and submissive husband’. Next flashed the scene where Kabir and I clashed for the first time when he entered kkn. All these holograms and scenes were being flashed through the projector. Kabir said, ‘Khalid, it is indeed strange that you have hired a reporters who have articulation problems’. Next scene came where I was standing in Kabir’s cabin, the day when he asked me to prove why he should have me back as a reporter. Kabir smiled and said, ‘Good work’. Another scene came when I and Kabir shook hands, that marked our first sign of friendship. I was smiling, with tears in my eyes as I watched the scenes flashing before me. The next scene came where I and Ronnie hugged each other in the lobby where I announced that I am leaving for Mumbai.

Another scene came where I and Kabir were standing in kkn office, facing each other when he proposed me. Those words, “It’s not easy for me to break those walls that I have built around me. That man who hasn’t ever trusted anyone wants to make you believe that.. I love you. I really really love you. I want you to be my face, my pride’. Now that scene literally made me cry. I hid back my tears and continued watching. And the next scene came was when I and Kabir hugged, more passionately, with tears welled up in my eyes,the day he proved his true love for me. And the projector stopped flashing. Lights came on. I saw Kabir who had already knelt to the ground, holding his ears as if to say sorry. I rushed towards him and said, ‘This was the best surprise in my entire life Kabir’. Kabir got up and wiped my tears, and soon I was engulfed in a warm hug. I don’t remember how that night ended, but the feeling of being perfect once again flushed inside me. Perfect, not in the sense in my job, but more rather my perfect life!!

  1. Sorry guys this episode is too short. Inconvenience regretted

  2. It’s okay but enjoyed very much. …………great going

    1. Yeah.. I’ll make it interesting in the next episode

  3. Guys is the story bad?

    1. Not at all…loved this one actually…happy ending & a perfect lyf

    2. Thanks a lot

  4. Not at all and where are the others?

  5. Loved the kaya scenes…nice work reetika

    1. Thanks

  6. Awww…Cho chweet!well done!

    1. Thank you

  7. ?ami dhimak kharab che.itna boring hai.

    1. Why don’t you write your own ff if u can write better? Mr. Bengali??

    2. No no Mr. Gujrati

  8. Reetika well done …..
    Update soon plss plsss.

  9. Hi di!im a damn big fan of urs but I would like to try writing an ff for reporters so please don’t not trying to take your place(don’t even think like that)but I’m just interested whether I could now my writing skills flaws if you commented.i have alr submitted one article,and it’s ale been published,so If you don’t mind,can you pls pls pls read my ff? Thanks so much!

    1. Oh really? First, I know it’s not any Aishwarya but Ananya itself, trying to write by the name of Aishwarya,’. Ur writing style is exactly the same to her. And yeah, u a*sh*le Ananya, get this straight. If u want revenge from me(or u r highly jealous of me), write your own ff by ur real name and draw inspiration from other ppl’s ff(Della’s) and prove that u can write better too, OK?

  10. Reetika yaaar plz update sooon…..
    Plsssssss plsssss plssssss..
    And plz yaar ignore sme peoples bcoz wo tume distract krna chate h

    1. Sorry chhaya, I have commented on the other ff. I am not writing any more ffs. Tomorrow will be my last ff

  11. Hey Reetika…..plz don’t stop writing…. Ur ffs r grt damn good…give a blind eye to those ppl…they hav a bad taste I must say…so plz keep writing for ur fans:)

    1. I have submitted my last article.. As I am in 11 th too so I won’t get much time. Thanks a ton for your support.. I would surely continue anytime I feel like.

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