Aatma Bandhan 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti not ready to let go of Cheeru’s ashes

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The episode starts with Aarti asleep and dreaming about Cheeru. Cheeru calls her for help from his mummy. Aarti climbs the stairs down and hurries outside. The ladies stop Aarti. Ashok and other men bring Cheeru’s aashes (Asthiya). Aarti sees Cheeru with Ashok and goes to kiss on Cheeru’s head. Aarti held Asthiya. Ashok tells Aarti to give it back, this is Cheeru’s asthiya. Aarti announces that now this is her Cheeru. She will apologize her son. Papa ji convince Aarti that they can’t do so, they must do the visarjan. Chaitra begins to cry. Rani tells her to return the asthiya. Aarti did not listen. Ashok says alright, she can keep them to herself. Aarti was taken inside with the ladies, Aashok cries mourning his son.

The maid thinks love is no more love here, it has turned to poison. She must correct everything before it is all ruined.

Ragini calls Ashok who was not attending the call. She calls her mother to get her food. When her mother brings the food, she throws the plate of food away. She says Ashok turned his phone off with the fear that she might call. They must invite him here and show as if they are also distressed.

At home, ladies convince Aarti to place the asthiya on the table and take rest.

In the room, Rani thinks she must prove Aarti mad. Her husband comes to the room. Rani was crying in the room. Rani says Cheeru was not attached to Aarti, though she did not know driving. Her husband was not convinced. Rani says Aarti took care of Chaitra and saved her before Cheeru. Aarti never cared for Cheeru because he was disabled. Indraprasad thinks for a while, he tells Rani that she took care of Cheeru but this does not mean what she thinks. Rani was determined to prove Aarti crazy.

It was night. Dada ji says he has invited Guru ji home. They will now follow as he says.

Guru arrives at home. Krishanprasad welcomes him home. Guru ji senses a strange thing in the room. He says a soul is present in the house. There is a problem. Dada ji says his grandson’s asthiya has not yet been visarjit. Guru ji says everything must reach its place, otherwise the problems will increase. He must do the Visarjan before anything else, for the peace of the house. Guru ji leaves. Everyone convinces Dada ji that they must take the asthiya and do the visarjan. Ashok will speak to Aarti about it.
The men go to the room. Aarti was asleep. Asthiya was not there on the table. They go downstairs, terrified that Asthiya is not there. Ashok comes there and says Asthiya is not there, he has done the visarjan. Aarti was awake and hears this from upstairs but leaves without a response.

The maid thinks its good that he did the visarjan. Aarti must be upset but she must speak to her. In the room, Ashok tries to speak to Aarti. Aarti jerks his hand away claiming he betrayed her. God snatched her son, she wanted to keep his asthiya but Ashok snatched it. They have all betrayed her son. She couldn’t save him, and Ashok snatched his Asthiya from her. Ashok kneels in front of Aarti and asks if he knows Ashok to this limit. His Aarti is his heartbeat and he cannot see her cry. But he could do nothing for his Cheeru. He gives the Asthiya saying he is still here. No matter this is dust of Cheeru but for Aarti he is the son. He understands Aarti’s emotions. He must take care of everyone’s emotions being the son, and as a husband he needs to understand Aarti’s pain. But what about him being a father, where will he cry. Aarti apologizes Ashok and hugs him. Ashok tells her not to speak about the Asthiya to anyone. The maid overheard the conversation and thinks Asthiya is here.

In the garden, she comes to Aarti and says it is not right to keep Asthiya home. Aarti replies that it is her son. The maid says they are talking about the soul of Cheeru. A soul only knows hatred, poison and revenge. Cheeru hated her, still she took him along; wouldn’t Cheeru be angry with her. The aghori tried to stop them in his own way. He chanted, ‘don’t go outside’. He wanted to save them, yet they thought he wanted to kill. The maid tells Aarti everything is around, one must not try and break the rules of universe. This is not right to keep the Asthiya at home. Aarti says she is the unlucky mother who could not protect her son. She wants to apologize him and tell him how much she loves him. The maid promises to help her speak to her son. It is late at night she must go and sleep. Aarti walks inside.

The Saadhu appears behind the maid. She was terrified and joins her hands. He forbids her with the point of his finger.

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