Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Pushpa owns the restaurant

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Choti says you can only know profit and loss and never understand the value of emotions. I am not scared of your status and power. I will take my restaurant back from you. Choti walks away. Agastya looks at her. Their theme song plays.

Choti comes home crying. She tells DJ. DJ says how can she do that? Choti says Agastya did it? Aarav says what? What did he do. She tells them everything. Choti says Agastya is Pushpa’s son. It was all my mistake. I gave him all my papers. I trusted him. I can’t do anything. I always fail. She cries. DJ gives her water. DJ says this isn’t your mistake. Choti says then whose mistake it this? Was my dream wrong? I couldn’t do it. I failed my parents. Choti sobs. DJ says how dare you Pushpa Birla.

Scene 2
Pandit ji says this day is very blessed for you. She says restaurant is mine, you do shudhi karan of the whole house. She does arti. A guy comes there and says parnaam tayi ji. She says got time for tai ji or is money over? He says congrats Tai ji. You always win. He’s Shona’s son. Shona says my jiji can do anything. She says when you will become like her. He says someone has to spend, if everyone earns. Pushpa says don’t be mad at him. He’s young.

Agasty recalls what Choti said. His cousin says where’s the party? He says this isn’t a party deal. Agastya says we got what we wanted. He says tai ji why is he so angry? Pushpa says is everything okay Chiku? He says yes we got what we wanted. We have won. Shona says yes I got a new saree made for this day. Vivan says let’s celebrate. A girl comes in and says yes mom it calls for a celebration. It’s Arushi, Pushpa’s daughter. Shona says why are you talking like Vivan. She says why can’t we talk in this house? We got the profit. Arushi says this isn’t a win. It was a demand and Agastya did what mom asked him for profit like always. Pushpa says keep this lecture for your college and focus on your proposals. She says I am not interested in guys who buy phones from their dad’s money. Pushpa says money is of the family. Arushi says I want an independent guy who doesn’t depend on his family’s name and money. Pushpa says I should have gotten you married on right time. All this education and college has ruined your mined. You with low class people. She says at least not sitting on a throne like you where nothing can be seen from. Agastya says relax everyone. He says you can marry who you want, mom you got your restaurant and Vivan you got your party. He says mom please rest. Shona says I smell sweets. Pushpa says this isn’t for the house.

Scene 3
DJ says why is inspector not picking the call. But I will teach them a lesson. Aarav says we have to do something on our own. Police won’t do anything. Pushpa comes there with Shona. She says starting a new game? I got you sweets. Aarav says game just started and I will win it. Shona says mind your language. Take this sweets as a favor. Durga throws the box away and says you didn’t do right by taking our restaurant. Pushpa says I played on the right time and won.

Precap: Pushpa asks Guddan to pay 20 crore rupees within 24 hours if she wants restaurant back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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