Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil brings Pankti home

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil push the plate of aarti in Tej Pratab’s hand. The sindoor fell into her hairline. Sahil also puts in a mangal sooter into her neck hurriedly, then says they are now married. No one must dare touch his wife anymore.
Vaidika was in front of the temple and prays for Sahil’s happiness. She is ready for anything new that becomes a part of their life in this New Year. She goes to answer the door bell, it was Sahil. She questions where he had been? Sahil looks behind himself where Pankti walked beside him. He tells Bari Amma this is Pankti. Pankti replies she is the one whom Sahil married. Everyone was shocked to see this. Sahil reminds Vaidika of the news about Tej Pratab Singh, his daughter had been kidnapped. Pankti is that daughter. He accepts filling her hairline with Sindoor and putting that mangal sooter in her neck. He explains his father forced her into a wedding, he was left with no option but to do what he did. Sahil walks inside but Nani stops Pankti right there. Sahil asks her to wait, he will soon be back and takes the family inside. Vaidika thinks God can’t be unjust, Sahil can surely not do so. Pankti was curt over Sahil for ruining her plan of running away. She gets a call from her mother concerned about Pankti. She warns Pankti not to come in front of her father anymore, he is enraged. Pankti tells her mother she can’t stay at Sahil’s place for long and run from here as soon as she gets a chance. Her mother swears Pankti not to leave that house, Sahil came as an angel to her life; her father already appointed two goons to look for her.
In the auto, Aarya tells Guddu she was excited about this course and collected her pocket money to pay the fees. She stops the auto at a place and looks into the bag for her fees. She was dubious over Mandagini, and wonders if that was possible.
In the market, Aarya finds Mandagini holding her wallet. She noticed her holding a bulk of bags and snatch it. She looks into the purse and asks about her fees money. Mandagini says that money must have been her brother’s, she also had a right over her. Aarya clarifies that it was her pocket money; she and Guddu are equal. Mandagini creates a drama in the midst of the street, gaining everyone’s attention that they even allowed her sister in law and her brother for a live in, but she has an objection over her purchase of a few pennies.
In Agarwal House, Nani warns Vaidika that she can’t let that girl live in the house. She can’t see Sahil’s second wife live in the house. Bari Amma was of the same view that they must prepare Sahil to tell him the truth about his wife and children. She says Sahil filled sindoor in that girl’s hairline, and she is Tej Pratab’s daughter… (stop)… she can’t let her stay in the house. Vaidika was worried about Sahil’s reaction over first the news of his marriage and secondly, that his wife is older than hm. Bari Amma and Nani say they can tell Sahil about the truth themselves and leave together. Vaidika stops them, and agrees to tell Sahil.
Vaidika was in the corridor confused about Sahil’s reaction. She thinks about Pandit ji’s prediction, elder’s reaction but was also worried about Sahil’s reaction after knowing about already being married. She comes to the room. Sahil was busy on a phone call. Vaidika comes in to speak to him. Sahil was at once attentive. Vaidika holds Sahil’s hand and says she has hidden a truth from him, but she can’t do it anymore. Vaidika tells Sahil that his marriage with Pankti isn’t legitimate, it’s unlawful. Sahil couldn’t get it. Vaidika says Sahil is already married. He asks who his wife is. Vaidika replies I am. Sahil was left in shock.

PRECAP: Bari Amma tells Pankti she can’t live in the house anymore. Sahil instead comes to hold Pankti’s hand and drag her inside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Why they have this newbie doing so much interviews like she’s the lead…..every interview on youtube is her it’s like she’s the heroine and vedika on the sidelines…..please anyone tell me if im wrong….I’m also seeing her fans saying her new show….i thought her roll is just a cameo???? About today episode im not even going to bother I’ll just read you guys comments as usual

  2. Rubbish… Sahil has turned into a joke. All the good work he did for a year had just gone down the drain. Nothing else to say.

  3. Yes Sam. Since 2 days this puppy is so overexcited giving interviews that it looks she is the main heroine. What can the poor puppy do. She was jobless for a few months n suddenly she gets this unique serial so naturally the puppy is over excited. Th less said about the fickle minded chap the better.
    I hv never seen sahil acting so casually during the last one yr. It looks like he has no interest in the serial any more. I am also fed up of this vedikas sacrifices. No human being can be so forgiving. After bhoomi the writers hv fallen for this young puppy to gv her so much importance. Will some one cut sahils unruly hair n trim his dirty beard. Is he running short of clothes that he is shown wearing the same clothes. Naz, Leslie n others pls share yr valuable comments.

  4. Nina

    Generous loving kind Sahil change into an adventurer airhead who had not taken an interest in forgotten events while hasted to make new problems. These two different characters so unlike. The screenwriters have to get back to origin character.

