Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Harbheji gets trapped in her own plan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe asking Sarla to have tea. Sarla asks why did you make tea for me, I am trouble for you. Radhe says you had gone for a day and I have understood that life is like a garden from where everyone wants to steal mangoes and have fruit, but it is only enjoyable if the gardener hits him with the stick. Sarla says even you might have remember that Mahua is lying and says this example is wrong, you knew the truth. Radhe says 100 foxs might have died, and then Sarla was born. Nanhe lal brings Madhav there. Radhe greets him and says I was stuck in house. Sarla calls Nanhe to side and thanks him for bring Madhav here. She says Radhe is honest and didn’t make Mahua sit in his lap and have tea. Nanhe lal imagines himself with Mahua and tells that Radhe was desperate. Sarla says I called Madhav dacoit here so that Radhe gets busy with him. Nanhe lal sees Mahua coming out of bathroom and imagines dancing with him. Sarla asks what happened to you. Mahua faints seeing Madhav dacoit. Sweety and Pappu help her get up. Mahua says actually the person whom I was searching was not Radhe ji, but Madhav dacoit. She says who had looted me, betrayed me and left me alone in Gunj Vasuda.

Everyone is shocked. They all come to haveli. Harbheji refuses to believe Mahua’s sayings and says it is nonsense. Mahua says you have to agree as this is truth. She says I was very small, and he kidnapped me and told me that he can’t bring me home as he has his wife at home. She says if he has wife then why did he kidnap me? Nanhe lal tells that Madhav didn’t bring her here as he had his wife here. He says Mahua told me after gaining consciousness that she was betrayed badly and that’s why she was searching him in every man. Harbheji says she wants to talk Mahua separately. Sarla refuses to let them speak. Nanhe lal says let them talk. Harbheji takes Mahua to room. Nanhi signs Madhav. He nods no. Harbheji asks why she is playing with her, reminds that she had hired her to trouble her. Mahua tells that she had troubled the simple Gupta family, but now she is saying truth and has asked her father to bring proofs. She tells that she has proofs which her father will bring and tells that Madhav had gifted her house which is not in her name. Harbheji says liar. Mahua asks her to make Chota Gabbar meet his Dadi. Harbheji says I need sometime. She goes out and asks Sarla and her family to leave, but they refuses. Mahua accuses Madhav why did he do this with her? Madhav says I don’t remember. Mahua says I will make Chota Gabbar meet Amma and asks where is he? They say she is sleeping in her room. Mahua comes to Amma’s room, but Harbheji runs and stops them from meeting Amma. Sarla comes and stops her. Harbheji asks her to understand. Sarla says my understanding went when I opened my eyes under the sky on the road. She asks Harbheji to make Mahua get back her rights. Harbheji acts to cry and asks her not to meet Amma. Sarla, Mahua and Chota Gabbar come down. Harbheji asks them to leave. Sarla says she will not go until Mahua gets her rights. Nanhe says this thing started from our house and says they will not go. Mahua says my father is bringing proofs. Sarla asks when he will bring proof. Mahua says 4 pm. Sarla asks Harbheji to make tea. Atta imagines dancing with Mahua.

Radhe asks Madhav to remember and tell what happened? Atta says if he had remembered then he would have been shock like this. Nanhe lal says he is guilty and that’s why shaken up. Radhe tells that they shall clear the matter. He says when Mahua came to his life, it seems like cold wind came in his life. Nanhe lal says I danced with her in imagination. Atta says I am dancing with her in imagination. Madhav says I am being accused and you all are enjoying. They all laugh. Sarla tells Mahua that she doubts Harbheji, they shall involve Putli ji. Nanhi hears and tells Harbheji. Harbheji says Sarla is a clever fox and asks Nanhi to stop them from going to Amma’s room. She says she will do something. Nanhi goes from other side to stop them. Harbheji comes to Nanhe lal and acts, tells that her Amma is really unwell. She says don’t know why Sarla is trying to hurt her using Mahua. Nanhe lal says samdhan ji is very innocent. Harbheji asks Radhe to say. Radhe says Sarla is upset with Harbheji. Harbheji sheds fake tears. Nanhe lal asks her to handle herself. She says Sarla behen will get peace if I die. Radhe and Pappu tell that they will handle her. Nanhe lal says I won’t let Samdhan ji do injustice. Harbheji acts to cry and laughs, once they go to stop her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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