  5. Seeing the last 3 to 4 episodes i dont think uncle sahil has lost his memory. I think he has gone MAD as his behaviour n acting now a days is like a MAD CHAP. I hv a feeling he has become OVER CONFIDENT. Hardly he knows the puppy n her mother n he is behaving so pally n lovey dovey with them. I can understand such stupid things being done in other serials but in this unique love story such behaviour by the main pratogonist is not ACCEPTED. Writers pls get up fm yr DEEP SLUMBER n write something about 42/24 yr love story of the couple. And also pls finish the track of the OVER RIPE PATATO who is the puppys UGLY FATHER. Friend i think we should stop seeing this serial. I cant bear vedika undergoing so much mental stress n pain esp when she is pregnant. You fools writers we were ecpecting uncle sahil taking care of vedika during her 2nd pregnancy but ALAS I dont think that ll ever happen.

    1. You are a stress buster Raji, you always make me smile whether it’s good or bad here…im unable to watch what is happening here…to ease my stress, I saw the movie Aquaman and my goodness when Jason Mamoa made his entry, my heart skipped several beats, my lorddddd, what a man! He was the best thing about the movie although it was a good movie too….what a lucky woman Lisa Bonet is!! Anyways… I don’t want to repeat much of what’s already been said …my thoughts are the same as all the viewers. This Mandakini botox lipped woman, I don’t want her for Deepak either…she is so shameless but what can we expect, we did predict that she and her brother are trouble, just like their delinquent mother. Wait, soon we’ll see guddu doing something underhand too, I did think that he looked like he had a phony job somewhere, maybe it was all a pretense. Sigh, even the conclusion of today’s episode isn’t worth my analysis…

  6. Friends, I don’t know what to say….but I’ll try. Sahil is pissing me off big time and I can’t bear to watch this Pankti thing, what kind of name is that anyway…no disrespect meant. What Sahil didn’t do on a sane mind, he’s doing in a confused state of mind….ie. he just decided to marry a girl he doesn’t know and brought her home as his wife… How blo*dy preposterous this is, who does that? Writers have changed this true life story of an unacceptable relationship to one which lacks cohesion and logic …and ruined it in the process. If they want us to continue watching AKAJS, they better close this storyline asap, nobody likes it on YouTube and other social medium…everyone hates it. This is the 3rd day I’ve not seen this serial, cannot watch it period! Just like you Raji, I’m damn disgusted with Vedika’s mahaan attitude, nobody on this earth has patience like that so she’s becoming unbelievable and unbearable at the same time especially this Ms goody two shoes behavior of hers. I can’t believe I’m saying this, I actually approve and appreciate BA these days, even Prachi too…and me saying that just goes to show you how bad Vedika and Sahil are in my eyes now.

  7. Sadika fans i am assuming good news after reading latest spoilers. It seems puppy pankti is befooling sahil n taking advantage of his innocence. Vedika becomes aware of this n confronts puppy. Puppy accepts she is playing a game n just wants sahil n is property. I read some where she needs the money to cure her mother. Vedika is aware that sahil is inclined towards puppys fake goodness least realizing that puppy is playing a game with him for his property. Now vedikas mission is to remove puppy fm sahils life but the puppy will not leave sahil so easily. So we hv to wait n watch this ongoing CRAP. IGOD ALONE KNOWS FOR HOW MANY DAYS. Arre baba not forget that constipated usha, whore bhoomi, horse faced puneesh n the OVER RIPE PATOTO with ugly teeth will also be creating HAVOC in sadikas life. I am really pissed OFF with sahil since the last few episodes. God save him fm the senseless writers.

  8. I think,it’s fake news..OK

  9. Guys ever since this year began, this serial has become a pathetic one..i just dont feel like watching it as madly as before.. i think the writers are trying to make our lovey-dovey bunch into senseless and meaningless group.. donno what more to say now..ufffff…

  10. Friends see u tube. Just now i saw uncle sahil (he has shaved off his beard completely may be it is hurting the puppy pankti) n the puppy dog hv opened a chat and paani puri stall to earn money. And the first customer is vedika invited by sahil. After this the puppy dog is giving an interview informing the viewers that both sahil n she need the money so they hv opened the stall. She says sahil needs the money to show BA that he is capable of earning n the puppy needs the money to cure her mother. Maya is also there n is trying to tell vedika to stop this nonsense of uncle sahil n puppy pankti but vedika doesnt want to take any risk with sahils health. Height of sacrifice by vedika which has become very irritating now a days. Friends i hope he wont consummate with that young puppy doggy. Pls friends pass yr comments fast. I cant understand why is this puppy giving so many interviews to the channel. Is suhasi quitting the serial?

    1. That’s what I’m wondering would this newbie be the new lead since she’s in all akaj interviews even bhoomi did not do as much interviews when she started…. i don’t like this pankti can’t believe I’m going to say this but i rather bhoomi

  11. Oh,no Raji dear why u are worrying..Our beloved Suhasi dhami is not quitting the show..fairly jannat jubair is also a good actress not be like bhoomi..(priyanka purohit)but friends suhasi dhami is my1st favourite..actress and than jodha fame Paridhi sharma..but why u jelious from jannat ( pankti)her fans are very in numbers..and she is only 16 years old..and fairly I telling pankti is very good than aarya..

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